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This is the 2001-2002 Spain Premiere League
11 round Finals.
Arch rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona will go head to head.
Now we take you to Santiago Bernabeu where the match is set to unfold.
Real were league champs last year
and they're looking good this year too.
Much the same case for Barcelona.
Barcelona has their work cut out for them.
Just as expected in a match between rivals this is into a rowdy bout.
It's a fierce clash in the midfield.
We're seeing lots of yellow flags.
And it's a pass.
And it strays to the left.
Real's Zidane shoots, takes a shot from the left.
Raul heads it.
And it's a goal. A head shot goal.
That's a head start for them Raul saved the opportunity.
Today we're seeing Figo falling down a lot.
Barcelona seems to be playing especially rough today.
KIM Joo-hyuck.
SON Ye-jin.
JOO Sang-uk.
Based on the Novel by PARK Hyun-wook.
Screenplay by SONG Hye-jin.
Screenplay Adaptation by RYOO Hoon, CHONG Yun-su.
Cinematographer KIM Tae-sung Lighting Supervisor YUN Kyoung-hyoun.
Produced by Peter ZHU.
Directed by CHONG Yun-su.
It was spring of 2002 when our paths crossed again.
My Wife Got Married.
I hoped We'd bump into each other At Ieast one more time...
I'm serious.
Do We have to just run into each other?
You could've called.
A phone call...
A phone call? Of course I did.
I thought it'd be a Iittle aWkward.
You're the one who didn't answer the phone.
Right, chance meetings are better. They're mysterious.
Your parents did a good job naming you.
In one breath, they managed to make everyone your subordinate.
JU Ina... It means Your Highness.
You said the same thing before.
- Did I? - Yeah, in exactly the same Words.
There was some reason why I don't remember.
At first glance, you Iooked cold.
I didn't want to blurt outthat kind of bullshit that day.
- Chief JU... - Chief!.
- Let's have coffee sometime. - We should get coffee sometime.
- No. - Yeah?
If it's alcohol, maybe.
What Were you going to say?
Your parents named you Well.
JU Ina... It means Your Highness.
During the time lna worked at our company
as a freelance programmer,
all the guys liked her.
Whether he is single Or he is a father.
Ah... a college present.
I had a chance once.
Did you Watch the evening neWs yesterday?
Yeah, I saW it.
Those bastards got aWay With Ioads of money
If you're gonna do it, you might as Well take it to the max.
What? Are you kidding?
HoW come stock prices keep dropping?
- Is anybody here? - It may be Chief JU.
It's very hot.
You really shouldn't overdo it.
But there was no room for me.
Don't bullshit me.
I'm telling you, man. She doesn't have a bra on.
- Mr. ROH. - Yes.
Could you check this out?
What? What do you Want me to Iook at?
Thanks to you, I feel better noW.
Up until this morning I felt a Iittle...
- A Iittle...? - sad.
- HoW come? - Nothing.
Tell me What Was it?
Something that means a Iot to me means nothing to others.
You are killing me What's Wrong?
Barcelona Iost. The one that I Iike...
You mean FC Barcelona?
HoW could you say it's nothing? That's something.
I stayed up all night, too.
Oh, and I'm sorry to say this I felt so happy this morning.
- You're a Real fan! - Yep.
You made me even happier.
You're starting to piss me off.
It Was almost a goal. You saW it, right?
KIuivert kicked perfectly.
HoW did that not go in?
I can accept Raul's goal.
But What really broke my heart Was they missed Figo.
HoW could that happen? Oh dear...
I've never seen a Woman Who even Watches club soccer.
Do you Iike sports?
I just Iike Barca.
Ah... Barca.
a nickname for Spain's renowned football club, FC Barcelona.
You knoW Homage to Catalonia?
- Yeah. - George Orwell!
I Iike the book a Iot.
The novel on the Spainish civil war and soccer?
They are connected.
If you haven't read it yet, read it once.
- It's okay, you can take that. - I don't need to.
The book Ied me to Barca.
During the civil war,
Catalonia resisted Franco to the end.
At the center was Barcelona.
Nou Camp Was a Iiberated area
Where all Catalonian's rage exploded.
I am a fan of Real for Whom Zidane plays.
Barca is noble spirit of Barcelona.
That's more than soccer.
Soccer does not matter to me anymore.
Figo is a traitor.
Her lips were cute.
And the way her eyebrows rose up when she got angry.
He said many times he Would not transfer.
Figo who transferred to Real from Barca.
Okay, refute!
In a professional World, that's not a betrayal.
Barca should be different.
That's the spirit and belief before a match.
Do you remember the first time Figo Wore Real's uniform?
People threW sandWiches, beer bottles,
and even bicycle chains at him.
I don't care about Figo or Zidane.
What matters to me is... going further or stopping here.
Did you just say "harsh"?
Overtime? Or the end?
The Word "harsh" has nothing to do With Barca.
I am sorry but...
The end.
Yes? We're closing up,
so could you pay the bill noW?
No, no...
Real, Real, Real!
Something seems Wrong With that Watch.
Go ahead and finish What you've got.
Aw, I Was having a good time...
- Look... - Deok-hun.
- Deok-hun. - Yes?
At that moment, she kicked the ball,
and scored a goal.
What about coffee at my place?
WoW... HoW can...
hoW can you read all these?
HoW? I don't read them.
- I just Iike to have old books around. - Thank you.
I buy books.
And I clean them up With cloth.
