Where do good ideas come from?

Uploaded by howtoarchitect on 08.12.2011

Hi. Im Doug Patt and this is how to architect. Where do good ideas come from? Ideas come
from inspiration, so how are we inspired? Inspiration comes from everywhere: nature,
movies, books, people, products, images, dreams, actions, necessity, and the list goes on.
We look, hear, touch, taste or smell something, it makes connections in our brain and we act
on the result. I often say, Its in the doing that the idea comes. Its in the action that
comes from inspiration that our ideas are born, reciprocate and evolve. Ancient man
saw lightning strike a dry forest and watched fire consume it. He felt the heat and saw
the burned remains of an animal. It smelled good. He ate it and got full. The lighting
inspired him. The resulting flames gave him an idea. Fire was born. That Neanderthal is
long gone, but we still use his idea today. Inspiration comes from all kinds of places.
It turns out that Ideas are much bigger than the people that have them. We use ideas to
make our world. The ideas we use and the things we make outlive us. Im Doug Patt. Well see
you next time.