Julianne Moore on Children's Health Fund 25th Anniversary

Uploaded by ChildrensHealthFund on 04.10.2012

Hi, I am Julianne Moore. If my kids is sick
I call the pediatrician and take them to the doctor.
I want to know what's wrong and get the medicine they need.
That's what every mom wants to do when they have a sick child.
But for families living in poverty,
getting to the doctor isn't so easy.
Getting the care they need is not just a challenge for low-income kids in the city.
In rural areas, there are tremendous shortages of doctors -
particularly doctors willing to accept government health insurance
so the doctor's office is often far away.
If there is not enough money to fill the gas tank,
then the trip is impossible.
And if a mom works an hourly shift -- then giving up time on the job for a long trip to the doctor eats into the paycheck
that puts groceries on the table.
Children's Health Fund brings a doctor's office on wheels to kids like these.
a doctor you know and trust.
Seeing your child get the care they need.
That's what every mom wants.
And I believe access to a doctor
is what every child deserves.
That's why I support Children's Health Fund
and I hope you will join me.