20110826 - FengMi - LeTV Awards Interview (乐视盛典)

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Reporter: Next up is the recipient for the "ren qi" (most popular/famous) award.
YM: Yes, I received this award together with Shaofeng.
I don't know where he's run off to!
Anyways coming here this time I met up with a lot of great friends, I'm really happy.
Reporter: Next up is the time for reporter questions!
(Reporters ask about YM's work schedule)
YM: My work schedule is full to the point where I pretty much don't have a day off in the whole year...
And every day I have...almost 20 hours of work.
But it's not like I'm continuously working with no break; and I do have a lot of freedom/choice; most of them were decided in discussion with my management company.
And actually I really like my work, and very much enjoy the process of working.
(Reporter question; unclear)
YM: Because he is currently giving out the "best TV series" award for "Gong".
(Reporter question; unclear)
YM: No, because at the time, I also only just arrived at the event.
(Reporter question; unclear)
YM: Mmm, right now I'm working on Pang Ho-cheung's movie "Chun Jiao and Zhi Ming".
Actually, I am not the "third wheel", because at the start of the movie Chun Jiao and Zhi Ming had actually broken up. So in the movie, I am with Shawn Yue.
Actually at the start of the year, me and Teacher Pang had discussed this, it was quite interesting--we actually interacted over weibo.
At that time Gong had not yet aired, it was just that he thought I was quite suitable for this role--he wanted to write in a Beijing girlfriend for Zhi Ming [Shawn's character in the movie].
So together we discussed this new character, and I was involved in the development of the script as well.
FSF: Thank you LeTV for giving me this award, and also thanks to all the friends/people who support me, and support Yang Mi.
Mmm...[to YM] Why don't you say something?
YM: I already finished saying my part, thank you!
FSF: Thank you.
(Reporters ask about the Hua Pi 2 movie.)
FSF: [to YM] Is it all finished?
YM: Very soon it'll be all finished.
(More questions about HP2)
FSF: I lost weight for it--the director wanted me to be skinnier, yes...
I remember during "Gong" filming I was quite chubby. Actually at the start of Gong I was also quite skinny. But then, the director said, you're too skinny, even adding on 3 wooden boards (??) you are still too skinny. So by the end of Gong, she saw that I had a double chin!
[teasingly] Actually you also had a double chin, at that time...
YM: You're so silly/pointless!
FSF: Our food/meals were quite good, at that time.
YM: Mmm-hmmm.
[Reporter asks for more details about HP]
YM: Can't talk about it...
FSF: Can't say it, can't reveal the storyline.
YM: But our styling/costuming in HP2 are quite nice. You guys can anticipate it a bit!
[Reporter asks for more details]
YM: Mmm...quite good, very new/refreshing, everyone's styling is that way, you guys will for sure be quite astounded/impressed.
FSF: An *extremely* natural/comfortable state.
[Reporter asks whether the two of them always being "grouped together" will affect their relationship with each other.]
FSF: Look (at us), do you think it looks like we're annoyed? No no, we won't, we're all good.
(Reporter asks if they will consider costarring in a project together again)
YM: We won't specially go out of our way to try to find roles together; now because after Gong aired
it's not just TV series or movies, there are also lots of endorsements...when they approach me they will try to get Shaofeng, when they find Shaofeng they will ask about me, that kind of thing.
Now since everyone seems to like FengMi collaborations and wish us to work together for longer, well anyways I am not tired/annoyed by it yet, I hope Shaofeng is also not annoyed...
FSF: I *always* end up getting her work-related calls, just today I got a message saying--
YM: [cuts in] He's like my agent! I'm like his agent!
FSF: "we want to find Yang Mi to endorse our product, could you please give me her agent's phone number or her number?"
There are lots of this kind of stuff. I sometimes also make some suggestions (??)
YM: You're so annoying/aggravating!
YM: No no, because onscreen we have so much familiarity/chemistry--in one year we worked on 4 projects together;
so onscreen our familiarity/chemistry no one else can beat...so, for now, if everyone likes watching our collaborations together, then we'll keep letting everyone see us together onscreen!
