Watsky Behind the Scenes with Ben Savage

Uploaded by LOUD on 03.09.2012


Money don't grow on trees and I'm B-R-O-K-E. Broke y'all.
MALE SPEAKER: Watsky behind the scenes, take one.
GEORGE WATSKY: So what we're doing right now now is I have
this big, culminating scene in the hot tub for the whole
series, after we've been watching Boy Meets World
episodes in every, pretty much, scene I have with Kurt.
And then Ben Savage, AKA Cory Matthews magically shows up in
our hot tub.
And turns out to be a big hip hop head.
BEN SAVAGE: Well, we exchange some wisdom.
I give him some advice on how to pursue
his career as a rapper.
And I try and impart some wisdom.
And I know in my own rapping career, which is nonexistent,
but I know that I feel like my character, Ben Savage tries to
give them something useful in order to help them.
And when Ben [BLEEP]
Savage sees a butterfly, he gets all giddy about.
He gets excited.
And he goes and gets it.
I think the rap world's ready for something like that, too.
It's like what Cam'ron said, rooti tutti, fruitie Loui,
what I usually do.
In this scene, I know a lot about Cam'ron.
And in real life, I also know a lot about Cam'ron, but
that's not true at all.
It's like what Cam'ron said, rutti tutti, flooty dewey.
I knew a couple songs in college by Cam'ron, but in the
scene, which is called acting, I know
everything about Cam'ron.
Rooti tutti, flooty--
Rooti tutti.

Rooti tutti, fruity Louie.
OK, I got it.
The director's feeding me every line.
Should I be admitting this?
Is this TMI?
Should I not be admitting this?
GEORGE WATSKY: I have a cypher with Ben Savage, and so I
wrote this last night, and I'm trying
furiously to get it prepared.
So what I do is I make a file on Garage Band where I beat
box what Ben's part was going to be layered under, and then
I just practice it.
So that's what I'm doing right now.
So don't mind me.
Let's see.

(Rapping)- Some people speeding through this week are
trying to beat the world.
I even heard a band named Jimmy tried to eat the world.
But they got brain freeze from the polars, chip their molars
on the boulders, so I think it's best to probably try to
meet the world.
Be saying what's up, world?
Or maybe hello, Earth.
Been looking to hang and be getting to know
you since my birth.
I been looking to meet you halfway to the stars.
I'm thinking the halfway from the Earth's like Mars.
Or maybe that halfway from the sun's near Venus.
But keep the bubbles coming so nobody sees my-- hey.
When I was growing up, I might have been the averagest.
But now we're showing up.
I know that Ben's the savagest.
It's the truth.
You could read it in his name.
And I'm schoolin MCs, so I'm Feeny to this game.
From middle school to high school, even collage and
beyond, I'll be professin' all these lessons till I'm
leanin' on a cane.
Then we go, whoa.
We just had a cypher with Ben Savage, bro.
He's the coolest dude ever.
Thank you.
So I'm going to practice again, because what do is I
practice over and over and over again.
I have a performance motto for myself, which is--
I don't remember what movie it is, if it was Finding
Forrester or something like that, but I think there's some
inspiring movie where the lesson that Sean Connery
imparts is, you don't want to get it right
one out of 10 times.
You want to get it right 10 out of 10 times, and only then
are you ready to go to perform.
So I just practice over and over and over
again so I don't [BLEEP]