Pacquiao Decision Lose Money in Toilet

Uploaded by RedBeanKimchi on 16.06.2012

Wha' Happon? (What Happened?)
This week, Manny Pacquiao beat Timothy Bradley in Las Vegas for a championship belt.
But, all the judges say Pacquiao losing!
That's bullsh*t!
So, all Filipino people are very, very angry.
All people are angry!
Young Bum, what makes you angry?
What makes me angry is when you take a tour bus with a whole bunch of middle-aged Korean
and, my grandma...
and, all the sudden, they get flat tire,
and, they cannot gamble.
And, we lose money.
So, we wanna know this week, what makes you angry?
What makes you angry?
Tell us. Tell us in a YouTube video response or comment.
Tell us.
Wha' Happon?