లవ్లీ (Lovely)

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This film is dedicated to my father late Sri Gottimukkala Narasimharaju
for inspring me to make this film.
Sir has come. - Come.
Welcome to the seventh anniversary of this school,
today's specialty is chief guest industrialist Mangalampalli Maharadhi,
another specialty is his generous donation to this school.
Let's watch first cultural program as the part of this function.
Hello doctor, missed my heart...
Pulse is racing...
College is fighting...
What happened sir?
You mustn't call me now, call ambulance.
Why sir?
lt seems he has missed his heart and pulse.
Take care of him first.
You're too much sir! lt's latest hit song, sir.
So what?
ln school programs you must ask children to sing patriotic songs.
No sir, the boy wanted to... - Will you encourage him?
What's his age? What's meaning of that song?
What's this sir? You're blowing up a trivial issue, sir.
This is not trivial issue but children's issue.
l hate indiscipline in children.
This generation is like that sir, your son would also be like this only.
No way! Because, l've a daughter only
Okay, you do have a daughter if not a son, right?
You'll have a son-in-law, right? He'll be of this modern generation.
Think over it sir.
You bought that horse doll for your daughter to play, right?
ls it necessary to carry her on your back?
Bought a doll for her happiness, l'm doubly happy to play with her.
What is baby doing? - She's angry.
Why? - She wants a cycle now.
Daddy is busy, l'll talk to him after he comes home.
We're shifting the house immediately, pack up the things.
l'm sending men. - That is...
That's it!
Why shifting house suddenly?
Buying a cycle which my daughter asks is happiness,
giving a big house with space to ride cycle is double happiness.
But Susheela... - Daddy...- Yes dear!
We're going to science exhibition in school, daddy.
May l also join them, daddy?
You must go dear. How can you miss it?
Children, stay together.
l'll show them around. Look, how the ball is going up!
lt goes...goes up...and then...
All of you get on the bridge.
Did your teachers show you the science exhibition?
No, daddy took me around and explained everything, mummy.
You said you've an important meeting, right?
Was it in science exhibition?
Why did you send her if you want to follow her??
She asked may l? l gave her permission.
l'm happy as a father.
l went there as friendly companion.
What's this madness?
l want to give always double happiness to my daughter,
l don't mind if you take it as love or madness.
But to me, my Lovely is my life!
Just introduce him, l'll rip him off!
Brother, that's his bike.
Where is he?
What's that? - Gems, brother.
You mean...? - That which kids eat.
l too buy it everyday for my kid. - That's it, brother.
ls it? The man who beat you, what's he doing here?
He too is a boy, right? He would've beaten him up.
ls it? What are those things?
Eating these chocolates will turn them like that.
He's right, brother.
Would he also be like that?
He's just a kid, brother!
Just use mild force and he'd come to knees.
l was drunk then if not l would've broken his bones myself.
Where is he?
Did you call me early morning to beat him or to stand here?
Wait, brother! You don't need to go,
l'll break his limbs and bring his body.
Why did you beat my boy?
l didn't beat him brother, just pushed him, that's all.
What about this man? You beat him, right?
That was also not beating, brother.
Just casually patted him, that's all.
Didn't he tell you what had happened before that?
He says something happened before, what's that?
Before that...
He sang a fantastic song, brother.
Do it with your heart!
Join the fun, leave hesitation...
Have a blast!
l'm a prince at any cost... A brute force...
Rock the kingdom...
What ever you're doing, enjoy and have fun in it...
My heart is swinging... My heart says...
lt's lnternet times and home have become an atlas...
Social networking has become friend offriendship...
Unlimited freedom has wiped out all the boundaries...
Teenage is racing thrice the speed of 3G...
Forget the past... New world...have a blast...
Do whatever has to be done now...
Mind and heart are refreshed in an angle...
We relax in crazy discotheques...
There's nothing wrong in sporting trendy outfits...
We'll change into new colours like butterflies...
Young age...
Volume is high...
Youth is like this...
Happy days are ours without any season or reason...
So, that's the matter.
l don't know the girl he had teased yesterday,
But he got a stick.
A girl is waiting for me there.
l think you've understood the matter.
Why did you let him go, brother? Break his bones! He's going!
Will you beat then?
lf l beat that will be the effect!
Did l beat you? Tell your brother.
We thought he's a kid but he came, he beat and left.
Would anyone respect us now?
No use to come with a gang to beat one man,
you must inquire few people how would that person beat.
You're getting fired and l'm getting a call.
l'm waiting here. - l'm fighting here.
l'm coming, wait.
Brother, don't have time to play one day,
let's play speed game of T20!
lf you want to beat anyone, plan it in city outskirts or in darkness,
you mustn't wait for people coming out from gyms after a warm up.
Oh no! He saw me.
You got beaten up yesterday, you could've remained silent,
do you've to get your brother and his men beaten up by me?
l thought he would bash you,
how would l know he's just a show off and has no guts?
Why are you so late?
lt's great l'm here, a gang had a plan for me.
Can't your day pass off without a fight or trouble?
Only when young men like me get attacked like this often, we'll be alert.
They do exercise, if not they'll lose interest and girth will increase.
What's the program? What's the plan?
My foot plan!
Coffee shops, multiplexes or theme parks,
where ever you go, its holes to the pocket.
Where are you taking me then? - Nowhere!
Get on my bike, sit cutely and talk to me,
let's go around on bike and enjoy!
My daddy! - ls it? Did he see us?
Yes, he saw us. - Then, okay.
That's my daughter, right? - Yes sir.
l'll take care of my daughter, you get the details about him.
Okay sir.
l hate to study college book.
l'm here on personal work, you take care of the bunk.
Do you know who am l?
Your face isn't that glowing but heavy gold on you is shining!
You're wealthy!
You're very speed!
You know it, that's why you trapped Bunk Babu Rao's daughter Anjali.
Are you Anjali's father?
l don't know why uncle, l'm always lucky.
Your coffee sir.
What's this? - Madras filter coffee, sir.
My range is no more of having Madras ginger coffee,
take it back and bring the costliest coffee in your shop.
Boys can drink anything but sons-in-law mustn't have cheap drinks.
Uncles will feel bad.
l'm not here to give my daughter to you,
l'm here to warn you.
You don't know about my generation, uncle.
We're lazy to prepare for exam or interview,
but we're fully prepared for any eventuality regarding girls.
You can threaten or warn as much as you can.
So, warnings will not stop you. What about money?
How dare you ask that, uncle? Are lovers lPL players to buy?
ls love a newly released film to do piracy?
Love! l know the speed of this matter.
l didn't put price on it, l'm putting price on you.
Tell me how much you want? - Please give Rs.450, sir.
ls it enough?
Mine is 100 days love story,
paying forjust one coffee will not do, pay at least for 100 coffees.
100 coffees... your price is Rs.45000!
That's for coffee only, what about tips to the waiter?
Don't narrate tales, tell me how much?
l like your straight talk, uncle.
For my ground work, pay Rs.50000!
l didn't know he's so foolish, l withdrew 5 lakhs from bank.
Let's end our discussion now, let's execute our coffee shop deal!
l told you this plan will work out.
You will say anything,
your dad was there with cash, we were successful.
Had he come with a gang, l would've got finished!
Money...money...people are becoming commercial!
Take it!
Rs.20000 your father gave me.
My dad never gives me money but spends heavily for me.
Because my dad loves me very much. - No, stop that bore.
l hate this father and daughter sentiment.
Why? - Why? Every daughter, like you,
if father does this much, you feel has done so much.
Why are you jealous? You've cashed the relationship, right?
No need of thanks, just give me my share, that's enough.
You'll never change!
We can change notes and cheques easily but not mindset.
lf you really love a girl, would you behave like this?
Will you leave her if her dad pays you?
No way! How do l look like to you?
l thought you'd do the same!
l didn't say no way about my lover, but about love!
lt'll not suit me. - Why?
Why? Once they used to tell 1000 lies to conduct a marriage,
but one has to tell a lakh lies to make a girl fall in love with him.
l don't have that much of patience.
Experience? Should we've do it ourselves for it?
Can't l get it from some fool?
Fool brings to my memory...
l've a friend.
My hobbies are...
Dating means...
lt's an emotion got after 4 or 5 stages of chattings,
but in that stage...
Great dedication and hard work is compulsory!
To say it simply!
You don't need the swiftness of a squirrel catcher.
