Rock Climbing : Homemade Rock Climbing Gear

Uploaded by expertvillage on 29.11.2008

My name is Scott, and I am the owner of Climb On indoor rock climbing in Wilmington, North
Carolina. Today we are going to discuss homemade rock climbing gear. Homemade rock climbing
gear is not something that we suggest that people use or do, back when the sport was
being developed, before we had, before we had the gear that we use today, people would
use nuts, from their house from bolts and put a piece of rope through them, and use
those to protect themselves as they climbed up the rock. Much like cams and nuts that
use today that are made from manufactures like Black Diamond and Petzl. Other ways that
we use homemade rock climbing gear would be just taking a piece of rope and putting a
knot on the end and using that knot in a crack to hold ourselves up. Again we do not recommend
that you use homemade rock climbing gear, back in the day when the sport was being developed
it was fine but today we have gear that is rated to take your weight and your falls by,
manufacturers like Black Diamond and Petzl. Again this has been homemade rock climbing
gear, please get proper instruction and buy new gear.