A Night at the Roxbury (6/7) Movie CLIP - Perfectly Normal Feelings (1998) HD

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Um, steve.
Do you want to stand up and make a toast?
No. I'm all right.
I think you should stand up and make a toast.
All the men are making toasts.
Ok, I just want to say, uh, what's up?
Grandma, grandpa, and...
To the other two old people, what's up?
Yeah, you.
Mr. Butabi: Very nice.
I think what steve is trying to say
Is that we are just thrilled with the way
This family is coming together.
And now I would like to share with you
Some of our business plans
For after the merger.
I'm gonna get some more wine.
Dad, dad.
Is there any way we can cancel this whole thing?
That is so funny,
But, dad, it's like emily turned out
To be this whole different other person.
Let me explain something to you.
The caterer has been paid.
Your grandparents have flown halfway around the world.
Besides, all men are nervous the night before their wedding.
Oh, you mean all guys are nervous and anxious
And kind of hope she eats a can of botulism?
Or maybe she could hang out with a deer
And a hunter accidentally shoots her?
Or you know when she's sleeping
And she makes that nose-whistle sound,
And you shake her to make her be quiet?
But what you'd really like to do
Is take her stupid little red toothbrush
And ram it up her nostril into her skull!
These are perfectly normal feelings.