All you need is the patience of an angler.
Sometimes even after long wait you may not catch a fish.
Sometimes you may try hard but can't trap a girl in a month.
Stop eating!
Stop sleeping too!
Stop what ever you get! control it.
l like you!
My sweetheart is online.
The only woman you like!
Mother Teresa!
What's your opinion on cruelty towards animals?
ln my opinion it's a grave sin.
l hate alcohol.
l'm getting reply.
Whether it is cinema theatre or Singapore flight,
l'll never buy single ticket, l want three tickets.
l hate anyone sitting next to me. except you.
Why is the home so peaceful? - Mummy and daddy have gone out.
You enjoy, l'll also go out.
Will you walk?
l've bike, right? - But it's not there now.
Did your mother take it so quickly? - She took my dad too.
To beauty parlour.
Did your dad tailed your mother?
Mummy took him by hair for company, uncle
Go slow...slow...
l'll stop the bike, you ride it. - l didn't mean that.
People who can't drive must sit silently.
Don't give directions.
Why don't you go alone? Why did you bring me also?
When l catch this handle, l need hands to carry luggage.
Are you using me like a carry bag?
Hey, you're entering from wrong side.
Stop! - l'm riding, right?
Why are you entering from wrong side?
Don't you've shame? Allowing women to drive on main road.
Can't you drive?
Didn't hit you, right? Why are you lecturing? Go!
Start your auto.
My fate!
Thanks! You don't let anyone abuse me.
Yes, l've the right to abuse you, l'll not let others do it.
Will you stop?
Mom's back.
l got a call.
What did you bring for me, mummy?
l brought your father safely to home.
l've brought video game for you.
What's the matter? You're very happy.
Who is it? Kittu? - Yes sister-in-law.
My facebook girl friend is meeting me.
May be she likes taking risks.
Sister-in-law again. - l can hear it.
Okay, who is she? Where are you meeting her?
l think l'll meet her in coffee shop.
You don't have the range to meet in a 5 star hotel.
Sister-in-law loves me so much.
As ifyou're Shahrukh Khan and l'm your die hard fan.
Cool sister-in-law.
l struggled hard and brought her to my line,
if l se her up, l'll not have to worry about lover.
Poor girl's bad time starts now.
Sister-in-law! - What's it, Kittappa?
Call me Kittu, sister-in-law?
You've changed the name stylishly but what can you do with that face?
When you're before anyone,
it's like watching Planet ofApes film.
Akash, enough of this torture. l'm cutting the call.
Hey Kasi!
What's this hurry?
l think that's your daughter.
At times leaving children you love and come this far,
isn't it like leaving your life?
Why are you living alone here?
You should've brought your family too.
Coming here is my necessity.
My daughter likes to stay there.
l can't deny my daughter's wish for my necessity.
My daughter too,
l don't know how she is and when she would come here?
Fathers with grown up daughters living away can't avoid this tension.
Look Kasi, we can feel sad for daughters not staying with us,
but l don't have tension about her, because...
She'll never do anything without telling me.
She'll not take a step without my knowledge.
We think like that but on getting certain age,
children forget everything we had done for them.
lnfact they don't need us at all.
But l've not raised my Lovely like a father but like me.
l've written diary about how my daughter must grow from her childhood.
Surprisingly she was just like that!
l was very happy.
l may be not with her now,
but my diary is always with her, and make her think like me.
Poor man has great hope on her!
Any father with daughter must think like this.
lf not life will be miserable. lt seems it happened as in diary,
though they may read umpteen number of diaries,
there are rogues who can change their direction is a moment.
His daughter too is a girl, right?
At some point she too can't avoid changing the direction.
She can't avoid turning from daddy's path to a cheat's way.
What a beauty!
Why is she so beautiful? Seeing her has changed my mindset.
Two wheelers that side sir. - Not here for petrol but to ogle.
How many litres? - Fill the tank.
Why haven't you turned it to zero? - l didn't see it, madam.
This is the chance, go after him.
Didn't see it? What if she too had not seen it?
You'd have cheated her for Rs.500!
No sir. - What no?
Since she's sitting in the car, you thought se won't see it.
No sir. - What no?
You're confident that she won't get down from car, right?
lt happened by mistake sir.
l'm giving her so many hints but she's getting down from car.
Don't talk, this is 500% cheating.
Not like this, take out your lD card.
We don't have lD cards, sir.
Then give me your license. - l don't own any vehicle.
That's the matter.
Since you don't have a vehicle, you've decided to cheat car owners.
Take out you insurance. - l don't have insurance too.
Please leave me sir. - He says sorry, leave him.
You keep quiet sir.
ls he here to fill petrol or to cheat people?
Would you keep quiet if she was your sister?
By the way whose sister is the girl in car?
Your sister, brother-in-law.
Come, l'll get her to tie a rakhi. Come.
Take out your ration card, Aadhar card, gas card, every card you have.
l'll see that you don't get any card.
Please tell him, madam. - Please leave him.
He's requesting you, right?
You're working out well.
Situation was in my favour.
Are you always on this job all the 24 hours?
ls it you?
Getting phone calls.
My nerves are cracking.
ls it she?
What to do?
Tell me Kittu.
Buddy, where ever you're, come to Madhapur restaurant immediately.
Okay, l'll come.
Stuck in traffic?
Have you come Akash?
Why are you rushing and wearing helmet like a chain snatcher?
l'm in trouble.
Stop nonsense and tell me the matter.
My facebook girl friend is here. - Talk to her then.
l can't go to her.
l came to know that facebook means people who can't show faces.
What happened? - l'll tell you.
lt was the time of Pawan Kalyan's film 'Teen Maar'!
When we get fever, mother...
When we get fever, we feel mother should be with us,
when we get scared, we feel dad should be with us,
when we are sad, we feel a friend should be with us,
but only when we are happy, only when we're happy,
we feel the girl we love must be with us.
lf you talk like this, l feel police should be with us now.
l was singing about she ringing my heart,
but she suddenly hit my heart with bell and left.
That's all? Just say something and manage her.- You stop.
Ram Gopal Varma's 'Raktha Charithra' ended with two parts,
but my senseless history has two more parts.
What else?
l was just recovering from the wounds of 'Teen Maar' days,
Prince Mahesh Babu's 'Dookudu' film released.
Thursday march 1st evening 5.40 pm, l saw for the first time...
Today isn't Thursday!
lt's not March 1st! December 7th!
lt's not evening 5.40 pm too.
Really your history is senseless.
What would say after hearing the climax?
What did you do this time?
l saw NTR's 'Oosaravelli'. l planned a friendship.
Love means caring... friend means sharing...
How is my framing?
O my friend?
l want you only! - Have you seen your face in the mirror?
You're like a bull and if you feel insulted,
when you imitate those heroes, how would those heroes feel?
What would become of their fans?
lf you hurt me like this, what would become of me?
l had decided never to enter her life again.
But didn't expect she would chat with me.
Didn't you see your faces even after chatting for so many days?
She had a photo of Sania Mirza in her profile.
l too had brilliant idea and used Shoaib's photo.
You fool!
She'll also say the same if l go inside. - lsn't it?
lt'll not work out, come let's go.
Please try to understand, l'm lucky to get such a girl.
What would you do now?
You've to do not me. - Me?
lf she sees me now,
she should be like Darling Kajol but would become Anushka Arundhati.
so... - So?
You meet her in my place. - After you get close,
how sweet l am, how great it is to get a lover like me,
you tell her and set her for me.
Please buddy, l'll die and be born as your child.
Are you requesting with death threat?
Are you threatening to be born as my son?
Take it as you wish, please go.
Your fate!
Who is the girl?
lt's her! Go!
Just now in the petrol bunk...
l too felt like scolding him but controlled myself.
You ripped him apart. He got real stick!
No problem, we can say what ever we feel like.
Don't control everything.
What else?
Do you play tennis? - l don't even watch it.
ls it? Then, why do you keep Sania Mirza's photo in your profile?
l didn't know which photo to keep there.
Did you use it because she's beautiful?
But to me, you look more beautiful than her.
l think Lovely name suits you better than Lalli.
ln the petrol bunk a while ago...
lf you want to give me a treat for it,
l'll encourage him to cheat you everyday.
Now we're friends but you helped then without knowing me,
this treat is for that.
lsn't it great to react like that for strangers?
