Allianz Inside Grand Prix News 13/2011

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Hello and welcome to the Inside Grand Prix news. After Jenson Button's victory on Sunday
we show you the latest news from the F1 scene.
Five pit stops, two collisions and a drive-through penalty. Despite it all, Jenson Button chalked
up his tenth career win at the Canadian Grand Prix. A venue that’s almost home from home
for McLaren.

“The Canadian Circuit in Montreal is definitely a circuit that works for us.”
In general, too, the race on Sunday made history. Lasting four hours and four minutes, it was
not only the longest ever, but also the slowest: at an average of 74 km/h.
The safety car was also in constant use. Five deployments and thirty laps: a new record
in the storms of Montreal.
"You know, you do not see anything. Especially, when there’s a lot of rain and everything,
it’s unreal, I mean, you have all these drops on your visor and they’re not moving
and you cannot see anything, no, nothing. So, you’re just looking for this red light
from the guy in front and it only appears once he’s very close because there’s all
the spray and everything. So, it’s really amazing conditions, really, really tough."
A break for rain of over two hours was also a first in the 51-year history of Formula
One. As ever, the drivers’ safety took top priority.

“They’re always doing work
on safety in Formula One, you know, the GPDA, the drivers’ association, but also the FIA,
so we’re working as closely as possible to improve safety.”

Finishing thirteenth
and seventeenth, HRT achieved the best result yet in the team’s history in Montreal, handing
over last spot to Marussia-Virgin Racing. Mercedes driver Michael Schumacher narrowly
missed out on his first podium finish since China 2006, but drew level with team-mate
Nico Rosberg in the drivers’ table, where both now have 26 points.

Still way out in
front: Sebastian Vettel. The German is now 60 points ahead of Jenson Button, and yet
he still knows…
"The time it matters most to lead the championship
is at the end of the last race. The last season has taught us that things can go up and down
pretty quickly and you might find yourself struggling for two races and someone else
has two perfect races and he’s back in the fight."

In the constructors’ table Red
Bull also remain the ultimate benchmark. The rest are more or less just following on behind.
Further Formula One news are coming up now, condensed by our Inside Grand Prix team.

Following the cancellation of the Bahrain Grand Prix, Formula 1 has come in for criticism.
With the FIA World Motor Sport Council and the FOTA teams’ association totally at odds,
Bahrain itself has now ruled the race out. They didn’t want to unduly burden the teams
and drivers by extending the season, was the word from Bahrain, even though they would
have liked to stage the race.

He has taken the step into well-deserved retirement. Sir
Stirling Moss has announced that he is quitting active motor racing. Now 81, he gained 16
grand prix victories and was runner-up in the world championship four times in succession.
One of his greatest successes was also triumph in the Mille Miglia for Mercedes. Sir Stirling
was active in motor sport for over 60 years.

Formula 1 is booming. According to an analysis
by Formula Money, F1 revenues are set to double in the next five years. After generating around
1.7 billion dollars this year, income, they say, will rise in 2012 to over two billion
and in five years to over three billion dollars. This growth would also see the prize money
increase. In 2016 the winner of the constructors’ championship can expect to receive 222 million
euros, more than many teams’ current annual budget. By comparison, the prize money received
last year by Red Bull was 87 million euros.

Bikers dropping in. Moto GP riders Andrea
Dovizioso and Casey Stoner recently visited the Red Bull Racing factory in Milton Keynes.
Both looked very impressed and were even able to have a go themselves in the Red Bull simulator.

A nice foray away from Moto GP to Formula 1. However, no new lap records were set.
That's all for today, have a nice week and see you next time at the Inside Grand Prix
News. Bye-bye.