And then... dry them under the sun.
Then insert them Iike this.
That's not all actually. Sometimes I take them out
and smell them.
If you take a Iook,
- Guess Who KIM Eun-sung is. - Who?
- Here. - It's the translator himself.
Yeah, this person threW aWay a book he got as a present from the translator.
Here, take a Iook at this book.
In the evening of June 7th 1 978, it rained.
Ji-suk Was depressed.
This is my hobby.
The End!
The End...
They smell Iike an old bookstore.
Does it smell stale?
Oh, no, no, it smells good.
Just Iike you
In a minute, his stomach-groWI singing Will start.
She was fantastic.
It was like she absored my whole body.
And two million seams touched my whole body.
I've never seen a player as great as her.
Creative play...
A selfless assist...
Deok-hun... I am so turned on.
She made me...
the best... striker!
It's strange.
I feel Iike, I've alWays been Waiting for this moment.
I Iike the sound of that.
I'm serious.
I knoW, You're the type of person I can trust.
I have one thing to ask you.
What is it?
Why don't you Wear a bra? It bothers me.
Bothers you?
You knoW hoW guys are.
They keep Iooking, They bet on Whether or not you're Wearing a bra.
I'm not saying that I did that.
So... did it make you upset?
I feel upset too.
Look, My breasts are small I don't need to Wear a bra.
What? They're big.
Really? Then should I Wear a bra?
No, you don't need to.
- Can We... meet again? - Um-hmm.
In exactly 15 hours, we saw each other again
and became lovers.
- Amour. - Intercourse.
- SIeeping together. - Doing the deed.
Night Work.
There are many Words for sex.
You're true colors are shoWing through.
Banging? AIright, You'II never get this one.
Okay, then it's my turn...
- You kneW that one? - Of course!
- You knoW it all. - Sure, I do.
- Shagging! - Shagging? Very impressive.
That's better than "rumpy-pumpy"
AII right., Okay.
This isn't easy...
Anything else?
AII right, screWing.
You bad boy! What are you screWing?
But I Iike it, because it's naughty.
Sharing the sheets.
Right, there is sharing the sheets... I forgot that one.
- Doggie-style - Nope!
That's a specific position.
One, two...
- You don't have it? I do... - Oh, hold on...
- I Won. - You don't have it either.
I started first, so you have to say one more to Win.
Go ahead, One, two...
See, I told you I'd Win NoW be still.
HoW could you Ieave out Iove?
You didn't think of it till noW either.
No, it struck me first.
But I Waited because I Want to hear it from you.
Well... penalty!
You have to stay still for 5 minutes.
Wait, Wait!
- Question. - What?
What's your biggest sex fantasy?
- Mine? - Yeah.
Why? If I tell you, are you going to do it for me?
Sure, You may not have it.
No, there are too many.
Cumming on her face? Threesome? Anal sex?
None of them are my taste.
You are on top of me,
and We are both Iooking up.
That might be the sexiest one.
Italian chandelier?
HoW come you knoW all that?
You don't have another one?
Another one? I do, I do.
HoW should I explain this...
It's a...
Well it's a kind of oral.
It is not just an oral.
You keep it in your mouth until I fall asleep.
And stay Iike that until I Wake up in the morning.
It's kind of Weird.
No, not at all.
- Really? - Yeah.
Do it, do it for me.
That's a fantasy, We can't just do it all noW.
What's yours?
Doing it With you?
That doesn't sound Iike a fantasy.
Okay, then...
We're doing it
in the pitter-patter
of the rain.
Sounds fantastic, right?
- Outside? - Of course.
Completely outside?
It doesn't Iook Iike you are into it.
Not into it? You still don't knoW me.
Let's call up the Weather bureau, Isn't it going to rain today?
The Weather isn't on my side today.
Okay that's all, Ready?
- Are you ready? - Yes, I am.
Love... Yeah, that's right.
I didn't know this pleasure
the moment two bodies meet,
is not sex, fucking,
banging, but love
before I met her.
- I Iove you. - Me too.
You are mine.
On the earth, there are still tribes that change Iovers With every season.
They Iive With someone for a While and if they feel bored, they break up
some people Iive With the same person for their entire Iife,
but only Iess than 1 0 %%% do.
If one of the two is bored,
and Wants to break up.
Then they quietly offer a Ieaf Iike this.
It means that you have become Iight to me Iike this Ieaf.
Then the partner gets the message, and Ieaves Without a Word.
This is a gift.
You might need this someday.
What are you talking about?
I Iove you, but I am not yours.
I don't Want to confine you or to be confined.
Are you saying this because I said you're mine?
I feel Iike I Will Iove you for a Iong time.
But I cannot say I Will Iove only you for my Whole Iife.
Yeah, same here Who knoWs What Will happen in the future.
But We Iove each other noW.
Do We really have to have this conversation right noW?
But We might come to Iove another.
Then do Whatever you Want.
You are thinking about breaking up already.
No, I've never thought about breaking up With you.
Wait a minute.
So you are saying you Want to cheat?
I mean I Want to go on Iiving, Ioving the people that I Iove.
People? Are you crazy? What's the matter With you?
You said you Iove me, having sex With me is your fantasy.
Yeah, I Iike you so much.
- Kiss me. - Kiss? Are you kidding me?
- What's Wrong? - Why are you being Iike this?
Are you mad? Are you?
You'II be the one Who gets hurt.
Why are you here noW? Aren't We meeting tonight?
I might not be available tonight.
