СтопХам 33 - Не брат ты мне/ Not my brother

Uploaded by StopXAM on Apr 9, 2012

- Go back!
-Why do you drive on the sidewalk? Explain!
- Im in a hurry, going home, mother is calling...
-Here, you will pay 2 thousand roubles fine to the police, and you shall drive here no more!
- Dude, the hell are you from?
- Im not a dude to you! Drive back!
- The fuck you are bothering me?
- What?
- Im trying to drive, but you fuck my brains.
- You wanna drive on th sidewalk? Well, you wil not have such an opportunity - you should drive on the road!
Don't even think about it, drive all the way back!
- Where do you live?
- You wanna visit me? I didn't invite you!
- Are you from this neighbourhood?
- Of course.
- What?
- What's wrong?
- Nothing wrong with us. But why do you drive on the sidewalk?
- Who, me? Am I driving on a sidewalk? - Who else? Me?
- Don't let him go...
The hell, man? Are you a fool?
- The hell you're doing? I don't get it! - And the hell are you doing?
- The fuck you're trying to do?
- Drive back! Why do you drive on the sidewalk?
- May I drive here, please?
- You shall not pass here... And you will pay fine as well. Drive back!
- Shit, motherfuckers! Well done, guys!
- Explain: why do you drive on the sidewalk? - Huh?
- Explain: why do you drive on the sidewalk?
- Well, I was here... I just... That's... 0:01:23.800,0:01:27.000 - Police will arrive in two minutes. Two thousand roubles fine. Drive back!
- Get out of the road! - Where do you drive?
- I got in a traffic jam, fuck! I am in a hurry! - So what?
- Can't you see what? - no, I don't see. Drive back!
- Im not going anywhere!
- Then stay here.
- Move aside! Let's not start it? - Im not moving.
- Come on, bro! - Im not your brother.
- Im telling you - please, bro.
Why are you filming?
- Dont be afraid, film!
- Im gonna show you... filming!
- Get out of the road, don't mess with me. Let's not start it. Auch...
- Take away the camera! - Im not doing it!
- Fuck you, fag!
- Chulpanov Timur Flurovitch, the city of Astrakhan.
- Fuck you!
- Are you ready to take responsibility for your actions, Timur?
Why are you hiding? You're a man! Look here!
- If you wouldn't have camera, I'd speak to you like a man.
I am sorry for driving on the sidewalk. I admit my fault. It will not happen again!
- Say HI to the group 'Stop boor'
- Hello!
- Could you please park your car in a different place. There, I can see a free space, right for you.
Or we will have to put this sticker on your windshield.
- Wops, don't do it. Do not do it!
- Well, repark your car, please!
- Tear off my feet? You just remove car, please.