Greatest Touchdown Ever

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bjbjLULU 0:03 Hello all! Its Merrill! This is how I draw from my "head". I have a lot
more fun doing it this way! 0:15 I have been really enjoying this Football season. And
I have spent TOO MUCH TIME doing ESPN's Fantasy Football! ........So much time that it actually
inspired some art! 0:26 The sketch is only the first part of this drawing......STAY TUNED.
I have a very unorthodox process that enables me to refine and alter my drawing several
times. I change my mind a lot, so this process FITS me. Every artist should search for a
medium / process that FITS them!!!!! 0:51 No left arm and no face......I will add them
digitally in a little bit. 1:02 I am using AD Chartpak markers to apply some quick color........Im
going for the first down at this point....not the Hail Mary pass for a touchdown! 1:20 The
markers run a bit, so I am using a decolor opaque paint marker to refine the edges for
the skin. This marker will completely hide the marks from the Ad Chartpak illustration
markers. 1:42 Colored Pencils add an interesting texture to the will
LATER see that I decided to scrap the chair for a better idea later in this video. 2:08
For the record, my Fantasy Football team is getting CRUSHED as I am writing this! ARGH!!!!
I have Peyton Manning and Michael Vick as my QB's.....That would be fantastic in any
other year but this year! 2:27 Behold!!!! The ANCIENT Paint Shop Pro X.....It still
works! 2:43 I scanned my drawing on my scanner to get it on my computer screen. Then, I opened
it up in Paint Shop Pro. I found the images on Creative Commons search. 3:09 I mostly
use the Warp Brush, The blending brush and the digital scissor tool. 3:30 I used the
eye dropper tool to match the flesh tone and then the paintbrush tool on 50% opacity to
tone the arms. 3:56 Thumbs up if you LIKE the triumphant music as I add the top of the
head!!!!! 4:12 SEE! You sometimes get BETTER ideas while MAKING a work of art! Sure, I
worked hard on the chair. But, I will never let a PREVIOUS effort affect FUTURE creativity!!!!!!!
4:33 Now I have to fit his FAT A$$ on the COUCH!!!!! 5:17 I was really excited to find
this couch on because I wanted to buy it......I just wanted
to use the picture! Search the internet or your library for information on the proportions
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