Of course, that was a lie.
Why? Are you going to meet someone?
Yeah, I couldn't refuse.
That's fine.
Well, you might have Worked Iate yesterday.
No, I didn't Work that Iate.
I had drinks.
With Whom? A guy?
And girls.
I called you, but your phone Was turned off.
Did you? Many times?
No, Why did I call to the phone turned off?
Damn it.
No, no, Drink it, drink.
I sWear, I'II never call you first.
I'm thirsty.
The phone is currently turned off, Please leave your message...
Fine, just do Whatever you Want.
I don't care.
Hey, did you get tickets for the game with Portugal?
You said you Would get them!
I'm the one who's always waiting for her call.
I'm the only one who feels the pain of waiting.
Getting sick of it all... that was me first too.
So after all, she doesn't love me.
No, she does.
Calm down, ROH Deok-hun she loves you.
I don't need to ansWer to it.
Even if she loves me,
she doesn't love only me.
She loves me as well as others at best.
So she might... right now...
Would you Iike to have coffee at my place?
Hey, honey...
- Why do you keep ignoring my calls? - Did you try to call me?
Hey, JU Ina! You said you don't tell Iies.
What are you talking about?
Didn't you knoW I called you?
No, I didn't knoW that.
What are you doing?
What are you doing noW?
Hey, Iook at this.
Nine thirty Ina, Thirty-five Ina, Thirty-eight Ina, Ten forty-two Ina!
Where did all the numbers go?
I don't do Caller ID.
HoW come?
There's no excitement if you knoW Who's calling.
So that's the reason you turn off the phone?
Isn't it too much
to keep ansWering the phone,
and even calling back all the missed calls?
Oh WoW. You are so cool.
That's fine then, What about text messages?
I Was Iooking at them, actually.
Ina, I trust you.
Can you say you trust me noW?
Who the hell trusts a Woman
Who drinks everyday till daWn?
I have to knoW this time, What have you been doing till noW?
Never mind.
You Will say you had drinks
If I ask "With a guy,"
you'II say, "there Were girls too"
- I Was With a guy. - What?
I said I Was With a guy.
- Just the two of you? - Yes.
What did you do With. that son of a bitch?
- I had drinks. - I kneW it.
So did you only drink till this time?
I slept With him.
You slept?
With that jerk?
What the hell...
You scare me.
Let's break up.
Stupid, Dumb bastard!
Hey! Sorry I couldn't get the tickets for the Portugal match.
Hey, are you crying about that?
So, you Iike her.
And she Iikes you?
Tell me the facts, not your hopes.
Ko-re-a! Ko-re-a!
Ko-re-a! Ko-re-a!
But she Won't Iet you catch her, huh?
Forget about it, Watch the game.
No matter What,
We'II make it to the finals.
You're the real problem.
So hasn't she talked to you?
HoW many times have I told you?
She hasn't called me for a month.
Then move on, Go Korea!
I said she is not the one you can joke around about.
She doesn't Iove you, stupid I'm not joking. Move on.
Time to do the Wave, come on.
Get out of here, Ioser!
Fine, get her to marry you. That's the only option.
ThroW aWay your delusions about Women.
They're all the same.
They can't escape after getting married and having kids.
We have to score With this corner kick, This is it! Good.
Do you knoW What playgirls become Iater?
Good mothers and Wives.
You knoW What philosophers called this?
A dialectic truth.
- Goal, goal, goal! - Goal?
PARK Ji-sung?
HoW did he do? HoW?
Shit, I missed it.
Go Korea!
Go Korea!
I didn't expect you to call, This is surprise.
Men usually call their ex-girlfriends
When something bad happens to them
or have trouble With neW girlfriend...
or need sex.
But none of them seems to apply to you.
Am I right?
Let's start over.
- You don't Want to? - No.
You don't Want to meet me?
Then Iet's get married.
Choose one of the two.
If one of the two isn't happy,
the relationship can't Work.
You and I are so different.
Do you Iove me?
Did you even Iove me?
See, you don't trust me.
No, I trust you and I alWays Will.
And I Iove you.
Ina, I'II change.
- But you... - PIatini said.
Soccer is a sport of missing.
If all players play perfectly,
the score Will be zero forever.
I think a relationship is the same.
I missed before.
PIatini has nothing to do With us.
What about the strikeout system? I took one strike.
Then Iet's play by soccer rules.
One more yelloW card, and you're out.
- It hurts... - You'II have a scar.
Are you a child? You fell doWn and Iay on the street.
saW me?
The hoW could you say
you didn't expect me to call.
It's unfair.
What is unfair?
I should've Waited Ionger.
Then I could have said
"I didn't expect you to call"
I Went there because I missed you
but even if I had gone there 1 00 times, I Wouldn't have called you.
Are you sure?
But When I saW you falling doWn,
I felt so sad.
I'm embarrassed...
I am alWays the Ioser.
Why do you say that?
You haven't cried because of me.
- I Iove you. - And I really Iove you.
My baby.
Let's get married.
- What? - Let's do it.
- Married? Are you kidding me? - Marry me! Marry me!
Guess What my dream is.
- Marry me! - No.
Marry me.
- Dying in a strange Iand. - What?
Drink all night and die before the sunrise,
Iike gypsies on the street.
- I'II go out every night. - No problem.
- Go out till Iate. - I said no problem.
Some nights I Won't sleep at home.
See? If Iove cools off, you'II hate me.
Do you think I haven't thought about that?
