Lyoto Machida Following UFC 123

Uploaded by vatafuck on 22.11.2010

Assessing the fight
I’m happy with myself because I know I gave it my all inside the octagon
I think I had a great performance
I think that’s the most important thing, for you to be able to duplicate what you do in training
Obviously we wanted a positive result, unfortunately that was not the case
But I don’t like to blame the judges, I don’t like to say that they robbed the fight, it's not like that
I think we have to analyze our game, perhaps I needed to be more aggressive
In my opinion I won, but the judges are there to score the fight and we need to respect [the result]
So I see it this way and I believe this is an opportunity for me to grow even more, an opportunity for me to improve
Quinton is a very strong guy and I didn’t want to play into his game, which is to exchange punches
So I leg kicked him for the first rounds, I noticed that he got hurt with a few kicks
and I also threw a couple of knees and noticed it hurt him as well
But I don’t know how each judge scored each round
I think that’s something they’ll need to discuss or even the UFC
Now, all we need to do is “kick the ball forward”, [and look to the future]
After the fight Quinton came up to me and said; ‘No, you won the fight... and you kicked my ass’ he said
I thanked him and told him he’s a great champion too, even more for acknowledging that [I won], it’s not easy [to do that]
but he said ‘Don’t you worry about that, you won the fight, and I’ll give you a rematch because I know I didn’t deserve this win’
Quinton is a very strong guy, when I got a hold of the arm there I thought I had it
But he started turning it and turning it and got up
but I was able to react fast
And I didn’t fell and stood up as he did
and we kept the fight standing
Our strategy is what was implemented inside the ring
to not get too agitated in the beginning, kick his legs a lot, because he's a guy who doesn't check leg kicks
And from there try to connect with our strikes
and I think we were able to do that
and that’s the reason I am not worried because we were able to implement our strategy