The New Adventure of Kimba the White Lion - Full Episode 2 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Jungle Emperor Leo
Run, run more, beyond the wind
The horizon is calling you
Since the day you were born in this endless land
To live is, yes, an adventure
Go out, Leo, past the savanna
Every time you fight, you will grow stronger
So Leo, fire up your heart now
The real you that you are searching for
Go until the day you meet it
Chapter Two
Seems I haven't used up all my luck yet!
Yes, it's alive!
Can't let the precious treasure die, can I?
But it's a wonder that we're both alive.
You must have been having one hell of a time being tossed around too.
We had a storm and it was terrible.
Poor you, your mother sank with the ship.
Not that you'd understand anything I tell you, right?
What are we going to do now?
Hey wait, watch out!
Oh, you better not be trying to run away!
What on earth are you doing?
Do you want to be thrown into the sea again?!
Hey, we're saved! Hey!
Please wait.
What is that?
Ah, well... It's my cat, you see...
I'm a quarantine officer.
I can tell the difference between a cat and a lion in an instant.
This is a lion cub?
Oh, this is...
This is the person who was drifting in the ocean.
You are... Kutter!
You know him?
Of course!
This is international smuggling broker, Mr. Kutter.
What? Smuggling broker?
Ah see, I haven't done anything...
Well, my ship was wrecked and...
In any case, let's hear your story, Mr. Kutter.
Oh, Dr. Ban, thank you for coming.
Well, I was fishing and I heard there was a radio
message from your ship so I came home quickly.
So then, where's the victim of the shipwreck?
This way.
Why this cat?
It is not a cat. It is a lion.
A lion?!
It's cute!
Oh Uncle, I wish we could take it home and keep it!
K-Kenichi! Don't be ridiculous!
Actually, it seems to be very weak. Would you examine it?
Absolutely not! I'm not a vet!
But Uncle!
Don't say anything unnecessary!
Doctor, this lion was rescued while drifting in the ocean.
In other words, it's a shipwreck victim too.
Uncle, please!
You want me to examine a lion cub?
But, if you just leave it now and it dies, that's horrible!
Oh bother, this is totally unprecedented!
Until we know what to do with it, we would like you to keep it.
No way!
Place it somewhere appropriate, isn't that what you should do?
Yes, but this is an unprecedented situation.
It's not an import item, nor a smuggled item,
nor is there a stolen goods report out of it.
We cannot handle it at this department alone...
So we can keep it at our house?
Uncle, why not since it's only until they know what to do with it?
I beg you.
Oh brother. I can't believe this...
Good for you, Shiro (white)!
Hey, it's been six monhths.
What do you mean you still don't know what to do?
It's getting too big anyway, I feel like I'm going
to be eaten before you guys decide!
You can't do that, Shiro.
Uncle, look at Shiro!
N-No way!
Wow, a white lion!
You mean a white cat!
We're not in the usual town today,
so you can't wander around!
This smell, it's different from humans!
I get it, you want to go to the zoo!
Wow, how big!
Hey, this didn't escape from a cage did it?
There's no way something like that would happen!
What's over that way?
Oh, when they finish that subway,
it will be a nonstop route from the harbor!
Huh? This smell is...
It's kind of like Mother's smell!
You're a lion cub!
That's right! My name's Leo!
Where did you come from?
I came from the sea!
There aren't lions in the sea!
Don't get near those thugs.
They're the black panther brothers.
Black panthers?
The one in the middle is the oldest, Duo.
Then to the right of him is Zobia,
and to the left is the youngest, Balibo.
They're all violent animals.
You old big-talk lion!
Stop your unnecessary jabber!
Kid, you say you came from the sea?
I'm not a kid, I'm Leo!
Heh, looks like a strong-headed little kid!
I was born on a ship.
But, Mother told me to go back to the jungle,
so I swam in the ocean and got here.
You swam in the ocean?
It's gotta be a made up story.
It's true!
Then... you don't know the jungle.
If you let us out, we'll take you there!
What, if I let you out?
Stop teasing the kid.