It doesn't matter to me?
Of course it does.
But marriage is death to love affairs.
I will take you to the tomb of a love affair.
And I will bury all your passions.
- Let's do it anyway. - No Way.
Honestly it's not that I haven't thought about marriage, But...
I am almost there.
Ina, Are you hung-over? You okay?
Let me see, Without me What Would you do alone?
LEE Un-jae! LEE Un-jae!
HONG Myeong-bo!
HONG Myeong-bo! HONG Myeong-bo! HONG Myeong-bo! HONG Myeong-bo!
Marry me...
Myeong-bo, thank you!!
Three things that made me happy that summer when I was 32.
my wife.
Wait up, ok?
You got Wet in the rain?
Just here a second.
Look at me.
It's fantastic, honey.
It is Iike Walking in the rain naked.
watching soccer games late at night.
watching soccer games
with my wife late at night.
Ronaldo! Ronaldo!
Did you see it? Did you?
It Was Iuck.
WoW, he is so cool.
See? No matter hoW strong their Will is, Real Will beat Barcelona.
Yeah, that's funny, Barca Will Win.
I said Real Wil be the Winner.
At the debut game of Di Stefano, Real Won 5-0.
And 7 years ago, they beat Barca 5-0.
But Barca is ahead of Real in the standings.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
Don't regret that statement Iater, Let's make a bet.
With pleasure.
HoW much?
Betting money is disrespectful to Barca.
Fine fine, What about meeting the Winner's Wishes?
Good, You bet on the name of Zidane.
Isn't it on Barca?
Fine. Go ahead.
I am not just any old Real fan.
Up until noW, Real and Barcelona have competed 143 times.
63 Wins, 25 ties, 55 Ioses.
Of course, the 63 Wins are for Real.
Real is ahead by as many as 8 Wins, got it?
You're right, But that's only for Primera Liga.
There are matches other than Primera Liga.
There is Spanish Cup, the Champion's League,
and friendlies. Aren't they matches?
AII matches combined.
it's 221, not 143.
And Barca is ahead in the results With 92 Wins 46 ties 83 Ioses.
You've got it?
Okay okay Fine then, What's your Wish?
Hold your breath.
It's huge and vast.
I don't have one noW, Let's save it.
Saving With interest, alright?
You have to do it next time.
- SWear on Zidane Promise? - Okay,okay.
Promise, Seal.
Look! Look!
Oh, I am moved to tears, I kneW Enrique could do it.
Ifyou ask me what my wish is, I can tell you instantly.
My one wish...
is that you love only me.
She sometimes doesn't answer the phone,
comes home at dawn.
As you can see, I do my best to ignore it.
Of course, sometimes I explode.
My sWeetheart, you Were Waiting up for me?
Do you knoW What time it is?
What time? It's... 4:30.
I came home as soon as the Iate night taxi charge ended.
- I did a good job, huh? - Good job?
What have you been doing till noW?
Did you really just have drinks?
- You Want to knoW? - No way!
Yeah. Did you really just have drinks?
No, I had snacks too.
Let's get some sleep.
It might sound strange, But the harder it is for me to believe her,
the more I love her.
- Did I make you Wait Iong? - No, Smells Iike alcohol.
- Did you drink a Iot? - A Iittle.
Good job.
- But shopping at this Iate night? - I am gonna throW a party.
I have good neWs, honey.
Good neWs? What is it?
- HoW Iong? - One year.
One year? No Way.
HoW could it be good neWs? We have to Iive separately.
- Where? - Gyeongju.
Then you'II have to find a place to Iive.
The company offers a place to Iive, PIaces for executives.
It's a nice house With a great vieW.
You can visit me, it Will be great.
Forget about it, I'm not going.
- They Will pay very Well. - You said money isn't important.
It's not the money.
NoW I'm only doing simple stuff Iike operating programs.
But this Work is different, since it's a construction design program.
it is more creative and free.
I've Wanted to do that kind of stuff for so Iong.
- Honey... please. - No.
Then, What about us? When can We do it?
No problem. Look.
We usually miss two or three days a Week.
If I come home on Weekends, We can be together for three Whole days.
Quality is more important than quantity, Don't you think so?
Honey, quality is more important than quantity.
It wasn'tjust because I couldn't trust her.
Just imagining home without her.
saddened me.
How could I let her leave?
Have you finished the middle-class blue market analysis for Daejeon NeW City?
Sales promotion plan?
Hey, What's Wrong With you?
You're Ieaving right on the dot again today?
- I'm Ieaving. - See you.
SWeetheart, HoW have you been doing?
I missed you so much, but I held it together.
Good, good.
I'll make you something delicious.
After one incredibly long week,
I realized living as a weekend couple wasn't that bad.
Above all, Friday night was fantastic.
If something ever comes up on the weekends:
I have to go on a business trip.
It's my mom's birthday.
Sorry, I am out of toWn.
It's the anniversary of my father's death.
That was like a warm flowery springtime of my life.
I have something to tell you.
Go ahead.
I have someone else.
It was like a sandstorm enveloped me.
Someone else?
Ah, that's not a big deal.
You are okay With it, right?
You really think so?
I mean, I Was Worried that you'd be angry.
I Iove him, I Want to get married to him.
Are you saying you Want to get divorced?
No, if What I Wanted Was divorce, I Wouldn't Worry.
Then What?
I Want to get married to him... Too.
To him. Too?
You Want to marry another guy?
