Carter Wong in The Eighteen Bronzemen (1976)

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The Shaolin Temple is famous in China
and is also a sacred place for connoisseurs of martial arts
From the northern Emperor Xiaowen of the Wei
Shaoshi Mountain was founded in Dengfeng in Henan Province
during the reign of the Ming dynasty Emperor Congzheng
emigrated to Quanzhou, Fujian Province
and prepared the place for meditation, acts of worship, and practice martial arts
later the site was demolished to restore it
The descendants of the great Han
oficiaies of the previous dynasty
Orphans of the places not to be slaves
went there to take refuge
Under the leadership of a Buddhist Abbot, Zhishan
the spirit and temperament of the followers
Buddhist ritual and martial arts was practiced
If there is nothing to show, get out
majesty, on the General Guan Zhi Yuan
after my three visits
has not issued an homage to the Qing dynasty ...
insultanos and ...
in my investigation officers recruit rebels
to overthrow the Qing government
The officers dare to join with the rebels
to overthrow my empire
we can not afford it
No matter who are officers of the previous dynasty
or rebellious
their families should be exterminated
Kill them
and they do not escape
Kill them all!
master! Lady killers!
run away, fast!
master, be careful!
General, are coming
Come here
Ms. Chang will soon
seek help for the official Lu
and send him to the Shaolin Temple
Please open the door
'm Liuzhu government official
Please open the door
want to see Mrs. Chang
please enter
Zhao supervisor, what happened?
Mrs. Chang
The family was wiped out by the government Guan
General Guan asked me to bring it here
poor child
Lady ...
lady, to recompose
The family has changed Guan
the only thing we can do is protect it
General pregunta if you can stay with Lu Haogong
If it is not safe
then send him to the Shaolin Temple
it's just a baby
we can not send him to Shaolin
Mrs. Chang to cool their grief
___Can not stay here!
We must go
Haogong, please do not bother
My house is spacious
Stay here!
no outsiders come here
here is safe
Lady, do not worry
does not bother you. then
____Please ...
is innate and weak
start from 1 year
will use the refined powder Longgu
on his chest
then your arteries and veins
and your health
will be better than normal people
and be able to resist and practices long
To achieve the most superior skills in martial arts
We began with the head
Dipan, the Southern style called Dipan northern style called steps
practicing for the inner energy
and physical strength
also illuminates the lower body
Master Lu is brutal
____Shut up!
Dan Long of medicinal herbs
the physical body becomes immortal
where you go, stop
Can not escape
can not hide in part nenhuna
Do not move ...
is surrounded
Get it
cling to tree
Daddy, daddy, poor me
Tianjin, forgive me
I'll send it to Shaolin
for what?
Mind you, Shaolung
I train every day
to leave Shaolin
I will do the job
Well, good memory
Daddy, come to Shaolin shortly
Wai Ma
Ma su pin
Zhu Ma
Liu Bu
Are you approved for today
Thank you, master
remember why you came to Shaolin?
I will not forget
My dad sent me here for sacrifice
When an excellent practicante in Kung fu
whatcha gonna do?
co ... Please match
Leave Shaolin
want to match in my favor
you come from Shaolin
Do not forget that
is a secret
and I can not tell anyone
What is the secret?
I accomplish my task
to fulfill your desire
I do not care Arricam my life
I complete the task
I'm glad

The Qing army
Master Lu ...
Liu Supervisor ...
The Qing army are coming ...
The Qing army are coming ...
Yes, they are by the roadside
are coming here ...
Lu will get Haogong
Supervisor tell Mrs. Chang Zhao
What had happened?
The Qing army is coming
For your safety
Get out
Supervisor Zhao climb the valley
notify the Taoist Wucheng
lady out the back of the mountain
will collect your things
Lady, do not worry
There is a secret path
can not be discovered by the army of Qing
If there is any emergency
send the boy to Shaolin
Madam, Please
There is no justice in the world
General Guan's family was wiped out
only a five year old boy survived
Please come here to argue about it
Mercy of God
have mercy on this poor child
teacher, I help
there is a tree
You see that tree?
