ONLYUSEmeBLADE Says Goodbye to Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix

Uploaded by DanceOn on 12.11.2012


It's cool.
I didn't even want to win that [BLEEP].
I just [BLEEP]
like dancing.
I didn't even get to meet Hannah Minx.
This is [BLEEP]

So this journey that I went down, this long and windy road
of me going to "Dance Showdown" has proved to me
that I need to stop kind of being lazy--
not kind of.
I need to stop being lazy.
And I just need to go forward and set a goal and hit it.
Because once I actually do finally hit that goal, I feel
10 times better than I did before.
I couldn't have done the dance performance that I did or
worked as hard as I did it without being pushed by
[INAUDIBLE], my dance partner.
Brin, you're amazing.
If I had to pick anybody else, I would pick
Brin 10 times over.
The other dancers are great people or whatever, but the
chemistry that Brin and I had and the drive that she
instilled in me made for an amazing performance.
Love you, Brin.
If I could somehow give my votes to someone else if I
knew I wasn't going to win, I'd have to pick Alphacat, Mr.
Obama himself.
I met him when I was down in California.
He's an awesome, laid back, chill, cool dude.
And I meet a lot of YouTubers, but this guy is really down to
earth and awesome.
So Alphacat, bro, you got my votes.
The last thing I'd like to say is that all the fans or
viewers and people that supported me--
family members, YouTube fans, Twitter fans, Facebook fans--
everyone that checked this out and supported me and said,
hey, Blade, you're losing weight, or hey, Blade, you
inspired me--
that gives me the [BLEEP]
energy to keep on going.
So I just want to say that I love you for supporting
ONLYUSEmeBLADE, and I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing.