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RB UMALI: Josh's personality back then, you could tell he
came from a tough background.
He had a lot of tough family issues that he dealt with.
And he had a funny way of just telling stories about
his past and stuff.
And I didn't know whether to believe him or not.
JOSH KALLIS: When I went to live back with my dad in
Dallas, we didn't get along at all.
I was doing my thing in the city of Dallas, hanging out
with these dudes who were not necessarily
gangsters, but kind of.
But they were skaters.
And I fell right into that mix.
Around that time, I got locked up in this mental institution
for six or seven months.
I got caught stealing.
And they took me to jail for stealing.
And I was in there for two days.
And this bounty hunter dude in a full suit--
he was almost albino--
took me out of the jail.
He pulls out a 9 millimeter and he says, hey, state of
Texas says I can do anything in my power to
keep you from running.
So don't run.
It's like, all right.
So on the way down there he had me filling out all these
crazy psych forms, like, do you study license plates, and
just crazy questions.
So I got put in this institution where there was
all these murderers who got out on whatever.
They were like fucked up in the brain.
So instead of going to prison, they went here.
No shoestrings, no belts, big magnet locks on the doors.
They take my blood every couple days.
And I would go in to these counseling sessions and they'd
be like, so what are you doing here?
Johnny, Timmy, they all killed somebody.
He raped four girls.
Blah, blah, blah.
And they'd come to me and I'd be like, I don't fucking know.
You guys are all fucking psycho.
One day I ran out of toilet paper.
And you walk up to the lady.
She had to go back into the closet.
So when she went back into the closet, her little desk phone,
I picked it up, hit nine, and dialed my mom.
My mom answered screaming at me.
I told her I was in Salt Lake City at some place.
And I ended up waking up in a closet.
They hit me from behind with some drugs.
So whatever.
You move forward.
And bounty hunter came, scooped me up, says, all
right, you're on a plane back to Dallas.
And he says that what it was was my dad did it.
He thought I was this fucked up kid.
And he hired this dude to get me.
And then his insurance company paid for it.
And shit, I'd've been in there six years.
But I got out in six months.
And when I got out, the H Street thing just wasn't even
an option for me.
The girl I would call to get the boxes and all that stuff,
when I called her she was like, yeah, Tony said no.
Josh is out.
So skating was almost done for me.
I didn't give a shit, dude.
I didn't have a board.
I didn't have none of that.
And I didn't care.
I got back with my homies.
I told my dad, fuck him, like, fuck you, I
know the whole story.
I don't want to have nothing to do with you anymore.
And I went to Dallas.
And I just hung out with my friends.
And we lived in North Dallas, just hood.
I mean, it was cockroaches and gangsters.
It was crazy.
And it wasn't until I heard these rumors that Jamie Thomas
was coming in to Dallas--
shit, I hadn't even skated in six or seven months.
JAMIE THOMAS: I was traveling across the United States with
some buddies.
And at that time I rode for Invisible.
And we went through Dallas, Texas, and I don't know how I
even linked up with him.
But I think I heard he lived in Dallas.
JOSH KALLIS: Jamie was like, you got a board?
I said, nah.
And he hooked me up.
He gave me an Invisible board and took me to the skate shop
and got some trucks.
And I got a set up.

JAMIE THOMAS: We went skating that day,
and it was just like--
I was filming him, and he was just seriously so good.
At that time it was obvious he was way better
than a lot of people.
And he was definitely good enough to be
sponsored by whoever.
But he was just hanging out with these gang banger dudes
in Dallas, super thug dudes that-- they were super cool
and stuff, but it was just a whole other life.
There was nothing about skating.
Even though all the dudes in his clique used to skate and
were skaters, they were more about being thug hustlers than
they were skaters.

It was obvious that he didn't have a real stable
situation going on.
I think he was living with his dad at the time, but I don't
even know if he was staying with his dad.
He was probably maybe just 18 then.
It was insane.
Right then I was like, wow, this is one of the best kids
I've ever seen skate.
He's so good.
JOSH KALLIS: All I know is we skated that weekend, and I
filmed, I don't know, like two minutes of probably the best
skateboarding I've ever done in my life to this day.

JAMIE THOMAS: I remember he filmed a line that was like a
minute long.
It was the most flat ground tricks I'd ever seen anybody
do in a row before.
And he did them all in a line.

At that point I was just like, hey, man.
I wasn't running Invisible or nothing, but I was just like,
hey, if you want to ride for this company, I'm sure I can
figure out a way to make it happen.
He probably didn't even know in his mind if he was going to
continue skating or not after I left.

But if he got free stuff showing up in the mail, he was
either going to be able to skate it, sell it, whatever.
It was going to be something.
So I left, got home, and then lined up a package and started
sending him stuff.
JOSH KALLIS: Jamie called me up, and he--
oh yeah, I forgot about this part.
This was my very first tour.
He called me up.
He said, hey, man, we're doing an Invisible tour.
Why don't you jump in the van?
So OK.
So I on the van, but Jamie wasn't there.
Jamie had quit Invisible just as I was going on this
Invisible tour.
So I went on the tour anyway.
JAMIE THOMAS: He went on the tour with those dudes, and
they just went trucking across the US.
And then basically I called him when I got on Toy Machine.
He was back in Dallas.
Basically Ed was like, hey man, you down to help me
rebuild the team?
And I was like, sure.
You got any guys you want?
And he was like, no, not really.
But if you want to figure something out or get some guys
on the team, I'd be psyched.
So I started with Kallis.
Basically he was one of the dudes.

JOSH KALLIS: I went back to doing my Dallas hood shit,
skating a little bit.
A couple months later he got a hold of me, and
he's like, hey man.
Dudes are really fucking hyped on your footage.
I don't know where he put it, but he was like, dude, if you
can get out here, I'll let you live at my house.
You just have to get out here.
I didn't know how I was going to do it.
I made a little bit of money just hustling kids and betting
on Mortal Kombat.
And we had this dude who would work a full-time job, and me
and my homie would just take his check and pay ourselves.
My dad told me $350 for gas and he'd fly me out.
But he owned one of them little Cessna planes.
So I went to California on a Cessna airplane with nothing
but what I was wearing and touched down.
Jamie picked me up.
Then it moves on to the Riviera PB.
Jamie Thomas, Alien House.
Where do I hang out?
I hang out at the Alien House, because they drink 40s and
play dominoes.
And it was tight.