Gönülçelen )) Episode 45 - Part 4/6 [English Subtitles]

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oh don’t say that Hasret
we will try to find another place to stay
Look cobra is not comfortable because of us
it’s ok
You get bored when you are with one person so close all the time
Let him miss me a bit
you are something Gülnaz
of course I am
Oh and why are we wispering anyway??
I don’t know
that’s how we started talking
did you hear Cobra?
what happened?
when I asked him did you miss bachelorhood
he said I meant the opposite I didn't really miss bachelorhood
what did he mean?? I guess he is a bit scared of me
I think he is scared
well he should be scared
Oh I'm cracking up.. I can't stop laughing..
I can’t sleep anymore
neither can I
Hasret, shall I make you pasta with tomato sauce?
at this time of night?
so what? It will only take me 5 minutes to make
don't laugh...
Cobra! Wake up!
did you prepare the sausage?
what sausage Cobra? I can't find my ID
Cobra wake up.. I told you I lost my ID
what is this torment early in the morning?
go and come back after you prepare the sausage for me
Cobra get up
I told you I lost my ID.. try to understand
what do I have to understand Jafer?
maybe it fell while we were digging the pit last night
if someone finds it we will be in trouble
you'll be in trouble.. it's your ID
yeah! aren't we parteners?
ok then
if I get in trouble, I will tell on you
shame on you
is this what a gentleman would do?
and would a gentleman leave me in such position?
my friend I have kids
I have a pregnant wife and a young brother in law
Cobra, I won't go there by myself
either you come me or you pay the consequences
I thought you were sweet, good hearted man
you turned out to be worse than me
come on Cobra
let's resolve this issue before everyone wakes up
stand up!
come on.. come on..
look at what we're doing in broad daylight
what can i do Cobra? I've to find my ID
if the card has reached this depth than well done Jafer
what should I do Cobra?
I dig.. I dig and can't find it
come and help me a little
listen my friend
let's make it clear Jafer
in this team I do the planning and you do the digging
Ok? let everyone be clear on his task
As God has willed you have a strong fist
yes Cobra I've a strong first
but my brain is weak
Oh my God! why did I tell you about the map
I wish I did everything on my own
how can you manage everything alone?
look how nice is to work as a team
soon all the Byzantine's gold will be with us
but you never say thanks instead you complain
Cobra all I want is to find my ID.. nothing else
what is this?
Cobra maybe..
it looks that we found it.. hit the mattock Jafer
God take revenge on you Jafer
what did I do?
you broke the main water supply
run.. run..
there are quizzes at the end of each unit
make sure to do it
anything you don't understand mark it, we'll look at it together
I've one more question
one moment
of course
what was your question?
I found the opposite, but
they came really early
they won't leave her in peace
I mean
they smelled gossips
if you had told me that you're coming back
I would've taken one more bath
the tea is ready... shut your mouth a bit
girl won't you go back to that house again
No aunty I'm staying in the neighborhood
Oh my God
a person should never say "who am I"
but "who am I gonna be"
Balçeçik, I didn't say a thing since morning
so shut up a little
since when saying the truth was considered wrong?
she went but in the end she came back to you
Balçeçik is right sister
at the end I came back here
but this my home after all
of course
of course I'm not the old Hasret but
I love the neighborhood
sleeping on the floor
the broken cheese that we're eating now
I even miss fighting with you
but I didn't miss you
come on let's have the tea before it gets cold
sister Gülnaz.. sister Gülnaz
what happened?
sister Gülnaz open the door
sister Gülnaz
kid, why are you screaming?
the main water pipe is broken.. they want the mayor to come
ok wait I'm coming
Hello Jeren
hello Murat.. Levent called me
what did he say?
I didn't answer
I was afraid to say anything wrong
I don't know what to do now
there's no need to do anything.. forget it
how can I forget it Murat.. I'm tired from this game
I'm tired of pretenting in front of everyone that we're lovers
Please tell everyone the truth
tell them there is nothing between you and Jeren
and we're not getting married
Hasret and levent broke up, what are you waiting for.. I don't get it?
I'm really tired of this
Ok Jeren.. I'll tell everyone very soon
Please be patient a little more
come in
I hope I'm not disturbing you..
No, but I'm a bit surprised
I didn't expect you to come
I called but you didn't answer
I thought you might be in class
I thought if I come here I might catch you before you leave
have a seat
would you like to have something to drink?
No.. In fact I came here to appologize
I shouted at you yesterday over the phone
you know it was a hard day for me
I know, I..
I know.. I know you're also sad
can I do anything for you?
as I told you, I came here to appologize
after all we're friend
I don't wanna hurt you, please excuse me
of course
I understand you well
what you've been through is not easy
how is Murat?
never mind.. I've to go, you're busy
see you
Hello Murat.. Levent was here
I am back to my starting point
to the place I grew up in, my home
am I really happy here? Or am I convincing myself of it?
I don't know..
the neighborhood is the same as I left it
how about me.. in which state am I?
I know I've changed
I'm no longer that girl who sells flowers
who am I then?
I am apart from the man I love.. and enduring the pain of love
in short, I'm someone unhappy
I've never been depressed that much
I feel the urge to scream
to rebel and sing
who will listen to me?
I'm not just depressed..
I'm a failed singer as well..
all he knows is playing games
how can you miss that large pipe
Cobra how would I know there is a large pipe
I was all tensed up as I was looking for my ID
did you tell me to hit the mattock? That's what happened
from where you came man? Just burden me!
I think the same, do you know Cobra?
all my problems started after I met you
did I tell you to brake the pipe?
yes you did..
your eyes sparkled as we thought that we found the treasure
listen Jafer
first, I didn't have a good night sleep, second I am all wet
fourth you gave me these silly cloth which irritated me
and fifth you didn't make any sausage for me
we became sausage Cobra
don't be silly Jafer
no place for silliness today.. be more serious
let's think of a solution
Cobra.. Will they find my ID
bless you
if I get sisk.. you're bying my medicine
don't worry.. nothing will happen to you
bless you
Oh my God! Did anyone see how did this happen?
No.. we didn't see anything
No Gülnaz we don't know anything
Gülnaz what happened?
is this you Nakiye?
yes it's me
Hello Levent
Hello Nesrine, are you free today?
I thought we might get together and have a cup of coffe
of course I am.. where are you?
I am close by.. I'll be there shortly
Ok I'm waiting
are you going to school?
yes I've a lesson
with whom were you talking?
Levent called..
he's coming to have a cup of coffee
why is he coming?
I don't know..
maybe there is no specific reason
aren't you going to school
it's still early
I'll see Levent then go
girl, what happened again?
what happened Nakiye?
Ay! Excuse me Mrs. Nesrine
I couldn't controle myself when I saw the letter
a new letter?
yes.. don't ask
I found it as I was coming through the door
I couldn't restrain myself from openning it this time
He wrote his phone number in yesterday's letter
He waited.. He waited, and when I didn't call
he sent this and asked why I didn't call
and that he didn't give up and still waiting for my call
He's waiting for my phone call Mrs. Nesrin
Ok Nakiye
if you called you can both talk
isn't this what you wanted?
that's true
but I don't have his number because
I had torn his letter yesterday
look at this now??
so you mean it's impossible without experience
Ok have a good day
everyone wants experience.. experience..
I don't have any experience.. what should I do?
calm down my daughter.. you'll find something for sure
I only know how to sing
you understand a lot about flowers
I will sell flower again on the streets
what is this?