Why? Why? Are you asking because you don't knoW?
Korea is a monogamist country It's a basic principle!
The Iegality of it doesn't matter.
Well, then it's just Iiving together!
No, I Want marriage. I don't Want to Iive together.
You can just keep on Iike this, Just the same as noW.
Just Iike noW?
Loving each other, just Iike noW.
You used to hate marriage, You don't remember?
I remember.
But thanks to you, I've changed.
Thanks to me?
Thanks to me?
I got married because of you.
And I realized that being married to someone I Iove,
can mean happiness for me too.
So I...
You have such a strange talent.
HoW could you say something so ridiculous and sound Iike you're serious?
From a different point of vieW, it isn't that strange.
Look at it in a different Way.
Ok, Ok. I got it!
Who is this son of bitch? Give me his cell phone number.
He doesn't have a cell phone.
What is he, a beggar? No cell phone?
He just doesn't use a cell phone.
Holy shit!
What is he saying?
Doesn't he have a family?
I am the one Who Wants to get married.
Marriage suits him even Iess than it does me.
So I am trying to convince him.
Why are you trying to convince him.
Without saying a Word to me?
I Was scared, I thought you Would think I Was crazy.
You are insane...
Doesn't this guy knoW that you're married?
Sure, He came to our Wedding ceremony.
You're gonna make me crazy, What's Wrong With you?
What about your parents?
I cannot expect them to accept this.
Why do you Want something you can't even tell your mother about?
Because marriage and Iove are different.
Before marriage, differences stand out
but after marriage, two Iives overlap.
Don't be angry Without even thinking about it.
Am I asking to pick the stars or the moon out of the sky?
I'm just saying, I Want to have one more husband.
Just one more husband? PIucking the stars Would be easier.
This is more serious to me than the World splitting in two.
Don't Iook at me that Way.
Hey, then go Iive With him!
Without telling me, Iive together
and do Whatever you Want, overlapping or dividing Iives.
No, I can't do that because
then I have to tell you a Iie.
When did you meet him?
I've knoWn him since before We met.
I started to Iike him While Working together this time.
You should've married him then, And then you Wouldn't have met me.
That is Iuck, that I met you too.
Son of a bitch, drive right!
Why do you Iike him?
We are similar, Iike twins.
So, it's comfortable to be around him.
I can see my future through him.
You said you don't care about the future.
You said your dream is Iiving Iike a gypsy.
I am not talking about that kind of future.
I mean one Where I can be more myself.
You do Whatever you Want noW, you still Want more?
I just have that feeling, because We are so similar.
- We? - Don't be mad.
You and I are "We,"
and he and I and you are...
Stop this bullshit!
You and I and he?
Go to him and make "We"
Never mind, I don't need to get upset.
CIearly, my ansWer is no.
Choose either him or me.
She will choose me.
No, she will abandon me.
She might not be able to abandon me.
No, she can definitely do that.
She didn't.
come home on Saturday.
Instead of her,
Uncle Deok-hun!
I'd rather die than Iive With him.
You knoW, this son of a bitch...
What's going on?
You knoW I can never accept cheating, right?
I knoW that, But it Was just once.
What? Once is nothing? So are you bragging
that you just did it once?
What are you carrying on about?
PIease, calm doWn.
Deok-ju! Come here!
Mom, stop!
Aren't you embrassed?
You're married With two kids
So noW you Want to get a divorce?
Mom, you don't knoW anything, Why are you yelling at me?
- What don't I knoW! - It's my fault.
He's such an innocent guy.
HoW can you make such a fuss about him going to a hostess club twice?
No, no just once.
Is once nothing?
HoW could you sleep With a prostitute?
For my Whole Iife, my husband gave me so much pain, noW it's my daughter.
Did you talk to Deok-ju?
What did she say?
I asked if she really Wants a second divorce.
She said the second one hasn't been Iegalized,
and Iaughed...
I don't knoW What to do.
Treat her Well, these days there aren't many Women as good as your Wife.
She is perfect.
How did you live with father?
Then what? Just let him go to live with the bitch? I would never let that happen
Is he playing in this match?
Yes, Ronaldinho is great.
He acclimated to Barca very quickly.
He scored a few times, but he's not doing well this month.
I have the feeling that he'll score today.
I'm excitied.
It will start soon, Let's hurry.
Thank you.
Take it easy.
Jae-gyung, come in and have some coffee.
Yeah, okay.
JU lna!
Deok hun... Mr. ROH Deok hun?
Is that you? Son of a bitch!
Deok hun... Deok hun...
Deok hun... Son of a bitch!
She's mine, you bastard!
Deok-hun, don't! Don't do it, huh!
Deok hun.
Die, just die, It will be better.
Deok hun...
What? Son of a bitch!
Now you listen carefully.
I will never give you a divorce, Do you think I'll do it for you guys?
I wil never give you a divorce and I will never understand this.
This is love?
Are you kidding me?
Do you know what your score is?
That's just adultery.
I am sorry.
When I was a kid, I used to play with a ball every day,
whether it was hot or cold.
I needed neither a goal post nor playground.
What I needed was... just a ball.
The soccer ball of my Iife.
I saved my wish?
You promised to grant my wish.
I wish that you never leave me.
Say Barcelona.
Huh? Barcelona.
Say it once.
Barca is the noble spirit of Barcelona.
I... I wish we'd never met.
I despise you.
as you please.
You have to get the naming just right.
Your Highness!
Don't laugh.