(Reporter asks if FSF complains about YM's shortcomings in private?)
YM: Yes I keep being insulted by him!
FSF: Actually it's the opposite! It's not the way you guys see it in public.
YM: Stop trying to explain, stop trying to explain...everyone can see that you bully me!
FSF: It's really not like that...
(Reporter asks about YM and her role in Wang De Sheng Yan)
YM: Yes I have already resigned from that role, thank you.
(Reporter asks for more details)
YM: I think WDSY is a very excellent movie, it's just because of timing/scheduling issues (that I resigned). Now the projects I'm currently working on, I actually accepted a long time ago;
now, I can't say that just because now I am getting more offers and have more things to choose from, I cancel my previous commitments that I already agreed to--that's not the way I do things.
So I must complete my previous commitments, and also there will be a few new projects that are added in, so my scheduling has become rather crowded;
it's because I really don't have the time so I had no choice but to give up the chance to be in WDSY. I think Lu Chuan [director of WDSY] is a really excellent director.
I am actually very regretful that I do not have the chance to participate in his movie. I'd also like to wish them a successful filming!
(Reporter asks about FSF's Hong Men Yan movie.)
FSF: Go where to visit which set?
YM: Previously wasn't there news, releasing their movie stills?
Now because I am also very good friends with Liu Yifei, so seeing their [FSF + LYF] photos from the movie makes me anticipate it a lot as well.
FSF: Thank you, thank you "Mi Jie" for your support.
YM: Just like--
FSF: (teasingly) You must come and support it [when the movie comes out], you have to!
YM: --just like awhile ago when I was promoting my movie "Gu Dao Jing Hun", Shaofeng came to support me,
so I said, at that time [when HMY comes out] if it's ok, when their cast are promoting it I am also willing to go help promote!
FSF: Thank you.
(Reporter asks FSF if, when he was filming HMY, he thought about having YM act in it too)
YM: (teasingly turns to FSF) Yeah exactly!!
FSF: When *I* was filming Hong Men Yan?? When I was--the characters were not decided by me! It was the producers/director who decided!
(Reporters ask if he thought about recommending YM to the director)
FSF: Oh, when I went they had already settled on the cast, yes, they'd already decided.
But, then, I heard that YM had also accepted that role in that movie [Wang De Sheng Yan], so I thought, this whole thing is quite funny!
(Reporters want to keep asking questions but someone says they have a limited time; the reporters push for a few more questions. Someone asks about Cecilia Cheung, who FSF sat beside at one point during the awards ceremony when YM switched seats with her.)
YM: They filmed together before.
FSF: I filmed with her before--at that time we collaborated on the TV drama "Zhou Xuan".
FSF: It's been many years...we calculated, it's already been 6-7 years that we haven't seen each other.
(Reporters ask for FSF's opinion on Cecilia.)
FSF: Hmmm...she's still as pretty (as before). Didn't change at all. Really quite happy, always meet up with people again.
Actually you know what, she, Yang Mi--
YM: Heh, talking about this again...
FSF: --she is...I think she is like--well you know her fans are called "Mi Feng (bees)"? I think she is just like a little bee!
At first she was sitting so nicely right beside me, so obediently, then all of a sudden she "whirrr" flies away!
I didn't even have time to realize what was going on, then I look, and Cecilia is there, sitting beside me.
It's just, you know, old friends seeing each other are really happy.
Then after awhile she once again "buzzzzz" flits over again and sits beside me once more.
YM: I just went to chat with Yao Di, at the time, heehee...
(Reporters ask about her relationship with Yao Di--actress that YM met when both were filming "Hong Lou Meng".)
YM: Quite good, before when we were filming together in Hengdian we actually met up for dinner etc, and before the event she texted me to ask me if I was coming, I said "yes".
And at the event I happened to see her (sitting not far away) so I went to go catch up with her, and then when I looked back I saw that there was already another beautiful girl sitting beside Shaofeng!