What's so great in it?
lt's happiness to do for our people.
lt's double happiness to think all are our people.
Doubted him unnecessarily.
You know my dad, right?
lf he comes to know l'm chatting,
he'll break legs of my computer instructor.
lf he come to know about meeting, he'll start hacking!
Why did you send me then?
l've chatted with many people.
But don't know why l felt this idiot was better.
There's nothing to lose in meeting, right? So l met him.
By the way how is my boy friend?
ls he fair like Mahesh Babu? Fair complexion.
Tall like Prabhas?
Taller than you.
Does he have good body like Allu Arjun?
l think he would've six pack behind that shirt.
l'm feeling strange hearing about him from you.
Don't you've shame?
Forget it, do we need it?
Please tell more about him.
What's there to tell about him?
l think he would be really great to get such certificate from you.
l'll dare now! - But there's a risk.
l told you about the petrol bunk incident, right?
Though he didn't knew me, he created a scene for cheating me.
So?- He's so sincere, if he come to know we had cheated him.
l'll see that you don't have any card.
Without a doubt, he would tear our cards.
What to do now?
l don't know, better to meet him at an opportune time.
You deal with him.
Ever since you told me about him, l can't hold myself.
lf you unite us quickly and if we've a daughter,
l'll name her as Lavanya after you. - What if you've a son?
l'll name him as Lavangam.
How can l help you sir?
You've shirts with changing colours, right? Show me.
We don't have shirts like that, sir.
No? You gave me one yesterday. Run out of stock already?
l don't know what you're saying, sir?
We too don't know what colour this shirt is?
Enough of seeing it, tell me what colour is that?
l too felt like that.
When l went out and saw, it's true colour was out.
What happened sir? - What happened?
lt appears in a colour here, it's a different colour outside.
This is also a type of cheating, you know?
Take out your ration card, Aadhar card, gas card, every card you have.
Same voice and same words.
Let's decide it between us now. Take out.
Lights are switched on in cricket stadiums at night only,
but will you switch on lights all the day and cheat people?
Take out...
Take out you RC, insurance and license.
Take out everything.
l'm the floor Manager, sir.
Please tell me, what's your problem, sir?
l'll solve it. - Should l begin from the start?
Do one thing, get your staff to form a queue,
l'll tell every one of them.
Why are you watching like a fool?
Tell him.
Why are you staring me? Mind your work.
Half of the people come here to pass time or try new clothes.
Am l right?
Sir, here's the blue shirt you wanted.
What's the guaranty that this is blue?
Do one thing, switch off the lights,
using natural light, l'll check the colour and decide.
lfwe get a customer like him every day,
our showroom would become a store room.
What a beautiful girl!
My mind went blank for that lovely smile.
You're talking about my lover, don't forget it.
l know that's why l'm talking decently.
lf l tell all my feelings... - Please don't tell, l beg you.
You should've seen the action,
he took on the showroom for a slight change in colour.
So what? Don't you wan to tell about us?
l don't know how to tell him?
He's going after anyone for cheating.
lf he comes to know about us, l'm sure he'll take us to task.
l've fallen flat for her.
l was always away from girls,
l can't bear even inches away from Lovely.
You're talking Lovely and distance.
Why such a girl is searching for boy friend in Facebook?
Facebook is for people without face value, why does she need it?
lnstead of falling for dynamic and dashing boy like me,
how could she fall for a King Kong like you.
Just a joke.
lt's shocking to me also, how did he fall for you?
He created a big scene for a shirt colour,
how could he keep quiet without knowing about you?
Why are you jealous of me?
You'll also find someone.
Forget about me.
lf he come to know your cheating, it's tears all the way.
So don't delay and try convincing him quickly.
lf l delay l think he'll elope with her.
What are you doing? - Chatting in messages too.
Just show me the way, l'll pave a road.
He's asking, shall we meet?
Lovely? Tell him to call me Lalli.
ls she asking me to call her?
l've asked him to meet and he wants to exchange phone numbers.
Take it easy.
lf l give him my number, he'll find out the voice difference.
That's why l'm giving your number.
Leave me. - No please.
She gave her number.
Where shall we meet?
Our favourite spot.
But you must come in my favourite colour dress.
She says your favourite spot. - What's it?
You don't even have a passport. ls Switzerland your favourite spot?
What's the local spot?
lt's not favourite if you think and tell.
l know. Each girl chats differently.
Brilliant guys like me...
Commit themselves with what ever they say.
What did we say then...
What could be his favourite colour?
He has put me in a spot.
Will you wear this?
Wear this, he'll not care about colour.
Did you see her dress?
l gave all my used saris to maid servant.
lf l had made dress using old saris it would be good dress, right?
What's this? lt's embarrassing to stand here in this dress.
She's not in the Necklace road. - ls it? Great!
What's great?
lf she's not in one of the 3 places, you're left with 2 places, right?
Sir Einstein! Sanghi temple and Gandipet!
One is in east and the other is in west.
According to my calculation of the kidney, you'd be in south, right?
You wait in the north for me. - Why?
To bury you in the cemetery there.
Where did you buy this dress?
So, at last someone liked this dress.
My sister too is going to college,
if l send her in such clothes, nobody would bother her, right?
Hey idiot! Where are you?
Kittu, you're getting busy with every passing day.
l'm in Sanghi temple. She's not here too.
Then, not at Sanghi temple too.
Did you ever visit a temple in your life?
lt's all your affection, dude.
l'm going to Gandipet, if l don't find her there, you're dead meat.
Did you see any girl in white dress?
So his favourite colour is white.
My mummy has washed all my white dresses.
This dress too has white, so, l wore this.
ls it? - What's the program?
Where are we going? - Urgently to an apparel shop.
What fine? You look like a deadly human bomb. Come.
Watching you in dress will give me colour blindness.
Am l good?
You were much better in that earlier dress, you know that?
Will you stop it now?
What next? - Let's eat.
What's good here? - Madam is good.
Get one by two!
Stop repartees! Get menu card.
My BF isn't non-vegetarian.
Pure vegetarian.
Two vegetarian meals please.
Food won't go down without non-vegetarian items.
Get one chicken biryani...
Bring it.
lf possible get prawn roast also.
l thought you don't eat non-vegetarian and ordered vegetarian meals.
Hey Kittu, you hit on my stomach!
l mean you ordered for me and l ordered for you.
Did you order these items for me?
Your favourite chicken leg piece.
l hate eating food without chicken, you know?
l hate to see chicken, how could you eat it?
Bitter gourd! l love it!
Would any man eat bitter gourd?
You eat chicken!
What happened?
Why are you throwing up as if you eat something in African forest?
You ate just green leaves, right?
Am l a goat to chew leaves?
l eat goats but you made me eat what goat eats.
Why to eat there and brush here?
lf you don't like, you must manage it,
is it necessary to make your mouth stink?
lf l refuse what she had ordered, she may feel bad, right?
l don't know who is feeling for that idiot's feelings.
lf you don't want to get this repeated again,
first tell me everything you know about him.
l'll tell you.
She's so beautiful but her tastes are so bad.
He's perfect in all aspects but his tastes are worst.
lsn't it nice to walk and talk? - Yes...fine. Got clarity to talk, right?
When are you launching your new website?
New website?
You said you'd start a networking site to beat Facebook.
Kittu! You don't know the difference between WWW and WWF.
Will you open a website?
Why did you go silent?
l mean l've many ideas, right? l couldn't connect suddenly.
What about you?
You wanted to launch Zalim cream to compete with Fair & Lovely.
Zalim cream? Silly face!
Don't you know the difference between fairness cream and Psoriasis cream?
l'm asking you.
Zalim cream? Still in planning.
What?- You said a lot about your friend Akash, right?
How is he doing? - Oh he? He's always busy.
You said he always follows you like tail.
l mean he used but l've shrugged him off my back.
To meet you, right?
His comedy is super, right?
That is when asked for his cell number, it seems he said Nokia 6300,
and he got worried for finding enter button and not exit button in the keyboard.
There are so many like that.
You too said many funny things about your friend.
l can't recollect her name. - Lavanya?
You said she takes 4 hours to make up.
You said no need to watch horror film, seeing her without make up is enough.
Why don't you bring her with you?
l'm eager to see that devilish face.
Am l always follow you like tail?
Did l get worried for finding enter button and not exit button in the keyboard?
Do l take 4 hours to make up?
Seeing face without make up is like watching horror film?8
Did he tell that also?
