Susan Boyle CBS Early Show Closed Captions Singing Live

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Susan Boyle The Susan Boyle, joins us From her home in Blackburn, Scotland
You look lovely Susan Good morning
Good morning
We just checked, its now more than 11 million hits on YouTube How is that so unbelievable ?
So Unbelievable! ( Presenter and Susan giggling )
Awesome! I don't know what else to say
What has it been like For you walking down the street Since this happened ?
Everybody has been So Supportive And wished me really well
It's so interesting To have watch this on YouTube Over and over again
And you captivated not only the judges But every single person in the audence
You have become overnight A worldwide star!
Do you understand that What a big deal this is?
It hasn't really sunk in yet
Susan when you watch The whole tape your really Get a sense of the emotion
The fact that they were Ready to write you off Before you started to sing
How did you keep it together Even though everyone was laughing at you And not really taking it seriously at first?
Well you have to take Yourself seriously
So what I did was concentrated on the song
People may not know Some of the back story You looked after your mother for a long time
She past away A year or two ago And you not really been singing much since
How did you muster the courage To audition for the show Then sing before a huge live audience
And subsequently an Audience of millions of people Where did the courage come from Susan?
I like to make this As a tribute to my mother I knew it was something i had to do
So I had to get on with it That's where the courage came from my mother
Did you ever have professional training?
I did in livingston
Well it certainly shows And the performance of the song Was so brilliant
i think the other thing People do not understand This is not an easy song to sing
Lets see if Susan Can do it early in the morning
How about it Susan Will you give us a little taste?
Would you like that? We would love it
Ok then Here we go then
I dreamed a dream In time gone by
When hope was high And life worth living
I dreamed that love Would never die
I dreamed that god Would be forgiving
Then I was young And unafraid
And dreams were made And used and wasted
There was no ranson To be paid
No song unsung No wine untasted
So beautiful You have us in tears Really, unbelievable
Here's my question at the moment Susan Now you go back on the show again
Do you know what your singing When you go back on the show?
You will have to watch The show an find out ( Presenters Laughing )
You do have the Show business genes
She's so lovely Yes she is