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the parents who are concerned about and he's also the president's have packwood's he
and on the faculty adviser kristin for social Justice as well
thank you everybody
first %uh
I want to folksy NCAA widely and has issued its students are the folks who put out all
those tombstones out on the announced recently on the scene and you got it wasn't very impressive
because of this that every single to instill discipline is of course that was caught on
this campus
very impressive insulate a big and for those folks
this morning I got a hold of my executive board
and we voted on others religion freedom
and see if an executive board supports the efforts of goes on in essence the ANC is he
who have helped to create our campus that bentsen solidarity
with the statewide protest against budget cuts to education
and so and see a phase to give their support wholeheartedly to this effort
the stafford today across California
we started out in planning UC berkeley
and %uh there's a reason for that they I was listening to NPR on my way in this morning
and they were pointing out that they didn't want this to be about colleges they didn't
want this to be a K through twelve because a lot of times in this day when it comes to
budget funds there's this in-fighting between them guy who's going to get the money and
they're sick and tired of the point of this is
that information needs to be funded from
from kindergarten all the way through college education and we're not going to fight for
the budget between these different systems it's all one big system religious he didn't
see people and so as I pointed out to make us this morning
there's a reason why a message like this would come from a place like UC berkeley
as opposed to another one of the universities that we would classify with them in terms
they're hierarchy in our actual on of education in the state of California which is the top
top right
but there was stanford and even across the nation and across the world
UC-BERKELEY always ranks in the top most nobel prize winners and things like this so why
would the UC berkeley
the interest interested in how this long history
of progressive flawed and and and instigating protesters opposed to his stamford or yale
pearl harbor
it's because it is a state university it's funded by the state were working class people
go and they get a great education and then you learn to be progressive and forward-looking
if you go to a school that's filled with people who are coming from families that millions
of dollars
they're not going to be that motivated to progress because there's nothing for them
to progress towards the Robert E holding up pretty well
it's it's it's state-funded
public education that we're talking about so I want to share again as I did with my
class this morning and he's philosophy for a living
so I want to take a bit of a philosophical approach to this
I want people to know
that this is not about and some people are going to turn this in this direction
this is not about
any individual person in this crowd
who wants the state or what somebody else who's working for a living
to finance your education
this is about a fundamentally recognize right this internationally recognized it has a very
long history
in the political philosophy of this country goes all the way back to our founding fathers
all right
best articulated in the united nations be universal
with the united nations
universal human rights
article number twenty six where it says exactly
everyone has the right to education
education shall be free at least in the elementary and fundamental stages elementary education
shelby compulsory
technical and professional education shopping the generally available and higher education
shelby equally accessible to all on the basis of marriage
now this is was this is in the united nations and every nation in the united nations including
this one
have agreed to this at least philosophically
that this is something that we need to aspire to to have a just society
we are about locally and more at home
rather than on
the united declaration of human rights and by the way here's a picture of the folks that
put this together with eleanor roosevelt
right of center
and it's folks there is
representatives here from China and Russia and India and everywhere else
it's very close call and I think representation of the international community
who put together the the the declaration of human rights
closer to home here
our very own Thomas jefferson one of our favorite of the founding fathers house on his tombstone
and I quote
author of the declaration of American independence of the statute of Virginia for religious freedom
and father of the university of Virginia and then he has orders he said and not a lot more
and the reason why you put university of Virginia and there was because
for him it was his most highest standing in chief
and he broke when he was I'm trying to put together the contracts to form that the government
in Virginia
your group all what about the need to us
education and including public education for the governments of society and I'm going to
read some things here from on from jefferson
here is some
I'm originally from the preparation of voter any of four conditions
number one that democracy cannot longer exist without enlightenment
number two that it cannot function without why is it on its decisions
number three that talent and for to needed in a free society should be educated regardless
of well birth or another accident conditions
and number four that the children of the poor must be best educated at common expense
talking about
government education
here's another line from Thomas jefferson on not this week this one paragraph
in the constitution of spain as proposed by the late cortez
any person the one after that they should have required the rights of sedition citizenship
until he could read and write
it is impossible sufficiently to estimate the wisdom of this provision
of all those which have been thought out for securing balloting in the administration of
the government constant
constant rollins to the principles of the constitution and progressive amendments with
the progress of the advances of the human mind
what changes in human affairs
it is the most of sexual
and why didn't the people generally
and Iranian oppression of party and we will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day
the diffusion of knowledge among the people has to be the instrument by which it is to
be effective
in another famous one point two percent
is in most of you probably know this one
if the nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization it expects would
never was
and never will be
so those are the arguments that all right to home in our American tradition
for public education
and then what I would like to do is wrap it up with a little extra of on
all recent editorial that I've put in the suns star because this brings it home to us
here in which they call it
the changes the public education that are currently being proposed and I think our intent
a very eloquent job of explaining to what all those were in terms of hot spots and and
and and raising your tuition what have you
the changes to public education that are currently being proposed by many politicians and administrators
include increasing class sizes cutting student programs and using cost-cutting delivery systems
most of these measures are as old as the Reagan era proposition thirteen kept tax cuts
which caused California slight from one of the top two one of the bottom ten states in
the nation
interesting funding for public education is very important to remember that
that in the nineteen seventies
we can eat
more per student per capita
we're in the top and in the entire nation
and now more forty six in the nation
after from the seventies to today in
in expenditures per student in K through twelve education
there can be no doubt that these measures will further erode public education
and they're quite threaten our economic and political well-being and I mean I worked with
Thomas jefferson
can get more patriotic than that
a friend of mine tunnels and whites
which is a preparatory school in the bay area where tuition is over twenty thousand dollars
and one hundred percent of the graduating class of two thousand nine enrolled in college
or university
one hundred percent
one of the keys to success that headway sever ties as is its nine to one student the faculty
contrast that ways with recess he to twelve public school system
we're twenty five percent of our students drop out and only twenty five percent of those
who graduate calls went to college
as a result ninety percent of the students who want to call it a mistake remedial courses
and there's no shame in that because that's how I started
my college education as well feel very proud of my college education
as I regularly point out to students
one main difference between hungary students and down and that's you
has less to do with I think you then it has to do with the difference in the resources
that were provided to prepare them for success
the fact that were said college students are playing catch up with their peers
explains why we should resist adopting the cost-cutting measures listed of off
the fact that our students were shortchanged in a preparatory years means that the require
more rather than less instructional attention
before we raised tuition and cut costs
we should arrest that we should address the fact
in spite of all accounts is
California is not pork
we just can't get them in the proper funding of public education and again this goes all
the way back to the nineteen seventies
it is assumed that the plight of california's education system is tied to the national recession
however until the economy has slowed in tax revenues are down and you can just look around
us that you can see that
as of two thousand eight
california's one point eight trillion dollar GDP was the largest in the country
if California was a stand-alone nation we would be among the wealthiest and in the world
the problem is not that californians poor
is that the balkan for will close to the wealthiest families
those who can afford to send their children to schools like Ed royce