Stealing...this is stealing...
What's the mischievous gestures that two pairs of eyes make?
What are the chaos dreams add to it?
What's the magic happening between two hearts?
What's this wonder happening in my heart?
Neither it floats nor drowns, l can decide...
This mischief is fun but little embarrassing...
Stealing ...this is stealing...
My smile is stolen... My mischievous looks are stolen...
My thought has been stolen...
Youth is rushing... Life is confused...
Who is there to seek advice?
Time is running away... My legs are stuttering...
Where's the right path to go ahead?
Desires are pushing me... Thoughts are drowning me...
l'm elated and happy but little embarrassing...
Why are you anxious? Don't know what's this change?
O heart, who is before you?
Umpteen doubts and unlimited happiness next moment...
Gentle smile are chanting hymns...
Something is overwhelming... The world believes it...
This is new experience but little embarrassing...
Hello editor! Your publisher who buys old papers,
it seems he's selling new papers exceptionally.
Our sales have shot up, sir. - Why wouldn't it?
We politicians bark every day,
whether it is news or nuisance, it's big time for media, right?
Why did you call me here sir?
l don't mind if you write news, but not real news!
Sir, opposition leader is publisher's relative, so...
l'm not asking why you're publishing it?
l'm asking when will you stop it?
We'll stop it immediately sir.
You know my name, right? GJB! lf you cross my path BBB!
l mean you'll be beaten black & blue and buried.
Got it sir. - Got it, right? Get going.
Father. - What?
l wanted to join institute. - You asked but l'm yet to decide.
She's so interested, why don't you let her go?
She's so interested, that's why l'm thinking.
Father please, agree. - Okay dear.
Look after that institute admission.
Junior madam has told me already,
she gave Secunderabad branch phone number too,
would you like to talk to them?
Which branch? - Secunderabad branch.
Call Ameerpet branch. - Why sir?
We mustn't send to the place my daughter likes,
she must go to the place we send her.
l can't remain silent for long time.
Where are you taking me, Kittu? Tell me.
l've to tell you a lot. Wait for few minutes.
Can't you tell me tomorrow morning when we meet?
ls it necessary at this late hour?
l feel l've delayed it for long.
By any chance does he know l'm not Lovely?
Why did you stop here?
We had to come here. Come.
l don't know what he is up to?
What is this? Open-air theatre? - ln a way like that.
Are we going to watch a film?
Let's watch few sympathetic scenes.
A massive earthquake hit China!
Massive loss of lives and property!
Earthquake in Turkey!
The same December 26th!
This time the earthquake hit lran!
lt was an unforgettable shock to them.
The same December 26th again!
A devastating Tsunami hit!
lt asked us to calculate the loss of life and property.
Do you want to know why l'm showing all this?
Though so many disasters hit us,
because this same day is my Lalli's birthday!
Showing the significance of her birthday's specialty to the world,
bringing some disaster on her birthday at some place,
and reducing the population, my wishes on her birthday!
From your Kittu!
How many lives would you sacrifice on your next birthday?
l expected a treat in star hotel.
You've finished it with a tea!
For the way you greeted me, this is too much.
Where are you? - To wish Lalli on her birthday,
l had planned a long drive and a surprize.
ls it necessary?
l sent you to deal but you're going too deep.
Do you remember my birthday?
Kittu is there to remind me, right? He gave me surprize.
You would've fallen dead!
Dead for a surprize?
Were you born on a normal day?
l came to know how bad day your birthday is!
He's my BF!
Maintain some distance. - l know.
My birthday and she's enjoying celebrations.
Don't know when would l meet my BF?
Why are you so late, sister-in-law?
You know about Hyderabad's traffic, right?
Bring that cover. - l'll bring it.
Why are you late? l've been waiting for long time.
l know you're waiting for me, l was waiting for my sister-in-law.
Why? - That's like that. Get on bike.
Tell me the reason for you delay.
O my dear, my sister-in-law took my bike,
l need my bike to come here, right?
lf l want bike, my sister-in-law must come, right?
Does your sister-in-law drives a bike?
Not ordinarily but like a racer.
l'll ask you a... - Don't ask. Order me!
Will you teach me to drive bike?
l love bikes!
But fearing l would fall down, my dad didn't let me try it.
Please teach me.
lf you ask so sweetly, why would l say no?
Watch out! Careful!
Hey boy, come here.
l think he has gone too far with my girl friend.
You've learnt to ride!
l'm trying so many times but says not reachable.
Who kept it here?
Hey boy, come here.
l ordered tea, why did you bring coffee?
l ordered coffee, why did you bring tea?
l've called you first, why are you going to him?
Hello, give and take respect. l'll not accept informality.
lf you can't, close your ears.
l'm quiet because you're a woman.
lf not... - What will you do man?
l'll break your bones and use it firewood.
l did cross and would dare again! What will you do?
Get me a coffee. - Okay sir.
Daring girl!
l'm in institute, where are you? - Why is your voice different?
Nothing, just now hit a fool here!
l got little angry, that's all.
Where are you? - Where are you?
l'm in institute canteen...
You look tensed.
Nothing, a female bear from the zoo has escaped,
l got tired escaping from it.
That's all right, where did you go yesterday?
Your cell was unreachable.
That's okay, where did you go yesterday?
Your cell was unreachable continuously.
Did you go on a long drive with my boy friend?
Did you go on a long drive with my girl friend?
Where did you go? - Did you go to Shankarapalli?
When did you come back?
Did you come back next morning?
Did he teach you to ride bike all the night?
So long?
l sent you to set this girl for me, will you settle with her?
How do you know my name?
He raring like showroom 1000 cc bike.
Now he's dull and bland like an old TVS 50.
ls she any less?
She was laughing like a toothpaste ad girl,
she's like an aunty of pain balm ad.
What do you call her? Lovely?
Please call her once! We'll hear it.
What did you say? You said the boy is handsome.
Why are you dull as if you got beaten up?
Our boy too it seems can't bear even 100 cms away from her.
Now both are maintaining a long distance.
What happened that both are parting in different ways?
Lavanya, one sign please. For surety.
Where is he? - ln lCU, you've to sign this.
Hey Kitty! Did you see what your friend has written here?
This time he's Lavanya's husband.
Look here! Lavanya has signed as wife in the no objection form.
When did they marry without our knowledge?
Let's ask them.
You both met accidentally and we planned this accidental meeting.
Sorry ifwe had given you tension.
Unless you meet again, the lock between you both won't open?
Got better or worse you both helped me to unite with this idiot.
We didn't want you both to split, so we planned this.
Did you see Lavanya? l said you met with an accident,
look, how much blood he's donating without a doubt.
ls she any less?
Thinking you're a patient she made juice from squeezing a dozen fruits.
The juice you made won't go waste, Lavanya.
Buddy has become weak donating blood, give it to him.
For me?
A glass juice won't be enough for you, let's get a bucket full.
You're too much, come out. - Okay come.
l want to tell you something...
l want a place in your heart...
May l come?
O boy, come fast, l'm waiting...
Don't spread your magic...
Come...come...come fast...
Let's stay together and unite into one..
Let anyone say anything, O my dear...
People who approve are okay, forget those who don't approve...
Let's be together as we wish come what so ever it may...
lfwe're angry, let's shout at each other...
Let's fight till anger subsides...
Come, let's fall in love, Lovely...
Let's jump into the sea of love...
Let's be close and kiss each other...
Let's spend time counting the kisses...
l must see you and you must see me...
Let's be together are our lives...
You must get angry on me...
l must say sorry to you...
Let's melt away in each other's arms...
Let's see the end of love, come my dear...
How are you dear?
What do l lack? l've everything here.
Except you.
You promised to come to see me. Why didn't you come?
l'll come this weekend. - No, dad, you must come immediately.
Check your mail box daddy, l've sent you a photograph.
l've posted about us to my dad. l've mailed him your photo also.
Why didn't you parcel and send me too?
l don't have an idea to parcel but l'm sure to send you.
Where to? - To airport.
ls it you brother? l see new men with you.
Have you fired the old boys?
Greetings brother.
Why is he still with you? You should've fired him first.
That day he marred my respect saying only show off no guts.
l wanted to show you my guts and thrash you.
Why didn't you plan this attack early morning?
Do you've to come this far with so many men in dark?
You told me to attack anyone in dark or outside the city, right?
l told you in a flow, didn't expect you'd take it seriously.
