Burnt Retina : Photoshop Plugin

Uploaded by lumafilters on 10.10.2011

Hello, my name is Andy from Lumafilters.
I would like to introduce a filter we produce called Burnt Retina.
Burnt Retina is a Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro filter
and enhances your image by using a multi pass
nonlinear sharpener
The Non-linear filter adds additional contrast and saturation to
bring out hidden details
Many times, details that your eyes see, are not properly captured by your camera
Burnt Retina allows you to increase those details allowing your images to pop.
Burnt Retina works from within Adobe Photoshop
Corel Paint Shop Pro and Media Chance Photobrush
and processes images with 8 and 16 bit color depth.
Features of Burnt Retina include 22 different filtering models,
3 different luminance models
color pop for enhancing saturation,
luma nudge for increasing and decreasing brightness
and blending ratio for increasing and decreasing the effect strength.
We are now going to demostrate how Burnt Retina enhances your images.
This is an image I took while in Arizona.
We are running Paint Shop Pro X4.
We recommend to always work with a duplicate of the image prior to filtering.
This allows for several options. First if we do not like the enhancement,
we can easily revert back to the original image.
it allows us to blend the enhanced image with the original and finally it allows
us to selectively erase the enhanced image for blending composites.
We will approach those techniques later in this video.
We first activate the filter by going to Effects
Burnt Retina
The filter will now be running.
To the left we see the enhanced image and
to the right a variety of filter options.
first we go to the enhanced image
we can see the original image before the enhancing
simply by left clicking on the image
When we release the mouse button the image will return to the enhanced version
this is to see the before
and after effect.
Now we will navigate to the filter options.
First we will demonstrate the Luminance model.
Burnt Retina works with the luminance of the image
as a guide for filtering.
as you can see each the luminance models will provide slightly different
The next item we will demonstrate is the color pop checkbox
this is used to enhance the color saturation of the image
simply by clicking on the checkbox will add an additional burst of saturation to
the image
be aware however some images and some filtering models this checkbox will not
look natural
If the saturation enhancement looks unnatural,
simply uncheck the color pop check box.
Immediately below the Color pop check box is Luma nudge.
This performs brightness enhancements to your image.
If the end result of the image is too dark,
simply move the slider to the right to increase brightness
if the end result is too light, simply move the slider to the left
to decrease brightness.
Below the Luma nudge is the Blending Ratio.
The Blending Ratio is an opacity blender to mix the enhanced image
against the original image.
This is set by default at 75 percent.
If the Blending Ratio is set to 100 percent,
the image is fully enhanced.
at 0 percent
the image is unaltered
This allows you to just slightly enhance your image for more subtle
Below the Luma nudge are 22 different filtering models.
Each of these filtering models will enhance your image in a different way.
Experiment with the different filtering models
to find one that suits your image.
We will now demonstrate the contrasted polarization effect.
notice that the images now sharper increase in the details of light
in dark ages
edges of the brochure contrast to begin shadows
the edges of the rock feature sharper
the colors are also a victim
now looks like the color popped xbox
there's an immediate changes saturation
iraq bases richard
when the foliage is greener
and the skies are nice exaggerated
thrown out into luminance by lowering the liberal arts lighter
now we will increase the effect that raising the blending ratio two one
finally let's process the image by selecting okay
margaret now will not process your image
the larger image and the longer the chocolate cake the processing image
however after a few seconds we will have the process an edge
you may notice and always in areas of the skies
anytime there's a smooth area would they be accused by the shopping process
however it is needed to remove the new ways
in most image processing software like the cia perot this is built in
in chaparro x four
the suspended just
there's always room wall
many times of the fault settings of the best
as for this image we will do exactly that
select ok in the north will be removed
there we have it our final process image
as we mentioned earlier in the video there are many reasons to create an
additional air before your processor image
first allows us to pervert back to the original image
certainly allows us to blend the enhanced image with the original which
we will demonstrate
let's performance off-white blending of the advanced image against the original
in your lawyers palate
selected living room
and pull-down spotlight
we have further enhance the image to bring out a new composite which shows a
sharp business away m brightens up the colors
my only when i want to selectively erase parts of the in his image
this is useful will want your or do you make
not the entire image
we will use a magic wand olympic chaparro
edsel at just the sky
i'm using the shift key to add to this election
after we finish selecting
we will choose the eraser tool
and after a size adjustment of the eraser tool
well now a racist selected area
now we have the original sky
and enhance foreground
right turn off the background where we can now see that
as you can see little clipper ratner is a key cities filter or unique open
and that
providing a chart notes to your image
companies that are website at w_w_w_ dot little cruise dot com
thank you again for watching