Okay, then I'll try.
I'm Panja's son, and Father could do anything!
Panja's son?!
You know my father?
I've never met him, but I've heard the rumor that
a brave white lion named Panja lives in the jungle.
That's got to be my father!
Everyone's gathered that way looking at something big
so if you want to escape, do it now!
Don't say anything stupid, you brat.
It's okay. Just wait!
A door we can't open could never be
opened by such a small kid, you know?
Now, come on!
You did it, kid!
Stop, you won't be able to escape.
Shut up, old man!
Mister, I'll open your cage right now too!
No, I'm already too old.
I could never run all the way to the savanna.
But sir!
I won't go. It's better to keep dreams as dreams.
I am going.
If I was younger too...
Hey, kid. Go home!
You promised to take me to the jungle.
Quit jabbering!
Dammit, they promised!
Oh no, the panthers have gotten out of their cage!
Everyone, please evacuate the area!
Three panthers have escaped from their cages!
This way's dangerous!
But Shiro is...
How did they escape?
The black panthers have gone for the back route.
Close the back gates immediately!
Now, not even an ant could crawl outta here!
That way's not possible. We can't get out.
Let's force our way out!
Okay, let's try it!
Get out of the way, kid!
Go hide in those bushes or something!
Listen, we may be able to get out!
What is it?
Well, it may be nothing big, but...
So what is it?
Um, I just remembered, the subway
station is just being built...
Mister Zookeeper! Why did you not tell us
something so important till now?
Hey, have another troop go to the subway immediately!
Yes, sir!
What is this?
I don't know, but...
What do you think, bro?
Follow me!
That kid is planning on bossing us around.
Never mind and hurry!
Look at this, bro. It's a huge cave.
They'll never find us here!
But if we stay here, the humans will come!
There's no one here.
No, the kid's probably right.
The smell of humans is everywhere.
All right, let's go deeper.
How ever much we go, it's still dark!
Bro, where are you planning on going?
Why don't you go to the sea?
Go to the ocean, and sneak inside a ship.
My mother said she was taken from the jungle in a ship.
By ship, you mean that mountainous
thing that brought us here?
I see! But how do we get there?
I know the smell of the ocean.
Even now, there's a slight smell of it!
That kid may be right.
I'm not a kid, I'm Leo!
I understand, Leo it is. Guide us there.
I lose sight of Shiro at the zoo.
He may be with the black panthers.
Oh, that is terrible!
I'll be there in a second, so wait!
Okay, let's hurry!
What is that sound?
Something's coming!
What is that?
Let's get 'em!
Zobia! Balio!
Come on, pull yourself together!
I can't, they got my shoulder.
They got my hip. There's no way I could stand.
Dammit. We came this far...
The train went through, hurry!
Humans are coming. We have to hurry!
Balio, Zobia!
Bro, please go.
Realize our dream.
I can see something!
Bro, hurry!
I understand. I promise I'll get to the jungle.
Leo, let's go!
2 black panthers were captured near East 10th Station.
Where's the last one?
They're still searching for it.
Attention, everyone. A black panther is still loose...
What happened to the black panthers?
There's still one loose in the area.
Only the one black panther?
There seems to be a white dog with it.
Hey, wait!
Where are you going?
Thanks, Duo.
It's okay. Go home.
I promised that I would go with you!
It's a man's promise!
Duo, it seems to be this way!
I can smell the ocean!
Look, it's light! The openin's close!
It's over there!
They're here, let's hurry!
Leo, I have to apologize!
When you said you were coming to the sea with us,
I thought you would get scared and run away.
I wouldn't run away!
Yeah, you're a fine man!
There, it's almost the exit!
Leo, hide!
Duo, come on!
The sea's right there!
Leo, promise to go to the jungle, for us brothers too.
Yes, I promise.
Don't shoot!
You're okay, Shiro!
I'm glad we met
In this vast world
A single day I live with you
Should make tomorrow shine bright too
Because the orange-colored sun sinks now
Our silhouette, become the glow of the sunset
How bright
Become the glow of the sunset