Winter Holidays Stickers by Qramel

Uploaded by QramelApp on 27.11.2012

The Winter Holidays are here! It's a time for sharing love,
happiness and the joy of giving gifts. But how could you possibly
top the gifts you picked out last year?
Well, the answer has never been easier, introducing: Qramel Holiday Stickers. These Interactive Programmable Stickers bill bring joy
to your holiday
You can put a sticker on anything from
a greeting card, to a gift
to a tree ornament.
Then, scan it with your smartphone and record your voice, video or picture message.
Your loved ones simply scan the sticker to receive your personalized holiday greeting!

It will surprise and delight all of your family and friends.
Make these winter holidays a memorable one. Be sure to order your Qramel Holiday Stickers today
and share the season's greetings!