What does this tree grow growth in water?
should look down on their vitality
could grow in the rapids
This means that
must know all things in the world
only the strong can survive
Lord, do not say Taoist beliefs
want this tree?
No. .. Master, I misunderstood
just want to say is pretty poor as well
Hey boy!
really do not want
is a dream
plant a tree
for example in the garden
soon ... just play with it
Master, thank you master
Get up quickly it's time to train
Good morning, teacher
Good morning
The strength comes from the pubic region
every move must be precise
Do not move
Good morning, teacher
I'm hungry
Repeat the tiger and dragon fist
What are you doing?
Lord, I am practicing un exquesito belly movement of iron
Belly hierro
Come here, mmostre us what you've learned
Shao Qing Liang
His son has been there for 20 years
Whether they are successful or not, must leave Shaolin
Shaoquan is coming
Please be careful
Ever true to Qing
I hope to return as soon as possible
She waits.
Brother, be careful
Are you okay?
It does not matter
Are you very tired, rest a bit
When we have to work hard, there is a limit
Every day, you start practicing before dawn
It ruins your health
pause and refresh
I'm ashamed of my slow progress
No way, he is very good now
Yes, take it, enter in your mouth
Will recover soon
Oh, what's this?
It is ginseng that had kept
Take it, will help you relax
thank you, brother
Oh, brother
Still can not tolerate a bit of deprivation
has been practicing for a long time
I just helped him recover
help himself
If not practicing hard not to learn anything
The Shaolin Temple is not a place of recreation
It has to tolerate and continue
The blame is not always so
we do not have secrets
Tell me, why not make a monk?
I. .. I want to be a monk
but the Abbot Fang has said I can not
I still have something to do
back home in the near future
so I can not be a monk
Tell me, what you call your father?
My father's name is Tang Zhichang
He has said many things
only some are true
believe it or not, as you want
Please, no more
Brother, ...
Forget it, let's practicing kung fu together tomorrow morning
the nine who now ended
the course of the temple of Ta Mo
Now let them stay in the temple of Lo Han
First, they must pass 36 tests
then can enter the line of 18 men of bronze
It should only learn practicing
I hope to work very hard
Work hard and one day will succeed
Thank you, master
Again, slow down
Tongzi Jiao
The left point
The point RIGHTS
The clavicle sign it with your finger
Man Qi
Zhang Man
Jiu Mei
One by one
No need for more practicing
A pity, must work very hard
from now on
Brother ..., are you okay
I'll lay continuously
see how you solve
take it as a reference to improve their skills
You can not equivocate
you know.
Thousands of arrows against your body
come in line with the 18 men of bronze tomorrow
you know.
I want to prove
Would you like to come?
not finished the 36 pruebas
We will not succeed
It is not possible
I am confident
trust is not enough
The big question is its ability
Otherwise, you will lose your life
Brother, I will go along with Shaolong
Yes, together
have confidence to pass
I wish them success
build a merciful heart
Live or die depends on the destination
Brother, I'm a bit sick and nervous
Be calm, be better
Daiqi, Shaolong
Hurry back
Daiqi, let me go with Shaolong
____But I ...
know, when they risk their lives
Let me go, proof later
Yes, already entered in the line of 18 men of bronze
everyone who enters the line of 18 men of bronze
must depend on its ability propia
No help from other brothers
Or otherwise, can die in there
For those who have no confidence to pass, go back now
Think about it
Punhoo dragon
Brother, let me go and look carefully primero
Well, now
Brother, now you
show their ability
Please let me go in line with the 18 men of bronze
prove their fighting skills
Now go to the bell
Hit the bell with his hands
Thank you, master
ability is not very good
but as the ability to work hard skull
Thank you, master
Lo Han corridor
Douzi room
According passes
Thank you, master
please, it's too hard
Brother, you okay?
