2012 Charlotte 49ers Fall Sports Preview - Men's Soccer

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It is time to turn our attention to men's soccer and we have a new man sitting in
the chair to my left
after a long exhaustive search to find a new head coach we find out we
already had
uh... the guy who should lead this program Kevin Langan back for your fourth year at
Charlotte but first time as the manager of this club
uh... welcome to the to the head coach's chair sure it's been a fun short off
season for you guys as late as you played last year
dive into last year just a second and we introduce two of our seniors here
Isaac Caughran
and Donnie Smith two of the guys, actually midfielder and a forward so we got some guys
upfront twenty one career goals between the two of them if my math is correct
let's go back to last year
couple years in a row
bounced out in PKs you get all the way to the Connecticut game. I was watching
it online here in my office and
It's PKs, play the the
the full regulation the two overtimes PK time
no worries right?
we prepare for that moment for months and months and months we sat down as a
staff back in January
and said okay enought is enough no more
losing playoff games in penalty kicks what do we have to do now to get them ready for
when it comes up so
and we had a routine in place the players already knew what it was we practiced
hundreds and hundreds of times
and the times we put them in all kinds of scenarios we've had
people shouting at them
at the end of the game you know some punishments if you lose all kinds
of stuff so it went to penalties it was okay relax let's focus on our routine and
let's get ready to take a good penalty. You can't guarantee you're going to win
Be consistent and then boom advance there to
the College Cup
first match
penalty kicks, again
you guys were ready
tell me about that experience. Absolutely like he said we did it
thousands of times leading up to it
wasn't just a couple weeks before it was months before we did in the summer we did it in the spring before that
and really it was just like another walk in the park as the saying goes
there wasn't really much thought to it
just do your routine, put it in the back of the net
everybody interested it was it just felt like it
didn't feel like pressure in the match which is exactly the point. You train so
hard that in the moment you just let it flow
so all the thought, the step-by-step that goes on behind the scenes and in the moment
you just let it happen
Donnie, national championship match you're in it a lot of media a lot of circus a lot of
fans. Were you surprised at the number of Charlotte folks that made their way down to Alabama?
I was really surprised just because exam week was coming up
but we managed to get six or seven buses down there and
if you looked at the stadium
it was full of green and white
you didn't see much Carolina blue
and uh... it was just honestly the most humbling experience I've ever been a part of
The post game was really cool,
the fans
and we leave that feeling into what is considered the off season
I'm going to tell you I've been in college athletics for fifteen years I have never in my life
seen a team work
that hard
out of season as these guys did
I was thoroughly impressed. Does that come from within the
the club the guys do they burn that fire and does that motivate them?
Absolutely I mean I said earlier off camera that we want to recruit that type of player
the uh... you know who is inner motivated intrinsically motivated to do well
we go for the goals we set as a team and as individuals and they say what it is our
job to hold them accountable so
if these guys want to get drafted then we've got to get back to where we were and
work real hard in a moment
it's uh... it comes from within the group as well they push each other as well so who are
ringleaders of all that hard work is it the senior class or is it to a
man everybody wants to be better
Um... I'd say the senior class definiely takes the reigns with it
and then you obviously have the individuals
you know who really wanna push themselves some guys want to be All-American some guys
want to play MLS some want to go overseas so you've just got to find your unique
motivation and kind of push them that way
pretty impressive stuff now let's talk about this season
uh... to get back to that level there are a whole lot of hurdles along the way each goal
has to be met
uh... as we look at the schedule for this season some pretty good teams on there
a lot of tournament teams on your schedule this year you'll be tested early
the first of all there's that
national championship game we don't even talk about that
it's a dream that is so far in the distance that doesn't even come into our being at all so
looking over the schedule we've got two real good challenging
exhibition games
and then if you look at our out of conference schedule we have six teams who were in the tournament
last year so and that's what we do here we always go off the best want to
play the best and uh...
try and keep our RPI high we're excited
there are a lot of challenging
good tough college games ahead so we're excited. And then when we get to the conference
obviously there's where the familiarity comes in last year in the A-10 you guys are going to lead that
that tournament
is back here at Transamerica Field
so Senior Day won't be your last home match
most likely to keep playing into that next week your thoughts Issac
on the tournament being here again. It just kind of worked to be a dream come
true. Your senior year you want to be here at home in front of your fans and you
to be able to
kiss and raise that trophy over your head in front of your family and friends and
teammates and all that so
and speaking I know I asked you Donnie about the fans and in Alabama how about that crowd
that showed up at this place? It's unbelievable you know this place was rocking and I know Ike's
been talking to a lot of the fans working on different surprises we have in-store uh... it's going to
be really
cool this upcoming season
a lot of different suprises.
Well the atmosphere in the tournament was outstanding and I'm hoping
that that will translate into this regular season because you've got quite
a few matches here at home
that will need those guys for some energy
come September, October come out support us definitely
good luck here is last run through the A-10 and best of health to you guys
and hopefully we'll see you playing well back into December again that should be fun
head coach Kevin Langan and two of
our seniors Isaac Caughran
and Donnie Smith thanks guys for visiting with us
we've got a lot of matches coming up, to keep up with the guys you can follow us on the
website triple w dot charlotte forty-niners dot com
We'll see you out at Transamerica Field this season. Go Niners!