[Real WG] "Like this" On-air Episode

Uploaded by wondergirls on 18.06.2012

Hopefully it will stop raining later today.
Yeah~ it didn’t rain.
Hey, Yubin. It just stopped raining as you guys went up the stage.
I know!!! Lol
Because it wasn’t raining during our performance, (in whisper)
Haha, you look funny.
We are going up now.
Kind of nervous..that I might fall off lol
One two three, and ready set go!!
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
So, that was our first shooting.
Yeah, it was very exciting show today, much more than I expected.
Though I was a bit nervous once I was on the stage,
I could perform well because of the fans who really enjoyed the show.
Thank you!
Need my accessories.
Let’s party outside.
let’s hop up!
These bright clothing make my day.
It is our first stage after comeback.
Please enjoy the show, and we are Wonder Girls!
Thank you.
This is real “Diet Dance.”
This wall is cooler.
I’m so tired :(