I hate myself enough to shoot myself in the head.
I'm past my prime.
Why didn't you open the door?
Um, I like this smell, my home's smell.
Didn't you miss me? We haven't seen each other for two weeks.
You look thinner honey, Kiss me.
Is that all?
I am not herfriend,
not an ex-husband, I am her true husband.
But... my wife got married.
Hey, why are you guys drinking so much today?
How could she... she has kids.
I'm almost too embarrassed to say this.
Look, the stress is making my hair fall out.
Are you listening?
She doesn't want a divorce, right?
Just forgive her if that's what she wants.
- What's the problem? - Hey, don't say it.
Let's say here's a new bicycle.
You felt bored with it, So I left it as it is.
But it is still mine.
So one day, I want to ride it, but there is no seat.
Then find it and put it back on.
Are you kidding? The seat is soul of a bicycle.
Another guy took a ride and stole its soul.
Then, what about your wife's bicycle?
At every opportunity the seat gets under another woman's ass.
How can you find fault with your wife's one time mistake?
You worthless, filthy bastard.
I've started to hate Korean guys because of bastards like you.
My bicycle seat attaches to anything, moron.
Despite that, your wife still wants to live with you.
And she's saying she'll put the seat back on.
Do it quietly!
Why's he freaking out on me?
Hey, have you ever heard about a multi-seat system?
You have to know you are happy.
Shut up and drink, loser.
What's wrong with you?
Just drink! Drink and get divorced, alright? Divorce!
It's a Real and Barca match...
Did you drink?
Deok hun.
Deok-hun, what's the matter?
Deok hun. Deok hun.
Deok hun. Deok hun.
Deok hun.
Deok hun.
Who is it?
you Yeah?
What are you going to do now?
Nothing changes for a while.
On weekends, you. Weekdays, Gyeongju
That's what you say, but it won't be easy.
Are you worried about me?
You! Huh?
Can love be split up?
It's not that one is cut in half, It doubles.
You! What's the......
Honey, why are you calling me "you"?
If you were in my shoes would you use the word ""honey"?
Now you don't want to wash the dishes?
It used to be your favorite thing.
They must still be alive in you, somewhere swimming around
Forget about it.
I want you and that guy
to do it only on Wednesdays.
Then, mine and that guy's... you know... won't need to
wage a turf war inside your body.
Don't worry, I'll tell them to get along.
Mine won't listen.
I don't know about his, but mine are very brave.
Huh, really?
You can do it on wednesday as much as you want. Ten times
I doubt he's capable of that though.
He can do it twenty times.
Whatever, he's got muscle.
Muscle? Yeah, right.
ifyou want to win a soccer match, you have to score a goal.
No goal, no win.
Am I better? Or is he?
You both are.
Does he last longer? Or do l?
It depends.
Can you compare Ronaldo to Zindane?
Hey, who compares a striker to a midfielder?
Fine, let's compare Beckham and Figo.
Can you compare the two?
One's a winger and one's a kicker
What standard do you judge by?
How many defenders one can push aside?
Then Figo wins.
But when it comes.
to defensive force or determined kicks,
Beckham wins.
Their abitliy depends on what strategies a coach uses.
When she talks Iike that, I want to zip up her Iittle Iips.
Fine then...
You're the coach and can only send in one of us.
Who's it gonna be?
Our team is two-top system.
Actually it's our coach that has the two-top system.
Why am I blue?
Look at these.
Aren't they great? I made them for her.
Look at these, lsn't she great?
She made them for your anniversary, that's nice.
How'd you get to be so good at cooking?
You're flawless.
Mom, you only like her, pay attention to me too.
What she said most at mother's house was,
I will do it. She's a sly fox.
You might be tired.
- No, you must be tired. Go over there and cook.
Mother let us do that, Didn't you know?
What he likes the most is washing dishes.
Go and help her!
Father, say something.
Look at him, lsn't he good at that?
I don't know about my daughter, but I am sure I raised my son well.
I did as you taught.
You always said don't live like me.
Mother, you said you would teach me how to make squid kimchi.
Oh, that's right.
Deok-hun used to always carry on about squid kimchi. Now she likes it.
But sometimes,
I really want to understand her.
You must be so tired I'm fine. Go ahead.
Why don't you come inside and take a little nap?
Are you kidding? I won't, I'd rather die on the way. Go ahead.
How are you?
Let's go.
- Do you have the documents? - Yeah, I brought them.
Oh dear!
He is similar to me Iike my twin.
I just Iike old books.
Sometimes I take them out and sniff them.
A future where I can be more myseif...
We're doing it in the pitter-patter of the rain.
Hey, you ' re not going to say anything? I said I got a divorce.
You should've been patient.
Would you be patient in my position?
Isn't it too much to get a divorce for cheating once?
Hey, a guy can't accept a woman that cheats on him
and women can't accept a guy who leaves her.
That's some complicated bullshit.
His wife should have left him first,
don't you think so?
Don't you know the lyrics to that song?
Man is the ship, the woman is the port.
Stupid... Port?
These days, women are aircraft carriers, they get around just fine.
You and I are just small airplanes coming and going. Got it?
You have to be grateful.
You've changed a lot.
Come on in.
Are you Mr. Revenge?
I got married too, My online wife!
You, Mustard, are the first wife that I have off line.
You are my first husband ever.
- Do you know Barca? You mean the Vaseline?
No, no. FC Barcelona!
It's the name of a handcream, right? No?
I was overjoyed!
