Tokyo Drift- Bicycle Version

Uploaded by BramGroenveld on 26.06.2011

Hey! Nice ride. - Thanks! Is that one yours?
No it's from my boyfriend
Ah, you've got a boyfriend.. - Yeah
Are you talkin' to my girl?
No, she was just admiring my ride
- Your ride? I've got a flower of three inch,
three gears, two pedals, two wheels,
and it goes from 0-10 in 2 seconds
So.. You can read the brochure!
Stop! Let your bikes do the fighting
Over here, we caught you street racing. You drove 50 km/h too fast
And over here...
You used violence
- I like that one! Can I get a copy of it?
No jokes. You can get in jail for that, little boy
You silly boy, you jerk! - Ah, mom, moom!
We, are not moving anywhere, you are the one who's moving
Like your new school? - Ah, I've gotta get used to it
Hey, kiddo, ya new here right? - Yeah
Wanna buy an iPod case? - Uhm, guy I don't even have an iPod
Not?! Not even! Well, look what I've got for you:
An iPod, Touch. 2nd generation
-2nd generation, man are you old or something?
Oh oh, you sure wanna new one? 4th generation, here you go
- Nah... Ain't got the money, right?
Yeah. - I saw you crashing on the news
Oh, did you like it? - Yeah it was fun to watch
Do you also have a car? - Yes of course, I'll show you, come on with me
Is it this one, I like that one? - Of course not!
Or, this one, the Clio - Nope
Ah man I hope for you it's not that one! - No man!
Wanna see my baby boy?
This is it, Hulk Car - That piece of crap?!
Wanna see some real bikes?
Come with me, backseat - ok
By the way, my name's Twinkie - Hi Twinkie I'm Sean
I'll introduce you to my friend, Han
Sean, this is Han. Han this is Sean
So, which one is yours? - They're all mine
What, you mean all these cars?
Yeah man they're all mine
I've got some more in my garage - No, you're kidding me!
Yeah man, those are really the best - Can I see them?
Of course!
I promise you, they're cool!
So, here it is, the bike collection of Han!
Oh no! - See that girl over there?
Yeah - She's Nee-Lah
I know
Ah man, Han serious! Is this the Multi Purpose Sports?!
Hey guys welcome to my garage!
Wheew! - He loves it
Wow man, it's great! Hi Nee-Lah!
How are you?
Hey, get away from my girl!
Why? This is a free country
You know who I am boy?
Yeah you're like the Justin Timberlake of Japan
You're lucky I've gotta go. Come on Nee-Lah, let's get out of here
Good luck with your girlfriend, Timberlake!
Stop it!
Get away!
I don't think so!
Nee-Lah, Sean, Twinkie, let's get outta here!
Come on guys, hurry up!
This ain't good
No man..
Man I can't believe this, Han is dead!
Our good friend, man
Oh I swear, D.K will pay for this
- yeah but how, man..
We'll race, and the loser leaves Tokyo
D.K won't accept it if he loses. He'll cheat
Mwoah.. I'll think of something
Hey D.K here!
Tonight, 7'o clock. The trail Loser leaves Tokyo. Be there
Let's race
Loser leaves Tokyo man! - Goodbye
Ah, man I already expected this. You're a bad loser
Just get out of my life!
Have you got any last words?
No, do you've got any last words
Bu..But...But why?