The Guild Season 6 Production Diaries - Day 15

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Oct 1, 2012


Hi everybody, Felicia Day here.
And we have been filming "Guild" season six here for
almost two weeks across the street from the North Central
Animal Shelter.
Now, I was super depressed about it because,
coincidentally, this is where I adopted my dog, Cubby.
And every day we come to work and we hear a lot of barking.
And as an animal lover, I am sad.
Now, this is not only depressing, because I thought,
maybe making a video here would encourage you guys if
you wanted to get a pet, a dog or a cat, to check out your
local shelter.
If you're in the LA area, try the North Central shelter.
And just open your heart, because it might be a little
bit depressing to go to a city shelter, but knowing that you
can enter there and literally save a life, it's a really
wonderful thing.