- Are you helping me? Give them to me.
My wife and that guy moved to IIsan.
Not that it's any of my business.
am I bad in bed? Yes.
I'm kidding, you are so- bad.
I can see my future through you.
The future
in which I can be more myseif than now.
Huh, you shocked me.
What are you doing here?
Isn't it Thursday, today?
- Is today a special day? Let's blow out the candles.
What's the occasion? - One, two, three.
It is 3 mm long, our baby's growing!
Oh, so cute.
- How far along are you? Six weeks.
Six weeks...
- Our baby, right? Of course.
Why are there four candles?
To commemorate us being four now.
- You said it is our baby. - Sure, it's our baby.
I have to call mom.
Oh, should I call your mother first?
Is it too late?
Nobody knows yet.
You're the first one I told.
Why did you tell me first?
You could've told that guy first.
Should I have?
Me? I'm the Father? Sure.
Are you sure? It's my baby, right?
- Or is that guy's? - Never mind. It's my baby.
Okay I know it's your baby, I am asking if it's mine or that guy's.
How should I know?
Why don't you know? I heard that women can tell.
Who said that? Who?
Whose baby is it?
Forget about it.
Hey, you!
Whose? Huh? Whose baby?
Whose? Answer the question.
Who is the father? Who?
What are you going to do tonight?
Jin-ho, do you have a cell phone?
I left mine at home, let me make some calls.
Hello. Ms. JU lna? I'm just calling to ask one thing.
Who is the father? Who? Who?
Honey, I brought some chicken for you.
Who is So-young?
Who is So-young?
A woman. - Yeah, you're right, That was a woman.
Why did you answer my phone?
It was ringing so desperately.
I thought it might be an emergency.
So, who is So-young?
She asked if it was, Deok-hun's cell phone.
I said I found the phone on the bus,
and never met the owner. I did a good job, huh?
- Who is So-young? - That's none of your business.
- She's a girl you love, huh? No comment.
- Did you do it with her? - Should I answer that question?
You did.
Tell me, I won't be mad. Who is So-young?
My baby...
Come on baby.
Onlyyou can Iift us out of this swamp.
My pretty baby.
Be careful...
Should I share this important moment. with that guy? Shit, shit!
She has a pretty nose.
She looks like my daughter Eunseo when she was a baby.
Eun seo?
Eun seo. - My baby!
Deok hun.
Come on in.
How are you doing?
This is her... I am her cousin.
- Oh, I see. Nice to meet you. I am ROH Deok hun.
Cousin on her mother's side.
Oh, I can see the resemblance.
You look a lot alike.
Yeah, lna took after her mother's side of the family.
- Jae-gyung, congratulations. - Ah, yeah.
Look at her, Honey.
She looks just like her father when he was a baby.
Does she? Blood doesn't lie.
One thing must come before all else.
I must prove I'm her real father.
I am sorry, baby.
- Honey. Oh dear...
Be careful, That's a breathing hole.
I know, I am very careful.
What about Ji-won? For the baby's name?
Ji-won? ROH Ji-won?
Why? You don't like it? I put a lot of thought into that.
But shouldn't a daughter's name be prettier?
I made it for you.
For me? Yeah.
Zione Zidane, Number One.
Zidane, Number one.
Good. It has a nice meaning.
That means I am the biological father, otherwise why would she choose Zidane?
No, it can be NO Zione, which means Zidane is not NO.1.
It could be a clever trick.
Whose fan is that bastard?
You're a father now, Stop using dirty words.
Okay okay, So that means the baby is mine, right?
Then why did you choose Zidane, not the one that the bastard likes?
Why are you so obsessed with blood?
What if Jae-gyung is the father?
Do you want me, do you want me to believe it?
You told me first that you had a baby.
You stayed my home before you gave rise to the baby, and still you are here.
I told you first because you've been with me longer.
About the name, Jae-gyung's not really a big fan of any player.
And the reason why I am here is at Jae-gyung's place, we have a cat.
We? Fine then, I can find out who the father is.
I am not stupid.
What are you going to do?
Were you looking for Zione's hair?
How much longer do I have to doubt that she is really my child?
- Okay, stop it. You've crossed the line!
This is a critical issue to me, why can't you understand that?
You are saying that you can't love her if she is not yours.
Never mind. Ina...
Okay, okay, I don't need to do it
It's impossible my angel was born to that bastard.
That is the same thing.
You can't go.
Move aside, ROH Deok hun.
She is my daughter, you cannot go with her.
- Zione is my daughter. - She is my daughter.
She's not?
JU lna!
I thought I would die.
At the moment I slid, I didn't know what to do.
At that time, my husband flew like the wind
and landed very skillfully.
He propped me on mys back
with one hand and slid.
It was like a scene from a movie.
It sounds like a real movie. - Yeah, he is so cool.
I saw him in a new way, he was cooler than Bruce Lee.
You're pretty and so good at telling stories.
Without him, we would have died.
How could they always be together?
I envy them.
Hi, everyone?
You look pretty, as always.
Where's Zione?
She is doing well.
Today, Jae-gyung gave her her first weaning food.
At first, she didn't seem to like it.
But later, she ate it all.
She's so cute.
There is no one who would take care of her?
Why are you saying that again?
No one can take better care of her than Jae-gyung.
Then bring her here.
I hate that bastard staying at my home.
How many times do I have to tell you?
A cat is at Jae-gyung's place and she is too young to be here.
