Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (3/5) Movie CLIP - Pesky Pixies (2002) HD

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Gilderoy lockhart.
Order of merlin, third class.
Honorary member
Of the dark force defense league
And five times winner...
Of witch weekly's
Most-charming-smile award,
But I don't talk about that.
I didn't get rid of the bandon banshee
By smiling at him.
Be warned.
It is my job to arm you
Against the foulest creatures known to wizardkind.
You may find yourselves
Facing your worst fears in this room.
Know only that no harm can befall you whilst I am here.
I must ask you not to scream.
It might provoke them!
Cornish pixies?
Freshly caught cornish pixies.
Laugh if you will, mr. Finnegan,
But pixies can be
Devilishly tricky little blighters.
Let's see what you make of them.
Come on, now.
Round them up, round them up! They're only pixies!
Please, get me down!