Beautiful Booty Workout | Tone It Up Tuesdays

Uploaded by LivestrongWoman on 17.07.2012

Hey, guys, it's Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up, and we're here on Livestrong Woman.
You're all booty-full. So let's go work those booty-full booties. With the beautiful booty
workout. Wew! Okay, first, you're gonna go to a Booty Bridge. So you're just gonna lay
on your back, drop all your weight into your heels and warm it up. Go up and down. Good.
Squeeze the buns with every lift. Inhale on the way down, exhale on the way up. Good.
Now we're gonna go onto our side, so roll onto your side and do a Slide Slimmer. So
with this one, a lot of people like to use ankle weights, but we like to use just the
resistance of our own leg. And go up and down. Great job. And you'll feel this right in the
side of the thigh, which is a hard part to target. And remember, you can't spot reduce,
but you can… Spot sculpt! Yes. We said that in, like, our first video in… That's right.
2008? You see, already this is starting to burn in my glutes. Yep. I like to do these
too, if we're watching TV or watching the news or something. You know, you can fit this
in anywhere. Okay, a few more. Whew, burning. Okay, so we're gonna go straight into the
Clam from here: So you bend your knees --good-- and you go knee to knee, heel to heel. Knee,
heel. Good. So this is that small little muscle that's on the side. And this actually really
helps with knee stabilization. So if you're a runner, or you workout often, this is really
great to strengthen all the muscles for the knee. Good work. A couple more. A couple more.
You got it. You got it, got it. Alright, now we're gonna do the other side for the Side
Slimmer. Oh yeah, you have two sides to your body. Good. And just go up and down with that
leg. Good work. And remember, we make printable routines of all the Livestrong workouts on So every single time we put up a Livestrong video, there's a a printable.
So you can take it to the gym. You can print it out on the go. It's burnin'. There's nothing
I'd rather be doing than lifting. Keep going. I can't go anymore. Okay, last one. Good.
Now, we're gonna bend those knees and go into the Clam. Good, keep going. Knee to knee.
Heel to heel. So this is the hip external rotation. So it's those small muscles. Good.
And the more often you do them the less they burn, but I think they always burn a little
bit at least. Good, you're workin' them out. Alright, couple more, Karena. And last one.
There you go, good. Alright, it's summertime, and I feel a heatwave coming on. Oh yeah.
Lay down on the ground and lift your hips up to the sky and make a small little motion,
swaying your hips side to side. All your weight is in your heels. You're squeezing your glutes.
Good. Keep those hips up. Sway side to side. Breathe. This is a real booty burner. Alright,
a couple more. And come on down. Next, we're doing the Malibooty Hamstring Curl. So we're
coming on all fours. Straighten one leg, and then curl your hamstring. There you go. Keep
your abs really tight for this. You're working the backs of your legs. Good. Remembering
to breathe. Beautiful. There you go. Up and down. Really targeting the glute right here.
You're touchin' my butt. Good. And a couple more. Let's do the other side. The other leg.
Alright, and curl it. Good. Slow and controlled. These tiny little motions. Beautiful. Alright.
And let's straighten, and up and down. Good. When you're doing this motion, really squeeze
your glutes when you come up. Make sure your abs are tight… They are! You don't let your
torso drag. Good to have a reminder. Alright. Good job. Hope all your beautiful booties
feel good. Let us know how many times you do the routine, and don't forget subscribe
to Livestrong Woman, and we'll see you next time. Bye!