Shit Americans Say in Paris - Ludovik

Uploaded by ludovik on 08.03.2012

Paris !
Paris ! Paris !
Paris !
Garçon !
Do you speak English ?
Gracias !
Oh ! Everything is in French !
Everything is in French !
There's is no ice in my drink ?
Can I have some ice in my room ?
Which way is "Notre Dame" ?
Why did they give us "Gel Douche" ?
Voulez-vous coucher...
... avec moi ?
Hello ?
The French are so rude.
"Déjà vu" !
Bonjour !
What did she say ?
Oh la la !
Omelette du fromage.
C'est la vie !
Baguette !
Should I wear black ?
Bordeau Château Latour !
Or the stripes ?
The stripes !
We can see the Eiffel Tower from here !
Where is the Eiffel Tower ?
Eiffel Tower !
Could you take a picture of us ?
Could you take a picture of me ?
Cheeeeese !
Are you sure we don't have to tip ?
Fromage !
Thank you !
Paris !
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Vive la france !