Brother, can not do
Pull yourself
Brother, can not do
Come on, we came out here
Brother, be patient
the next time will be better
Kneel ...
It deserves to know his own ability
You should not enter
I wanted to try it
I think she wants to die
Brother, it's my fault
Do not act like a woman, hate it
Practiquemos hard, or be here the rest of your life
Practiquemos and study books
The secret Lo Han Fist
What is it?
The secret Lo Han Fist
Lo Han's fist is the highest phase of Shaolin Fist
Where did you find?
Please do not make noise
"Be quiet.
Stop, do not let go
Behind them are my
Sister, we want to live
Must die
Liang Shaoqing
here, sir
Tell me if you got or not
No, it's all my fault
did not find anything after searching for more than 10 days
Finally, I found purpose mei
I am waiting for news
Who gave the order?
I, sir
should kill you
Please forgive me, please, miss me
throw it away
Lord, I guarantee
I can get in 5 days
to mend my mistakes
please believe me
Lo Han strikes at the bell
The birds return home
the virgin loves Guanyi
However, the Shaolin Temple is the holy place of Buddhists
He became the center for people anti Qing
Many rebels are there to learn kung fu
They will oppose the government when they graduate
Recently a secret of the Shaolin fist was found in
We spent a lot of money
to get this treasure
and the secret of the handle Lo Han
From now on, we can practice hard
Shaolong, is the second time that you enter on line 18 of
You should have success
Or otherwise you can die in there
Zazi Jue
Thank you, master
teach in shaolin
Not only the attack
but also to tolerate
Now here are my 18 blows
Your life depends on your own ability
On we go.
you can spend
Thank you, master
Port thousand pounds
Brother, can support the door
with arms and waist
Brother, teach me
Take care, brother
Take a step
Control your breathing
Brother, are you okay
the entry of the sky
In front is the dragon boat
To pass, we take the boat
In burn
Control your breathing is fast and stable
Brother, you are wounded
Yes, very painful, at least in twenty years
had not experienced anything like
The dragon is the signature for students of Shaolin
Brother, cheers
It's nothing, brother, it's your turn
Brother, the boat retreated
to the original place
Brother, do not worry you wait
Qigong to use the inner strength, be quick and stable
Brother, I did
Well, get out
Brother, cheers
We brother
Tianjin, Shaolong
You did all right
cheers for your graduate
Deven know
Every year, ten people try to pass the line
Only one or two can
Come, stand up
Abbot is waiting for you
Thank you, maestro
So long, so much deprivation
A successful change
The outside world is evil
I hope you serve your country and people
as a reward for us
Let us remind you, master
Keep the rules in mind
You break it, God is our witness
Well, well, cherish your future
Return first to the house
Thank you for your teachings, teacher
Should be aware that not always will be higher
Do not act recklessly
Farewell, master
Hey Chuying has a great technique beware
Go now!
Brother, the Master said
Hey teachers fought for 20 years Chuying
but could not defeat him
Hey Chuying can have an exquisite technique now
Is it possible?
Strange, there is nothing here
Yes, it is sterile
No, I remember very clearly
My grandmother always brought here
within a month and a half
will meet in Andong
Brother, this is the home of my grandmother
he is looking
Tío, me Shaolong Tang
Oh, Shaolong
You're Uncle Liu?
You must have suffered much
uncle, where is my grandmother?
with the memory of the grandfather I could return as soon as
died last year in September ...
This Muerta
My grandmother, she ...
Is dead
I was thinking about you before you die
Avo, I'm sorry
Two years ago, I could not go through the line 18
I could not return in time
Avo ...
Wait here
I'll show you something
_'Yes, ma'am.
sending him to Shaolin to learn kung fu
must work hard
Do not go if they fail
Let me help you
No, please sit down
You're the only member who was Guan
Tang is not my nickname?
