Berkserk ep 20

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Feel no shame about shape.
Weather changes the phrase.
Even mother will show you another way.
So, put your glasses on.
Nothing will be wrong.
There's no blame, there's no fame.
It's up to you.
The first words should be found.
Whatever holds you back.
... can...
I can get it off.
Tell me what...
Tell me what...
Tell me what you want.
I don't know why...
I don't know why...
I don't know why you are afraid.
Tell me what...
Tell me what...
Tell me what you'd say.
I don't know why...
I don't know why...
Too late...
It's too late.
They look brave enough.
So many plucky fellows have gathered to fight in my tournament!
My Lord, the final match will begin at any moment.
He is a mercenary called Valencia, well known as the Prince of Massacre.
It's been said that he slaughtered...
...over one hundred and thirty of Midland's soldiers during the hundred-year war.
I am quite sure that Valencia will win...
Who is he?
Hey, what are you doing?
Can't you tell?
I'm a challenger.
That's ridiculous!
I am taking him on...
Take it easy, big guy.
This tournament is for everyone.
You look very skilled.
So, won't you play with me now?
My Lord...
I permit it, you can fight by way of entertainment.
You are understanding.
Even if this is for entertainment, a duel is a duel.
I'll give no quarter!
Of course!
Get ready!
No need, come anytime.
Won't you prepare yourself?
l-l-I yield...
Oh, my!
That man did it!
Well done, well done.
Why don't you think about serving me?
Of course, I'll treat you to rich rewards.
Thanks, but I'm not interested in that sort of thing...
My Lord...
Too bad...
To let a skilled man like him stay idle...
Welcome back!
Easy, easy.
I was worried about you...
...because you had disappeared when I woke up, Guts.
But grandpa Godo was right after all.
He told me that you would come back here, for sure!
Sorry, but can you deal with this again?
Oh, boy...
After spending a week sitting around doing nothing... suddenly try your skill in a tournament.
I see... fought against a very skilled man this time...
A sword doesn't lie.
I can clearly see everything about both you and your opponent from this sword.
Oh, this poor sword of yours...
It's wielded by a man who is blind to his own destiny.
Let me fix the sword, please?
When you grow up, Erica.
My destiny...
My dream...
Does this sword embody my dream?
Here we go!
It was impossible to deal with so many at once, after all!
Yeah, it was.
This is reality.
This has been by my side.
Yes, this is a part of my body.
Pain that I could hardly bear...
Whenever I face the moment of my death... sword is with me as I move past it.
Here's one!
An unforgettable dream and unforgettable people...
I've felt everything through the tip of my sword.
This sword proves that I am alive.
Come on, stay still!
You are quite reckless.
Godo, why did you become a sword smith?
This trade has been passed down through my family.
Do you like it?
I don't know.
Don't you know?
Erica likes it because it's fun.
I want to be a sword smith, too!
Hey, be careful.
I've gripped steel before I even learned to walk.
I strike...
...the iron lying before me...
...without thinking about whether I like it or not.
I've been desperate to forge better swords and to become a more skilled smith...
...and I reached this age all too soon.
If you ask why I keep hitting the iron, I have no answer, but...
There's one thing that I like about it.
I like seeing sparks...
I'm absorbed by them.
I can feel as if my life is sparking before my eyes for a moment.
Am I also attracted... sparks?
Light cascading off swords...
They all cry sparks...
All the times I have lived through cry them...
My own existence does too, and the times and existences of others...
That's what life is.
Guts, ready?
You did it!
Finally, you did it!
After all, there's nothing left but this for me.
I wield my sword only for myself, not for someone else.
To give off sparks in a moment of life...
Are you leaving?
Yeah, thanks for your help.
Huh, even though you lived off us for nearly a year, your words are so simple.
Take care of yourself.
Of course I will, even if you didn't tell me to.
Bye now.
Don't waste your life.
Master Godo!
What's the idea, coming over here so early in the morning?
Don't act like that, I came here to make an order, as usual.
An order?
I want you to make as many swords as you can, immediately.
Of course I'll pay you, generously.
What is it?
A war started?
Hunting bandits!
Hunting bandits?
A troop of bandits are on the run...
...hiding in the mountains just over the border.
I need weapons so I can make some easy money before it's too late.
Bandits on the run?
You hadn't heard?
You neither, Master?
You live like a hermit down here.
Who are they, these bandits on the run?
They used to be a mercenary band that staged some kind of revolt... Windam about a year ago.
A mercenary band?
Yes, I'm told that they are led by a woman with incredible skills.
A woman?
I heard that they also made a really big impact in the hundred-year war.
I don't remember the name, though...
...probably the Band of something, Band of...
The Band of the Hawk!
Wait, what did you just say?
I'm asking you what you said!
I said the Band of the Hawk led by a woman named Caska.
We finally found them...
...the Band of the Hawk.
Damn, they gave us a lot of trouble.
Don't complain about it, they will meet their end tonight.
I'll make sure they sleep forever.
Don't work too hard, or you'll fall right over.
I understand your feelings.
But you are virtually the Hawks' only leader now.
Everyone is tired because we've been living on the run.
What if you collapsed at this crucial moment?
I know.
A moment ago, I got a report from our comrades...
...who infiltrated Windam.
According to their report, Griffith is imprisoned in an underground dungeon...
...that is located on the lowest level of Windam palace.
Some of them have heard a voice rising up from the prison... could be him screaming or moaning.
...the voice has not been heard within this month.
Everyone is exhausted.
How can we plan his escape when we are already at our limits?
Believe in them.
You've got to believe in your comrades.
We have no choice but to pool our talents, every one of us.
Anyhow, you should at least get some rest.
You can't organize our mission to rescue Griffith if you are so tired...
You are right...
You need to eat and rest.
Thank you.
How's Caska?
Taking a little rest.
She should.
Lately, she hasn't slept at all.
Actually, she is taking things very well.
If she didn't take up the position of leader, we would have...
I know, we could never have survived until now...
We have survived, and so what?
It's totally impossible to make a fresh start, even we survive...
...and make it to another country.
In the first place, the Hawks are just a rabble without Griffith.
We can accomplish nothing.
What are you talking about?
Of course we need him, that's why we are all trying to rescue him!
Can you prove that Griffith is still alive?
I wonder if it's all over...
Everything has been...
Then why are you here, Corkus?
Why didn't you leave with the deserters?
I wish he was here for us...
What is it?
Enemy raid!
The enemy is in the north woods!
Third Company, Fourth Company, counterattack!
Everyone else, carry the injured to the carriages and ride to the southern quarter!
I have you!
Stay alert, Captain.
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