Okay, l'm going on a job. Let's settle scores another time.
Break his bones boys!
Stop, he'll make see you stars in day time if you go alone,
attack him together and see the stars together.
l don't have time, if you give the key, l'll go.
Leave my shirt, brother.
Stop brother.
Since you're a weak villain, my heroism is getting elevated.
Do you know what should one do in your position?
Once you attacked a man, leave him alone.
Just let him off. lf necessary become his friend.
lf not...
Moreover bed rest too! Do you need this?
May l tell you another logic?
You mustn't show your power to me,
but to the man who told you!
Brother, l understood everything but not what he said lastly.
lf l had done this that day, this fight scene wouldn't be there.
You could've hit him like this, right?
Just brawn is not enough to beat him.
one must have brain!
We don't have it.
To make him run or defeat him,
a man with brain and brawn must come down.
She gave a flight number...
Has it arrived or not?
You're very handsome.
Can you lend me your coat for a moment?
l'll look little colourful to my father-in-law.
How am l?
ls it you uncle?
Are you selling petrol in airports too?
Stop playing truant. Watching your speed...
l think you're trapping someone. - You're brilliant, uncle.
But you're a crook!
You're wearing a coat, so you'd be planning for big money.
You got it right, uncle.
Do it...go ahead. You're no ordinary boy!
Has the flight arrived or not?
l'll call Lovely.
What a timing!
What happened? Did you meet my daddy? - Not yet. l'm waiting for you.
What? Flight would've arrived long back.
Haven't you both see each other yet?
Don't get tensed, l'll take care.
Tell her you've met him already.
That's my dad's voice. - ls it?
Sorry sir, l didn't know it was you.
Please come. - No need.
lf you return my coat, l'll go.
l'll never give my things
Throw this out. - Why are you so late?
The flight you got down would've returned to Kuwait.
Freshen up and have dinner.
l'm having headache, get me a coffee.
What happened?
How is Akash, daddy?
Tell me daddy. Did you meet Akash?
Did you talk to him? Do you like him?
Why don't you say something, daddy?
l had a long journey, l'm tired dear.
How are you? - l'm fine dad.
You're not telling your opinion about Akash.
No need.
He's fine.
l didn't expect it, l couldn't talk to him properly in hurry.
Shall l call him home tomorrow, daddy?
l've a week's work in my Delhi office.
Let me see after that.
l'm asking you. - What?
What did my dad say?
Do you've to come this far to ask this question?
Can't you ask your dad?
l asked him but he said he couldn't talk properly because of tiredness.
My dad is not in home, he has gone to Delhi by morning flight.
On some business.
Daddy will be back in a week.
He said he'll call and talk to you.
ls he giving another chance too?
My dad estimates anyone in the first meeting itself.
But he wants to meet you again and this is giving me tension.
You're doing too much. l'm silent because he's your dad.
For your over build ups, it's doesn't suit.
lf he's not wearing a suit, he looks like a balloon seller in a park.
l'll kill you if you talk bad about my dad.
Mood off?
This place is not for us. Let's go for a movie.
There is a time for movie in mean while shall l treat you with an lce-cream?
Here! Why did you bring Chocolate flavor?
You should get me butterscotch! What? But you like chocolate flavor?
But my daddy likes butterscotch very much!
Why did you gave both of them? You don't want one?
My chocolate will get wasted! What should l do with this?
Give it to her! lsn't it nice comedy..
Okay bye! Only bye nothing else?
Then okay Good night!
You came close to tell me this!
What should l tell? you should not tell you should do it.
We came far in our relationship try to understand my problems.
After that you will force me to do the next step also.
We have not reached ABCD in love! Look Kittu and Lalli are talking in English lessons in love.
What is English lesson? lt means English kiss.
Will you give me one! Yes l will give you one slap so that you will not ask until we get married.
You are waist! You don't have romance sense in your body!
Yes l admit l know have! So please go...
What are you upset on me? What upset! Nonsense.
l am thinking! What? That who else is there now to talk to me in English.
The moment l saw you! l had forgotten about me.
The moment l touched you l forgot where am l!
l forgot words when you laughed.
l even forgot my name and started chatting you name..
By achieving you l had fulfilled my dreams and spending my time dreaming about you.
Though you forgot food and sleep, l like when you spend time with me.
l forgot myselfwhen you start praising me.
l forgot magnet when l attracted to you.
l forgot sky when l saw the love you have on me.
l forgot the world thinking that you are my world.
l even forgot afternoon's heat when l hugged you.
l forgot evenings by looking your beauty.
l forgot seasons when l am with you.
l forgot this world when l am with you.
Lovely wait!
Uncle! get on the bike.
Who are you? l know you come, get on the bike.
Tell me know uncle! Morning at park, evening at theater and now here.
Why all this getup!
lt's all because of you! What are you talking uncle!
The moment my daughter sees me, she enquiry about my well being, but..
..now she's asking me about you only..
What is the matter in that! lf you like me Tell her if not tell her you don't like me.
lt's not that easy as you think. Then what you want to do now?
l am planning to observe your life style for a week or ten days.
Do it..
But this thing should not be known to my daughter. l will not even tell my family members too.
Who is he?
He is my friend's father, Once he lived a lavish life, but now he is on roads
Poor fellow, ln Hyderabad roads are not even safe, That's why l brought him here.
l respect your opinion.
l don't have any openings in my office to offer you.
Don't act smart! Act smart in front of you.
l have decided to give you a break, do some work in this house and stay here.
Whatjob he will do for men! Just cooking, washing dishes, and cleaning the house.
Look! You have to do my work also
What are you works madam! Get provisions from supermarket.
Daily drop my son at school and pick him in the evening.
You should watch TV serials daily and update me.
Bye the way, Do you know how to ride the bike? You must have,
Being a man they should know how to ride the bike.
Not only their works, You have to do my work also.
What should l do for you? Daily you have to do my home work.
You should help me while l am playing.
What should l do for you? You have to clean if she wets the place,
Why aren't you talking? Thinking we made you servant for a shelter.
He is astonished with our offer at this stage. That's why he is speechless.
By the way what is your name? Mangalampalli Maharadhi.
lt's very difficult to pronounce it. l will call you Mangalam, ls it okay?
lsn't it nice!
Mangalam look at me! not him! Show your gratitude to me because l gave you a break.
Uncle! l don't like to treat you this bad.
ln audience point of view. if you want to elevate your character, you have bear all this
Mangalam! Wake up! lt's already morning.
Are people coming to your meeting or you bringing them?
Baby is down with fever and this keeps on ringing, see it.- Give me.
This side, GJB, who is that side?
Your pending hasn't yet been paid.
ls Reliance bill pending?
May be our daughter forgot to pay it.
l'll send PA and have it paid.
What will you pay? Her phone is Airtel.
How can Reliance ask her to pay the bill?
Who are you?
Why did you bring me here suddenly?
Daughter is calling and father is following. Good!
Tell me which watch is good?
l told you l don't have money.
Who has asked you to buy?
So, she's going to give me a gift.
Check if that's good.
Show me better models. Don't mind the price.
Take that one.
Did you see how much she loves me?
People give gifts on occasions, but for your daughter,
no need of occasion, if l'm with her, it's festival.
How is it, Akash? - Price is better than the piece.
Shall l take this?
You can take it by all means.
This one, pack it.
Just Rs.2000 watch here, Rs.136000 worth watch is waiting there.
What? - Watch!
l told them to pack it.
lf you buy without telling, you've to pack it,
when l'm with you, why to pack it?
You can give it, right?
How can l give you the watch l bought it for my dad?
This is Father's day gift to my dad.
Can't a greeting card do?
Do you've to buy such an expensive gift?
What's this formalities for Father's Day?
This is not formality but responsibility.
Are there mad people to follow Father's Day too? Except you.
ln my opinion people not following Father's Day are mad.
For anyone every day is given by father.
lt's our culture to consider mother as God for giving birth to us.
Shouldn't father have that respect for taking care of us?
Can't we give at least a gift once in a year?
Shouldn't we say l love you daddy at least for one day?
Oh God! l didn't know she could talk so much.
Are you giving me that watch or not?
lf you want, l'll buy you another watch.
l like this one only, l want this only.
Okay, take it.
Remember one thing. That watch belongs to my dad.
Though you've taken it from me, it's like my dad has given it to you.