His nickname is Guan, his name is Guan Long
His father was General of the dynasty Guan Zhiyuan
As if to deny the sobmeter
was assassinated by Hei Chuying
was saved by ...
chief of the guards of General Wan
After hiding it for four years
his grandmother finally sent to Shaolin
To escape the army of Qing
and learn kung fu
so it can do the revenge of his father
Look, here is a letter from his father bleed
Dad, Mom
This is the sword of his family
Look, this man seems nice
be careful
What are you doing?
Nine flowers
Hey, sir. Please
Hey ... please come
Lord, please come inside
for here, please
Please feel
Hey ... You, who are you that desea? what you want?
Well, any dish that is good?
Yes, roast pork, baked fish
Pork chop, fried pork chop and pork
Chandler, Chandler
Yes, I will
Sir, what happened?
Look, what kind of wine you are selling?
Wine with ant
Oh, the ant ... ant ... ant wine
Look, there are a few ants inside,
drink it
No. ..
gives me to drink and not drink?
bring me another wine, fast
Hey, mate, do not you see?
She spilled wine on my
Oh, sorry, the glass has no eyes
I do not enganhe
Well, calm down
I can not asustar
Lord, do not be angry
We are friends, keep calm
Hey, wait. Want to start a fight?
Have you been watching?"
when I fight, I can not stop
I will fight to death
Lord, we will
talk over
Do not be angry
knew that he fled
Lord, please do not fight
Lord, let us speak hablar
we are friends, not be angry
Look, I wanted to fight are the
Yes, I am, why?
Hey, buddy
do not take seriously
Went up and want to start a fight
have not started yet forgotten
Brother, too
Forgot your primary assignment is
will be ...
Hey, wait. Do not forget that your life is mine
I said, it's not over
Brother, look!
Rowers, we cross the river
Rowers, please depriessa, we rush
Not a bird in the mountains not a man on the roads
Only one velhoo a boat
fishing in a river
Please come
Accordingly, we need a rest
entem, to enter, please!
Serve customers!
Sir, please sit down
Lord, come in please
Gentlemen, do you want?
follows us like a ghost!
sir, something to eat?
Five vegetarian dishes
a goddess of iron cookware
Accordingly, a time
go, go!
a rooster iron pot
Oh, cock of iron, sir
Our shop is open for more than thirty years
but never sell something called the Iron Rooster
take a long time here
Did not give me a glass of water
but away from the chairs for them
dinhero is your most valuable?
The has a different life than me?
Lady, do you mean?
The branches can tell your fortune
The pen can decide your life
Come, come, come
If so, reward him
otherwise break off
Sir, you taste?
I can predict their future life
change the bad to good
Oh, this cabalheiro!
Look, you have a long life
It will be rich, very rich!
Iron pen
They have to predict your life, your life is mine
Life depends on the destination
not a man
will be serviced with a fortune of a good man
Come, come, come, let me predict your
I said
His life is in my hands
Let me decir now you will die today
This piece of jade, this is a half dragon
the other half of the phoenix
It was the hand of his future wife
Xiaoyun Lu
If you find some day
Hey Kill Chuying together
was right, my life is
Who are you?
the owner of your life
Give me
It's going too far
Lord, here is
Please take your chopsticks
Do not touch
harms people
Be careful the next time
Or each other so you will lose fingers
Yes, yes ...
well, not your Asunto can go now!
Please, sir
You're too modest, please
Shaolong is you
you also left
was very annoying when he left
also came out well
It's wonderful
We can go together then Kaifeng
Left alone?
Yes, only
I nearly died in the sixth entry
Now I'm fine
The dragon ardiente is marked on my body
This is your future sister in law
this is the brother who so want
Brother, how are you?
The older brother is also here
Really? Where? 741 01:15:46,038 -> 01:15:46,936 Here
I am happy to see it
____Please ...
Brother, also had success
happiness, Daiqi
I'm not as good as you
still need my guide
Do not be too modest, sit
you primero
Brother, please feel
Are you all right?
What's wrong with you?
Nothing, no matter
just a small wound
No, you are very serious, brother
Brother, was lucky this time
This is a poisoned arrow
When I left the Shaolin elder brother
travel to Andong
I did not expect someone on the way
Have you discovered who he was?
