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Part of the climax of the festival on May 10 that Trecastagni Sant'Alfio is dedicated to the parade of Sicilian carts.
All carts are adorned and led devout families who want to keep alive the tradition of the sicilian cart,
today a symbol of a past still alive in the traditions and customs of those former cart drivers.
The preparation of the cart and the horse that pulls it is crucial in the success of the parade,
since all the parading groups aspire to have their cart as the most beautiful in the eyes of their dovoted Saint and the entire community.
The carters go through moments of great stress and emotion even before the parade begins,
starting at dawn and wearing the dress typical Sicilian
composed corduroy pants, white shirt with red ribbon, black vest
and classic cap a symbol of Sicily in the world.
Then the horses are hooked up to the cart that will drive
and adorned with colored feathers and Sicilian puppets.
The harnesses are carefully decorated with embroidery, sequins and rhinestones.
The cart is central and is the true protagonist of the whole party.
This wagon that we see in the pictures was inaugurated on May 10
it gave great satisfaction to both the driving team Êand the two craftspeople who created it:
the artist Nerina Chiarenza and his son, the sculptor Lanzafame.
To build this wagon it took about a year,
The cart is distinguished by its level of details,
it was meticulously carved and numerous details
are present on both on the wheels - with human figures and animals
and is the key that holds the shaft, also carved.
The color of the wood is clear and polished up to shine,
and painted slabs are separated from one another by incisions.
The paintings represent scenes of battle and love of historical moments.
The colors of the paintings are alive and strong,
yellow, pink, green and the blue is pure
and transmit to the viewer a sense of indulgence.
During the preparation of the cart we experience moments of excitement and anxiety,
thinking that in a short parade will begin crossing all Trecastagni (Italy)
up to the sanctuary dedicated to St Alfio,
where each cart parade,
where the carters play their flutes and tambourines,
and where each horse bows in honor of the saint