What's that? Why are you coming like a raging bull?
Sister-in-law, your comments are too harsh.
A girl loves me dearly, you know that?
What's surprize in it?
Girls now love animals more than humans.
Please sister-in-law, leave me.
lf l'm here for sometime, l'll get convinced l'm an animal,
l may voluntarily join a zoo, please leave me.
Lalli is not answering my call for the past 3 days.
May be phone problem.
Not coming online too. - May be net connection is cut.
How could both stop working at a time?
Don't know...may be her father has cut both the lines.
l too fear the same.
What do you want to do?
l got a girl friend at last, l'm sacred of missing her.
l must meet Lalli at any cost.
Must talk to her or else l'll go mad.
Yes, l can see the symptoms. - No jokes please.
l'll think.
Not later but now, think and give me a good idea.
l'll give you an idea and a cylinder too.
Take it and cook a meal.
Why a cylinder? Do you want me to attack her father?
Shall we've a frank talk?
lf you take the gas cylinder, will you look like an attacker?
Cool! lt'll be like delivering a gas cylinder.
Do you want me to meet Lalli as a cylinder delivery boy?
Then, you also come with me. Let's go together.
No need of me to come for this, l'll send you a perfect match to you.
What's this walk?
Gas delivery boys must come fast and leave fast?
Minister is coming down.
What if Minister comes? - You'll get the stick.
Be on the job. - Come.
l think kitchen is this side. - l think Lalli is that side.
That's the kitchen. - Who is he?
What's that?
Has he become a Minister without knowing what this is?
l'm asking you.
l know that but why did you bring it to my house?
Don't you use gas?
We use HP gas, you've brought lndane gas.
Why did you bring this? - Who asked you to bring it?
Got caught and l'm escaping!
l came here trusting you.
No need of trusts now. Escape!
Don't let the delivery boys escape.
They're here to hold guns not to catch us.
Where you are all guys?
What happened? - What happened sir?
Reliance man has called to pay Airtel bill,
HP gas people are bringing lndane gas cylinder.
Mistakes upon mistakes are happening,
l think some mistake is happening behind my back.
What is it? l must know it.
Why does he always blow up even trivial things?
l bought a gift for you, daddy, you know that?
l know a cheat took it away from you.
What do you want, my dear? - You know what l want, daddy.
More than what you wish,
l feel a thing that can make you happy is better.
But the question is how can you be happy if don't give what you wish?
l didn't get you dad.
Nothing dear.
l gave everything you asked in a jiffy,
but l think this time it is not possible.
Why dad?
l mean l was in Delhi, right? That's why!
Come quickly dad.
Trouble!! Lalli's father... - Has he come?- No
Does he know it? - No.
What happened then? - He suspects.
That's all?
lf he knows you've to worry but he just suspects.
Clear it.
Matter is serious.
Security has been increased in her home.
They're inquiring Lalli's friends.
lf my story is out, l'd be dead. Please help me.
To do anything or if my brain has to work,
my body needs an energy drink.
First be on it. - What?
You used me like an ATM for your necessities,
now l'm out of service.
So, l must withdraw from new ATM.
ls it gold?
Are you this type?
No use in trusting ATM. l must go to the bank directly.
Who are you calling now? - Anjali bank.
She's always open.
Got it.
Missed call from Akash?
What brings you here at this hour?
Since you came with cash bag and convinced me,
l left your daughter that day,
but your daughter is not leaving me.
Look, how many missed calls!
At this late hour and so many phone calls.
Again a call, your daughter again.
lf she tries so much, l too feel like answering her, right?
Please understand me, uncle. - l can understand.
You mustn't answer her calls. Tell me what's your price?
You know l always prefer cash only.
What ever it is!
You fix drinks well, did you work in bar?
What? - Your brother.
lf your brother comes, don't hide glasses, keep a new glass.
Rogues! Can't you wait till l come?
lt took me so much time to put that devil to sleep.
Your brother is drinking before you and you're not asking him.
Why? lsn't the brand good one?
Brand is damn good. Fix one for me, fast!
You said you'll get ideas after drinks, you've had it.
Soda is enough.
Must bring out Lalli at any cost.
Kittu and Lalli must meet.
l don't know what you do. You're bringing her.
lf you decide anything is possible.
Your network is no ordinary network.
Does she see me like a creator?
With my only weakness of unable to ride a bike,
she handles me terribly. - Yes brother.
l'll tell. - Tell.
l'll take her to task.
l'll take her to a country where there's no bike,
and take my revenge.
Then, your wish will never get fulfilled, brother.
No need of it now.
You keep quiet. You don't know about my ghostly sister-in-law.
Brother, you continue.
lf not now when would l talk then?
l'll talk bravely. - Talk.
lndia got independence long back,
but l get my freedom only when this devil sleeps.
Brother, you haven't yet got your independence.
You're just hallucinating! - What are you saying?
That side, brother.
Didn't you sleep yet?
l came to see your creativity on terrace.
You mustn't care about what one says after drinks.
Kittappa, steps are here.
Sister-in-law, doctor has advised not to use steps.
Enough of laughing, come in.
You were telling someone to bring Lalitha.
Who were you talking to? - Who else? Your daughter.
Have you gone mad?
l was taking rest in home after a bout of fever,
will you make so much noise?
ln the enthusiasm to see you...
My father is very enthusiastic now.
Did your father like me when l brought gas?
Did you hear it?
Hey mad man! He's fixing my marriage with another man.
l love this idiot.
l don't know what to do.
Your marriage is fixed with this idiot...l mean Kittu.
That too tomorrow.
Marrying tomorrow?
Once l fix up, l just go about it.
l mean he'll go.
lf her father catches him, he'll go blind.
True Akash. Managing her father,
or marrying them against his wish isn't easy as you think.
My foot! lsn't he managing your father?
Like wise l'll manage her daddy.
Comparing her dad with my dad?
Her daddy is a villain and my daddy is a hero.
Her daddy is iron, my daddy is an ice cream.
Did you get it?
You're the party's in charge in the marriage.
You're making me things l never even thought about.
Her father is doing it there.
You've to buy things for my marriage, right?
l'll bring it.
No need.
There's a big shot who can boot his marriage expenses.
Who is he? - l'll tell you.
My lover is next to me, l'm getting into mood seeing her.
l don't know what to do now!
What's the message?
Whom did you send it? - To your sister.
What? - Hug me tightly and kiss me.
What's it, dear? Are you feeling shy?
For the same message another person will get scared, you know?
Kittu, talk the vehicle to bunk.
Did you see uncle? l want to be in control.
But your daughter is not letting me.
l don't want to meet you like this.
But your daughter can't stay without thinking about me.
lf she sends such messages, can any man hold himself?
To tell the truth l wanted to meet Anjali,
but l remembered your bunk is on the way.
ls it? You've done a god job.
Though your daughter is torturing and tempting me,
just for your sake,
l'm patientjust for you, uncle.
ls your patience worth Rs.25000?
l mean Rs.25000 is okay for the hug, after that there are kisses too.
Don't talk like that. lt's giving me shivers.
ls this enough? - l'll adjust.
He has turned incoming calls and messages into income.
Are you shocked?
You mustn't do things like this or see it.
You take rest.
l came here to see what isn't to be seen or done, come.
You'll feel sad seeing it. - l don't mind it.
l'm here to know where you'd go and what you'd do at this hour. Go!
lf you watch this you'll feel for it.
Where are you coming? - Would l leave you?
Oh no, l can't do it.
When everything was going wrong l expected this to happen.
How dare!
Will you dare come to my home and elope with my daughter?
What are you watching? Kill him boys!
lf anyone dares to come near...
Don't harm my daughter.
Calm down sir, why would he kill the girl he loves?
Stop, if you come near... l'll kiss her.
No! - l'll kiss her!
l'll kill you.
lf l kiss her before you, l don't care if you leave me or kill me.
Kiss her! - No!
l will! - No!
Will you come so late? l've been waiting for long time.
Then, l'll go back.
l'll come tomorrow early morning and take you.
l'm a loud mouth. - Go, we planned it...
lf her father had let you kiss her. - Her father?
They'll do anything for daughter but won't allow anyone to trouble them,
you fathers!
What are those vehicles? What's that speed?
ls it a race?
This is not race but chase, uncle.
Your father-in-law is coming.
What happened? - lt's not starting.
lt's written on the wheel.
