Passport to English - IELTS speaking test with Sujatha: Test 3, Part 3 - Discussion

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Are festivals important in your country?
Oh yes, festivals are very important in India because most festivals in India are religious.
So people do connect a lot with the spirituality aspect of it and it also happens to be a time
when people actually go out and meet their relatives and friends and spend some time
together. Were festivals more important twenty years
Well, I wouldn't say that, but the way we are celebrating the festivals has definitely
changed. Like, twenty years ago you would have people posting cards to each other on
festivals but now they're just e-cards going online and a lot of things have changed in
the way we celebrate them like there's more of community activity happening now. Previously
it was more of a family thing. Will festivals continue to be important?
Yes, I think at least in India they will continue to be important
because even the younger generation are very much into the festivals. They like to perform
all the rites and rituals involved and they just like to get together with their relatives
and spend some time together.
Can festivals be expensive? Oh yes, festivals can be expensive. In fact,
a lot of people take out extra money out of their pockets for the festivals that are to
come. In fact a lot of offices give bonus to their employees when it's festival time.
Especially like Divali, you have to buy the firecrackers, new clothes and all the expensive
things that you are going to eat as specials and delicacies. Yeah, they do get expensive.
In this part of the interview you can actually give long answers but just try to be more
logical and grammatically correct. Good luck.