How to Make Balloon Animals : Making a Balloon Sword

Uploaded by expertvillage on 23.04.2008

Now no balloon set would be complete with out a boy's balloon sword. So I thought I
would show you how to make one of those today. So, let's start by taking the knotty end and
do a different kind of twist; it's called a tulip twist. Because it twists just looking
like a tulip. I take the knot and push it into the balloon; I grab it with my other
finger and ease the other hand out. Still holding the knot, I'll twist several times;
when I let it go, the knot is on the long part of the balloon. It is not inside the
little part of the balloon; it's in the long area. Now we need to fold twist; we're going
to do some folds. We're going to fold it, and fold it; so we got two folds there. We're
going to grab it; right down the middle and twist together; straighten the top. Always
give it a little bit of a tug to make a nice long sword. Now we're going to take the other
one; make a holster out of this. Now, we're going to measure the person's waist, and make
a little knot; and a bubble and twist it. Right to the other end of the balloon make
another bubble; and we'll lock the two bubbles together; keeping the nice round end at the
top. And the knotty end underneath that we don't see. These are very nice to wear, and
comfortable; you can take them on and off. And you can just slot your balloon sword threw
your holster like that. It's easy to slip on and off. Take the sword out and Ahoy there.
You?re a Pirate.