Hannah McIalwain at Glee 3D Concert Movie Premiere - The Glee Project

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INTERVIEWER: So I want to know, how does it
feel to be this far?
HANNA MCIALWAIN: It's incredible.
I can't even begin to describe how amazing I feel.
I had no idea that it was going to be like this.
We showed up and there were all these people.
And they actually know who we are.
I was worried we were going to be the kids who were
like, who are they?
But it's just incredible.
INTERVIEWER: What has been the thing you've learned the most
on the show?
HANNA MCIALWAIN: Learned the most?
Honestly, I think the lesson that I walked away from is
just know who you are and know that you're good enough.
And just be confident and believe in yourself.
As cheesy as that sounds, that's
really what I've learned.
INTERVIEWER: Well, I think you're sending that message to
everyone, which is amazing.
So what can people look forward to in the last two
episodes that you are allowed to tell us?
HANNA MCIALWAIN: I think that it's definitely going to be
surprising for people and it's going to be awesome.
And probably just scadoosh is the best way to describe it.
So let's stick with that, scadoosh.
INTERVIEWER: Well, congratulations.
Are you excited to see the film?
HANNA MCIALWAIN: Oh my gosh, yes.
If I wasn't on this carpet, I'd be over there screaming my
brains out with everyone else.
I'm the biggest Gleek.
And I didn't get to see them live, so this is
going to be so cool.
I'm so excited.
And congratulations, again.
Nice meeting you.