Why are you looking at me? Look at her.
Come this side.
Akash, do something.
Why am l here? l've come around.
l'll go to Assembly tomorrow only if my daughter comes home.
Kill people with her and bring her home.
Okay boss. - Come on!- Go...go...
Why has he suddenly backed off? - That's known as fear of life.
lf old generation is like that,
how should modern generation like us must be.
This side...
Who are you? Move away!
This side...
Where are they? - What shall we do now?
Chase is over, let's go.
Hand over madam to us. - Send Mangalam to us.
You keep quiet.
Mangalam? Who is he?
ls there any Mangalam with us? - No.
Nobody by that name, go.
l'm Mangalam.
Kill him!
How did you get caught with them?
Didn't get caught by mistake joined their gang.
No need of it, let's go.
Send our madam.
Send Mangalam here if not...
We'll send him if you send her.
You send first. - Shut up.
Go. - Come. You go.
Will you send Lalli for Mangalam? - l know you keep quiet.
No problem, you go.
l'll take you to task later.
l'm coming, Lalli. l'll come tomorrow. - Go now.
Again escape!
Did she come for you? - For me only.
Why did she go with him then? - That's my fate. Come...
Kill him!
Get them in.
lf you do anything, l'll kill you.
They're taking away Mangalam.
No need of him, they're taking Lalli.
You go!
Move away! - Why should we?
Do you know what did Mangalam do with you?
What did he do? - Planted a bomb in your Qualis.
lt seems he has planted bomb in ourjeep. Run away!
Get in!
Not me but he!
Everything is there. Just the groom must come now.
He'll be here.
He's here! You can start! - Okay.
You came running, right? Why are you so late?
Bride and groom please sit here.
Lalli, come.
Come, sit here.
l've been watching you, l brought them safely here,
you're not even acknowledging it.
What's so great about it? Didn't we arrange things here?
No recognitions for doing your duty.
What you did and what l did are same?
Same or not is the question, we've done or not is important.
Looks like l'll have to conduct their marriage too.
You can, but first finish my marriage.
Why are you rushing? - You can't understand it.
How much would you take to complete this marriage?
lt'll take 2 or 3 hours... - No chance in finishing in 2 minutes.
This is marriage not a race to tie the knot fast.
He'll talk like that only, you take your own time.
Though you may marry fast, you've to wait till dark for first night.
l'm not eager for that l'm scared they may come.
This is the temple, come up.
ls it necessary to listen to song in this situation?
These are not songs but hymns CD rip.
Finding it difficult to remember, l've downloaded to phone.
Can't you play it in loud speaker?
l'll listen and repeat.
Come on boys!
Her father is here with men.
lf you abuse my father, l'll hack you.
Do something.
Why are you so cool?
What magic are you planning now?
No need of magic, its enough if he understands logic.- Logic?
Why are you conducting your daughter's marriage secretly?
To avoid publicity.
Why are you shunning publicity even for an inter-caste marriage?
Did you accept this marriage because groom's caste is dominant here?
Do you expect to get the 60000 votes of his caste after the marriage?
Are they interviewing me or giving us information?
lnformation is correct.
Did l ever do anything for political gain?
The same now also.
l wanted this marriage to be simple, so in a temple.
Caste votes?
My son-in-law will ask, why should l bother?
He understood the logic. - l'm here my dear.
Had you told me, l would've brought a silk sari!
You sir, you too sit, son-in-law. - No problem.
What are you waiting for, priest? Do it fast.- Okay.
My daddy would be happy for arranging this marriage.
Waves of wishes are pulling towards you...
So many wishes and desires, each one is wishing for you only...
With you even chill winter is like hot summer...
ls time twirling in the blowing wind and in your hot hugs?
How many marks would you give me?
When would you hug me tightly?
Boy, cool...
l don't believe myself that l've become yours...
You've tempted my thoughts in a jiffy...
l'll become your breath...
l'll become sari draping you...
Never seen or heard before... Unknown to sleep...
Our bodies unite in the bliss..
Though you say no, it's mere waste...
Don't be stubborn...
lf l refuse to go...
l'll see your end...
When l come you shivering in cold, shyness will vanish from you...
A deluge is about to overrun me...
ln the chill breeze if l do what l want touching you...
We'll cross the line of decency...
Who writes the fate to cross that line?
When will l be offered you as my wife?
Without waking up, sleepy eyes...
When it realises, it's never ending happiness...
When l my hands join yours...
l'm yours...
When l tie the knot with you...
Everything is peace...
What uncle?
You never call me, why have you called me?
Did you find any match for Anjali?
Did you call to tell my account is over?
Don't rush boy!
l called you to close your account once for all.
Come to bunk immediately. - lmmediately?
l'm little busy now. l'll come later.
Okay, if you're so busy, l'll find and come to your home.
Home? No need uncle.
Sister-in-law will there and there will be trouble.
l'll come immediately. - That's better.
Come, show your speed today.
Sir, here only!
This is the place.
Have you made such a big plan for me?
Come in.
Why did you stop there? Come.
What's this uncle? These guns and dens, do we need it?
Enough of your act!
David sir, that's him l told you about.
Uncle, l'm confused because my brain map isn't matching with scene here.
Look, the same speed. l told David about you.
l wanted to introduce you, so l called you.
Hearing your voice in phone, l thought you'd thrash me.
Have you arranged a meeting?
Sir knows only to cut hands, he won't shake hands.
He's Robert, David's brother.
Leave all that, come to the point.
How long will you earn in thousands by blackmailing fathers of girls,
if you do David's job, you can settle down with one job.
What's the job? - l'll tell you, do whatever l ask.
Take what ever you want.
Do you know to speak Telugu? - Do you know him?
lt seems you've trapped this man's daughter in love.
lf you get into contact with him,
don't stop yourself with small bucks,
if you bring him to David, he'll pay 50 notjust 25!
Not thousands but lakhs!
Take as much as you want. l want him.
That's okay. But what's the matter?
lf you know where he is, tell us. Or else bring him to us.
But l don't accept deals without knowing the details.
l'll tell you, calm down boy.
David sir, l told you the boy is very sharp.
Yourjob is done.
You tell him what ever you told me.
His name is Mangalampalli Maharadhi.
He appears like a big businessman. But he's a fraud!
He cheated America with 5 million dollars.
He swindled crores of Dirhams in Dubai.
He defrauded 2 millions in Australia.
But nobody has been able to catch him.
Who ever he may be...
He only played with money but human lives also.
He came to Mumbai 10 years ago. He said some business.
He was married by then.
But he hid that and secretly trapped my sister.
He said love.
Promised marriage.
But he ruined her and escaped with what ever he could take.
My sister didn't ask for him after getting cheated.
She wanted his death!
From that day l've been searching for him.
He vanished from lndia.
He changed addresses in abroad.
Came to know he's here now.
Mustn't miss him this time.
He must die!
lnquired about his business.
Came to know he has lost all the stolen money.
lnquired about his family.
Came to know his doted daughter is in love with you.
lf he meets you, just give me the information.
Why beat around the bush?
He loves his daughter, right? Get her and he'll come to us.
You keep quiet, Chote.
Hey lover boy! Go and bring him at any cost.
One minute.
l forgot to tell you one thing.
You saw his original face in the photo.
But he never comes out with that face.
With a different get up every day,
with a new disguise every 3 hours,
he keeps on changing colours.
Watch the get ups he dons.
You'll get an idea.
You scoundrel! How many times should l call you?
How long will you escape?
Can't we catch ifyou don't answer the call?
We'll not spare you alive for cheating us of 100 crores.
Your eyes, legs and hands are intact.
l thought Babu Rao called to avenge you.
There will be plans and revenges for international frauds,
small timers won't have that much!
You're talking indifferently.
That's my cell phone.
Can stop the phone easily but difficult to stop David who is here for you.
David? How do you know David? - So, what he told is true!
What did he tell about me?
He told me what you are and promised to pay anything for you.
Not that.. - No please.
l can't hear cock and bull stories from you.
When you did this to know about the man your daughter loves,
l thought you were a great father,
but never thought you'd be a cheat,
you've a set up and a get up everyday,
moreover acting like an honest man,
do you how cheap it is to hear this?
Yes, l'm a fraud. l agree.
l've been eluding everyone for 25 years now,
l can vanish again without a trace,
but do you know why l came to this place?