I suppose that is one sent by Ching
Why are you looking Qing?
Brother is hiding something?
tell us
Brother, I ...
treat me like a stranger!
We grew up together
In these twenty years, live together
We're like real brothers
If you have any difficulty
I help you
Now you have caused serious damage
still want to stay
Brother, do not worry
Accordingly, no mean
place the medication twice a day
take the medicine continuously
Brother, do not be angry with me
No, could not
Big brother, Lady Lu, me gotta go
I have to go to Loyang
Please take good care of Shaolong
Brother, please do not go
is not that you want
I do not mean it to keep it out of this
not want to cause problems
cause me problems?
do you take me for?
If one day
need your help
may be afraid to have problems?
No, could not
So I?
Brother, please forgive me
My father is Zhiyuan Guan
Hey assassinated by order of Qing Chu
And now, they sent people to kill me
We live and die together
No matter, will not be afraid
Brother, do not worry
Brother, will help you
Quen are you?
Do not run
hold it, do not kill my brothers
show yourself, do face to face
Oh! poisonous pins
catch you
my fault
no matter
I hope we die together
Not until they make revenge
Oh, Daiqi
He is, Daiqi ¡!
Big brother
Brother, are you
Why try to kill him?
Yes, sent by the Qing
Why? Why I do this to me,?
sent by the Qing, is it not?
Tell me
Escapes you! I do not want to kill you, will you ¡!
Brother, was damaged by the poisonous pins
Brother, please give it to Shaolong
Brother, Brother, Brother
Brother, why are you so mean to me?
when he was four years
I was sent to Shaolin by my father
ignorant but to obey my father
Yes, we know
I have to do even revenge
by my parents
I will go to fall festival in Loyang
Brother, how do you know?
Hey Chuying have the secret of Lo Han
How could?
I gave him
His martial prowess is superior
Be careful
-Who is this?
My father is ...
Oh, brother! brother ...
Stay away, Stay away from ...
Fly, come out from
Now, run away, turn away from
Have you heard?
Go ...
Here comes ...
high, Hei Chu Ying's there?
high, who are you?
Lung Guan, my father is Zhiyuan Guan
murdered by you
After being twenty years at Shaolin
you can not escape death!
Who are you going to die
Hey I'm the real Chuying
They want to kill me?
I'm not afraid can not kill 5
Brother, what is?
She waits.
None is good
Remember the motto of the Tiger
Long, look!
What is the real?
Come, take revenge, come!
Ousan get in Loyang
buried it in Death Valley
On we go.
Shaolin kung fu is not a challenge for me
Brother, Lo Han tricks
Brother, let us
virgin worship Guanyin
Lo Han strikes at bell, Slope of the Tiger
One hundred birds return home
Tiger and Dragon Fist
His vital point is your throat
Attack the throat
Tianjin, must remember
his greatest skill is the sword of Heilong
the only way is to use an ax Jingang
to prevail on his sword Heilong
Use the buzzer gold
and theme for the tiger to kill him
Follow me to the capital
let them live in comfort for the rest of your life
Something repellent!
Brother, let me kill him
Big brother
Now the tiger's mouth, do not dream the life
Lemma d tiger
Skin of God crosses the sea
Back to the center
Troops from the sky
Brother, because I sacrificed
This was the only way to kill Hey Chuying
Brother, Brother, can not die
I can die,
now my duty
Big brother
Big brother
Big brother, What was your duty?
My father is the
Killer who saved him this year
Wan was the general?
feel these years
not be able to protect your family
After this, convinced his grandmother
to send him to Shaolin
In the years that I sent to Shaolin
He also sent me
He wanted me to protect you with my life
until you take the life of Hei Chuying
To kill that son of a bitch for our families
Brother, why do not you tell me before?
No, I could not tell the secret
Or otherwise, had been killed
Big brother
Now my duty
I. .. I can die in peace
Big brother,
Older brother, older brother
Older brother, older brother