What if she thinks that jerk is her father?
What's wrong with that? He is her father.
How can he be the father?
Get out of my way! I'll go home.
Tell him to leave, I'll take care of Zione.
Don't speak.
Looks like they fought...
I am your Dad.
It's okay.
Will you be all right?
Come on, am I a beginner at this? I am a pro now.
Sorry, I have to work till morning.
I won't be able to talk with you.
Fine, fine, Don't worry about it.
ifyou have a problem, contact Jae-gyung...
I'll be fine! - Okay, then.
Something's wrong with Zione.
Call me when you get this message.
Be careful...
Hey, wait up... Wait up!
- Are you sure she is okay? - Yeah, she is fine.
Okay, I'll go now.
- I am sorry. - Bye.
Thank you.
What did he say? What did he say? Huh?
Nothing's wrong.
Children often do that It's just part of the growth process.
I looked like a total fool today because of you.
They said they've never had a patient like this at ER.
How could you bring her in, saying it's epilepsy?
Hey, you mentioned epilepsy first.
Yeah, I did.
Let me see, darling.
Zione, did you drool on yourself? I'll clean it up.
Let's go, pumpkin.
Bro? Why am I your bro?
What about Mila? Not Zione.
I said what about Mila, Michel Platini, Mila.
Zidane is great, but Platini is better.
I thought you didn't have a favorite player.
Who said I don't have a favorite? I like Platini.
But lna chose Zidane.
I was very disappointed.
Mila means Mummy in Korean Didn't you know?
It's better than Zione.
Go and ask anybody which is better,
ROH Mila or ROH Zione.
- Seong-min. - Yes, Director ROH.
- How's it going? - How have you been?
What's wrong?
Nothing, Let's grab lunch some time.
Hi. What's the matter?
Cheer up, sir!
Cheer up!
So what, it's been a while, that's why you make an outcast of me?
How's your wife is doing?
My wife? She's doing all right.
You must be having a hard time.
Me? Yeah, it was.
I had a cast on my leg, taking care of a baby and doing housework.
What a life...
Don't talk like a grandpa.
Come to my baby's first birthday party.
Zione's first birthday?
Yeah, the 30th of next month, don't forget.
Are you going to go?
What? If father doesn't go, who else will?
What's the matter with you?
Be strong!
Why are you acting like this?
Why are you acting like this?
Director ROH,
No Deok-hun, I will say honestly.
I'm really disappointed in you.
Disappointed about what?
Is divorce such a big deal?
Why are you trying to hide it even from me?
Why is it so hard for you to say it?
Well, your wife...
What are you talking about?
So are you and your wife...? No?
That's strange, I saw it
What are you doing?
Look at this! Zione will be pretty tomorrow, won't she?
That's pretty.
Do you want me to turn off the light?
I want to pick money.
If she sings, she will be a singer.
Zione, grab the soccer ball. The soccer ball...
Oh, she grabbed it.
Sorry, I'm too late.
You might be worn out.
I should have had the party with my family on a different day.
- I'll call you when I'm done. - Okay.
To the director of a two-top system, it doesn't matter who scores.
But the record should be exact.
To the player who scored, it is important.
Dad! Zione...
Dad... - Yeah that's right, I'm your dad.
You are my wife.
And Zione is my daughter.
This is my wife.
You're Zione's uncle.
Zione is my kid.
Oh, my god...
Honey! Honey, snap out of it!
JU lna!
JU lna!
That article...
My cousin wrote it.
He just wrote it.
She didn't do anything wrong.
I just wanted to tell you.
Four and a haif months passed after my wife disappeared.
Hey, Iet's go to see the German World Cup.
How about couple trip with wives?
Don't worry dude, My wife and I are together again.
I have nowhere to go.
That was luck.
Hello? - This is HAN Jae-gyung.
That guy is as Ionely as me.
I had no place to go.
I said don't call me brother.
Deok hun.
Deok-hun, what is the problem with Korean football?
Thank you.
Calling you ""brother" is much better.
Give me a soju, please.
- Lack of determination in making goals. - That's right.
But whenever I hear that, I think...
the problem with Korean football is
they don't enjoy playing the game.
Like the ecstasy of all becoming one
and rushing for the goal.
Must the enemy always be the enemy?
Everyone just rushes for the goal.
That's why I love lna.
Because she is able to enjoy life.
I love her more.
I love her more, too.
How about you just go away?
I knew it.
I am not Jiwon's biological father.
I'm very sorry that, I couldn't tell you sooner.
We used birth control.
And it was lna that wanted that.
I didn't know about babies.
And I didn't used to know anything about marriage before I got married.
Hey you...
Why did you marry her?
Why couldn't you break up with her?
It was two more months before the Iight of salvation came to me.
It was just Iike her.
Her assignment was simple.
I'm still hesitating.
- Now, it's my turn. - Are you kidding me?
Ha! Stop making me laugh.
Have you ever stripped down and gotten soaked in the rain?
Is it your hobby?
What is it?
For the house, a two-story, Of course, the first floor will be ours.
What about food? We'II eat separately, of course.
Even though I tried not to, I was already drawing it up in my mind.
Bro, let's go.
Stop calling me Bro.
Wait up, Bro!
Everyone falls in Iove,
and people want to Iive with the one they Iove.
Everybody does children, grown-ups,
married people, unmarried people...
And me...
And this bastard next to me...
Even if the person I hate disappears,
Iife doesn't suddenly become beautiful.
I miss my wife.