My Lovely called and told l love a boy,
and he resembles a lot with you, l got alarmed,
l saw you in the airport and got it confirmed.
l came here to see how you are for my daughter,
but unexpectedly you came to know about me.
Enough! l'm much better compared to you.
We both know it.
lnfact you are not qualified to check me.
For asking your coat in the airport, l appeared like a wastrel to you,
you've stolen crores, how would you look like to me?
Will you tell David about my whereabouts?
Why didn't you come to the school to pick me up?
l told you to go to supermarket, why didn't you go?
As if going out will kill you, why are you not going out?
Whatever l'm asking, he's silent.
Tell me Lovely.
My father promised to come back from Delhi yesterday.
But he hasn't yet comeback. His mobile is switched off.
No reply for mails. l'm worried.
Will my daddy come back? There won't be any problem, right?
Come to our meeting spot, l need to talk to you.
Do you know what you're saying?
l know! That's why l'm telling you.
You and our love is important to me.
Not your daddy. - But my daddy is important to me.
Why do always crib about father?
Are you the only one with a father? Don't others have father?
May l'm the only one to have such a father.
You don't know about my daddy.
How he raised me and what he had done for me, only l know.
You saw me, you liked and then loved me,
but my daddy started loving me ever since my mother got pregnant.
That's why l hate this father and daughter relationship.
You go on talk about father without understanding anything.
What should l understand? Without listening to my daddy,
without even trying to convince him,
if you ask me to come with you, how should l understand?
Didn't love you because you're Maharadhi's daughter or somebody's niece.
l don't have the necessity to impress anyone else.
You're my lover, your safety and happiness is more important to me.
That's why l'm asking you.
Come with me, l'll protect you.
You're talking as if l'm in a danger.
You could be in danger because of your father.
l think you're with wrong idea.
Come out of it first. lt's wrong to do like this.
So you find what l do or say is wrong, right?
Won't your daddy commit any mistakes?
lsn't there any risk of you falling in danger because of it?
My father never made me take a wrong step even while teaching me to walk.
lt's wrong to think that he would do wrong.
You're building a wall between us with your daddy.
Why are you saying like that? My father united us.
Did your father unite us?
The way my daddy raised me made you like me.
Your similarity with my dad made you my lover.
lt did, right? l'm asking as your lover, come with me.
l love you but l've greater love, affection and respect for my father.
l can't come with you
l've problems but why are you getting drunk?
Though you may have many problems,
l've only one but that's enough, to make me drunk!
Only one problem? What's the problem?
Who else? Your daughter!
She thinks her father is like an elder brother of Mother Teresa.
She doesn't know you're a worse criminal than Dawood lbrahim.
Good bye to you and your daughter.
l never thought l would have a fourth peg in my life.
But you've made me drink half bottle.
Your brothers-in-law are here! They've come in an AC car.
Would you like to go with them?
You escaped from me but l got you now.
But he mustn't be before my eyes.
But under my feet.
Won't you let us celebrate farewell party too?
You give order for food, l'll feed them what they want.
l put to sleep one who attacked me suddenly.
Would l leave if you attack directly?
Come on boys!
Are you really from Mumbai or Moosapet?
You're carrying so many guns but not using one.
l want him alive.
Uncle, l was telling you something which l stopped for these goons,
l'll continue it now,
l'm breaking up with your daughter,
l'm deleting her from here.
Did you see how it's coming out?
l'll format my heart.
Forget about remembering, there won't be any trace of her.
Leave him!
He beat my brother right before my eyes.
l'll not leave him.
Why did you bring me to my house?
Go uncle. - You're asking me to go.
Planning to get rid of me?
Yourjob is done, right?
l know, uncle. Why you came here? What you've done?
What you're taking? l know everything.
What's this?
To make me say l hate Lavanya, do you've to make so many plans?
To get me out of your daughter's life, do you've to commit so many crimes?
l know your problem, uncle.
That l'm right choice for your daughter.
l'm not suitable to be your son-in-law.
You've decided it long back.
lnstead of making your daughter hate me,
it's easy to make me say l hate her,
so you imported that Mumbai gang,
and made them narrate stories to me,
you branded yourself a fraud,
you made yourself a womanizer,
got insulted as a defaulter,
enacted fear of enemies,
l know everything,
you don't have any property, and that you're characterless,
and if l know you've a threat,
uninterested to enter troubled waters,
you thought l'd leave your daughter, right?
But l didn't leave Lavanya for those reasons,
just because of you,
after raising her for years how could she choose such a life partner,
a girl who followed me and my diary,
how could she follow this wastrel,
without knowing you got angry on your daughter,
a little sadness crept into you,
to get rid it, though l knew you were playing a game,
l wantonly was little harsh with Lavanya,
even today your daughter is not my lover,
you've proved that she's still your daughter.
There are many men who become fathers,
but there are rare men who become role models to fathers,
like you!
Basically l never liked father and daughter relationship,
after seeing you and Lovely, my respect for it grew many times.
l don't want to separate you father and daughter.
To make your relationship win...
You got strained all these days, take rest.
l think affect of fight scene, little painful.
l didn't tell you about that fight, right?
l knew you called them there to scare me.
l knew they would only create a scene and never harm you.
But still l beat them, you know why?
The day l was called and told about the Mumbai backdrop story,
one amongst them...
He loves the daughter, right? Kill her.
Man who took money from you to act here,
blabbered about my Lovely,
sorry about your Lovely,
l didn't like him talking about her,
l was drunk when they came here, right?
l got little emotional.
When you visit them in hospital, tell them my inquiries.
l hit them hard.
Tell them to forget it. Bye.
Double happiness which you give every time to your daughter,
Father's day tradition started for great fathers like you,
to keep it alive,
it must be on your hands,
l said double happiness and surprized that l'm giving just one,
l've already given you one,
your daughter!
Uncle, you didn't like me as a kid,
you don't remember, right?
Hello doctor, heart is missing...
You didn't like me then.
You didn't like me now.
l'm with you...my life in you...
But still why this distance between us?
l breath you...
l think about you only...
Though you've become me, why am l left alone?
How my dear? Past is just a dream...
Should l hide the truth in myself?
Once when l asked why are you so affectionate on our daughter,
you said take it as love or madness l don't mind,
do you know what l felt then?
l thought you madly love her.
That's what l've been seeing all these years.
Though l'm telling you she's sad, you're unmoved,
l'm surprized,
are you really you or not?
You're right Susheela, l'm not myself,
from the moment l met him,
l'm no more myself.
Okay. Why top talk about him now?
There's a bit of hypocrisy in me, you and everyone.
But l didn't see it in him.
lf Lavanya has to agree, he knows well that l must approve him,
he's clever enough to plan and enter my good books,
but he never tried to impress me till now,
he's as he was,
he showed me his mischief and his habits,
with just one thought of saving my daughter from him,
l donned many get ups,
l tried by hook or crook or even threatened to get rid of him.
but in that process l got corrupted,
he was always clear,
l filled my diary with many ideas about my daughter's future husband,
but he wrote it here!
May l tell you another great thing?
l always wanted to give double happiness to my daughter.
But he gave me double happiness.
He's the right choice for our daughter.
My daughter's selection is perfect.
l don't want him.
Yes daddy, we don't want him.
Don't need.
What happened, dear?
Your father ponders much before coming to a decision.
You don't know mummy.
Though he knows how much l love my daddy,
he made daddy to do a lot of dirty work.
Did you wash the vegetables well?
ls it the way to cut it? Work properly.
What's that?
Can he make you do all that? - lt's wrong dear.
Get a strong coffee for daddy.
ls this strong enough?
l'm here, come out!
l'll see your end today. Come out!
What happened?
l want your son-in-law to return my money.
Your speed has hit a speed breaker, boy!
l'll recover every penny with interest.
lf you talk about interest, you owe me Rs.10 lakhs, uncle.
Didn't get me?
Like you paid me money on seeing with your daughter,
you paid money on learning about your elder daughter's love,
to a gang of goons,
to get your elder married,
l had to fight and engaged in chase at that age itself,
l worked very hard and spent a lot of money, you know?
Who will repay it?
Where's my elder daughter? Tell me how is she?
Your elder daughter is none other than my sister-in-law.
She married my brother. - ls it?
What dear? - What did the doctor say?
You gave me double happiness till now, dad,
now l'm going to give you double happiness.
What's it?
You're getting twins to play in near future.
What a great news! �