Eric Saade giving Ayla a dance class on Bolibompa

Uploaded by EricSaadeorg on 23.05.2011

Can we dance a little bit more now?
What do you want to learn?
The chorus, when you sing: “I will be popular, I will be popular…”
Can you show me the dance moves?
Definitely, everyone at home; are you with me?
I can only show it once, then you are totally sweaty.
Alright, we begin at 7 then start at 8. 5, 6, 7 “I will be popular…
I can’t move around here properly, if you try this at home, you have to move away your furnitures.
I know a better place where we can dance. With music too, so it will be a little faster.
I’m a little nervous, but it will work.
But if you will lose yourself on the dance, you can focus on the singing instead.
That’s really smart, a good tip. Can I teach you a dance move? It's called “The Duck”!
Wow, it fits perfectly to this song (laughs)! I will try to do it.
Now you have to be ready.
Alright, now I’m absolutely tired.
I can barely breathe, Eric.
Can you see the sweat?
And that was only a small part of it. How can you manage to do the entire routine?
You have to practice for a long time, and have patience.
I have to practice more.
I thought you did it very well!