Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom : Christmas Gifts for Mom: Picture Calendar

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.01.2008

Hello, my name is Ashley Charlton on behalf of Expert Village. Today I'll be talking about
different gift ideas for a mother. Another thing that you can find online would be a
personalized photo calender. These are $25 and what it is you just send pictures of what
you want or you upload them on the computer when you are ordering them on a website. You
can just Google to find which website and you just pick what pictures you want for each
month of the year, you can pick your baby pictures, when you were older or you can choose
your mother's pictures when she was younger, older. It doesn't matter. Just choose a very
special gift maybe even of your parents together. This is Ashley Charlton with Expert Village
and personalized photo calender is another great gift for your mom.