15 Revelation of Truth - The Fake Saviors

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Chapter 15 The Fake Saviors
appears in a Banner, held in the mouth of the American Eagle
The world "ONE" appears a total of 7 times on the dollar bill
Ovanson writes
"In magical numerology, the number 7
is regarded with especial veneration"
"Certain texts that deal with the meanings of numbers
insist that 7 stands for the complete Temple"
The Temple he refers to
is the ancient Temple of King Solomon in the city of Jerusalem
Ovanson goes on to say
that the concept of a complete Temple is symbolized
by the unfinished pyramid of the Great Seal
where a symbol of a Messiah figure is also shown
with the "All Seeing Eye" representing the capstone
that one day will complete the pyramid
In other words, when the Messiah emerges
then will the Temple be complete...
The following is a possible scenario
a major war, will be set up
by those who have the power to make that kind of thing happen
I think there will be an effort, to make this war seem
like the same war, prophesied at the end of the Bible
To make what comes after that...
seemed like they 1000 years of peace
There will also be, before that an effort in the coming years
to make a man seemed like the biblical antichrist
they will make it look like he had made a peace agreement with Israel
and fulfill all the prophesies
He would be put in charge of some international government
maybe the United Nations or European Union
And this system and man will essentially be the "fall guy"
they will be destroyed by the it will appear
to be the return of a Christ like entity
and it will make what comes after that
seem like the "prophesied Utopia"
Tonight we have visitors from abroad
let me introduce them to you shortly
They are Freemasons.
They came from America and also from other countries from Scotland
Let me start from left to right
Timothy Hogan, next to him there is James Kinslow.
And next to him David Sahyoun
They are 32nd and 33rd degree Freemasons
According to our creed, the person who carries the water jug,
That is the person who is Aquarius, that is Hazrat Mahdi, has appeared
The name of King Messiah also appears in the Torah
the Torah depicts the appearance of the King Messiah
exclusively and at length...
We believe that the Messiah who will bring peace,
and who will be the ruler of the world has appeared
Likewise, we believe that "Jesus"
the Messiah has descended from Allah's sight to earth
and that he is currently among people
I believe that Freemasonry will take upon itself great duties in this matter
and will perform very beneficial works.
I believe that they will be instrumental
in establishing world brotherhood and love in a way that,
for the first time in the world history,
will cover all over the world
I believe that the in one aspect, as a distinct branch,
Freemasonry will also bring great benefits...
It's very important to us that we do built a world of peace
and that we help to establish the "kingdom of peace"
and acceptance where Jews, Christians and Muslims
can live together in peace
There will not be any doubt in people that he is Jesus the Messiah
He will perform the prayer along with Huzrat Mahdi
and they will rule the world together
Our prophet stated
that the prophet Jesus will be the "helper" of Hazrat Mahdi
In that period, the only religion will be Islam on earth
I came to ask your blessing and help...
In everything
in all areas, both personal and political
Since we last met many things have progressed
Many things have progressed
What hasn't changed, however, is that the Messiah still hasn't come
so do something to hasten his coming
We are doing, we are doing...
Apparently it's not enough,
since many hours have already passed today and he still not here
but there is still a few hours left in the day,
so try still for today Yes...
And the embodiment of "absolute good"
that is the Imam of time
The promised one who will come accompanied by "Jesus Christ"
and accordingly, design and implement
the "just" and "humanistic" mechanisms
for regulating the constructive relationships
between nations and governments
What you are looking at... (islam Leader is USA)
In Tunisia, in Egypt, in Yemen, in Jordan, in Libya, in Bahrain
And soon, very soon... in all the nations of the world
and even sooner to take place in America
There is a sign, that the great Mahdi
that the Muslim world has been looking for
is "present in the world"
That the "Christ", that you hoped for
he is stimulating the rise of the masses
With events unfolding in the holy land
with the "true Messiah" returning...
and the true Messiah liberating the holy land
and the "holy state" of Israel
the one built from the truth, of the religion of Abraham
that Israel will be restored...
And that's holy state of Israel,
will become the "ruling state" of the world
In 1982 an English painter named Benjamin Creme
took out full-page ads in newspapers around the world
declaring the "Christ is now here"
For more than 20 years now, Creme has traveled the world
telling all nations, that the "Christ"
whom he calls Matreya is about to appear...
We got up with Mr. Creme in August of 2006
as he has just come from speaking to an independent group at the UN
What do I mean when I say we are entering a New Age
there are the energies of synthesis
So as the energies of Pisces have divided the world
the energies of Aquarius, will draw humanity together
blend and fuse humanity, into one group...
Stemming from 1875 that great disciple Helena Blavatsky
founder of the Theosophical society
begun the dissemination of this information...
See lived for 3 years with the Masters of whom I shall speak
in the himalaya mountains
Now we are in the middle of one of the most
difficult, and some most dangerous times
in the history of the planet
To help us to go safely through this time
the Masters are beginning to return to the world
At the head is a great leader, by the name "Matreya"
And all the religions, await such a teacher
Christian calls him the "Christ"
Muslims await a teacher they called the "Imam Mahdi"
Jews are awaiting the coming of the Messiah
Hindus await the return of the Krishna
Or Kalki Avatar
And Buddhists await Matreya Buddha they have his name right
The very name, Maitri
that's loving kindness
Now in today's world,
we really need the promotion of Matreya
In 1975, 5 Masters came in to the world
Into 5 major centers
One into New York, one into London, one into Geneva,
one into Darjeeling, and one into Tokyo
These are the five major spiritual centers in the world
Later came 2 others, one in into Rome and one into Moscow
The one in Rome, I can give you his name
is probably the best-known Master in the world "Master Jesus"
In 1990 he held a conference in London
and invited some 350 distinguished people
Kings, Princess, men and women of great teaching and background
and experience in all walks of life
Leaders at every level
in religion, and commerce and government and journalism and so on
So there are a large number of people...
who have really have met Matreya
two of them have died unfortunately
One was King Hussein of Jordan
and the other one who died more recently
President Arafat of Palestine
He will saw humanity a glimpse of the future
the extraordinary science
which is awaiting to be given to humanity
when we have no more wars
4 great star like luminaries of gigantic power
they are not stars, but they look like stars
You can also see, an interesting sequence
of photographs of the star, from all over the world
And it changes shape
it becomes to look like more a spacecraft than a star
and then back to a star and so on
these stars are the Herald of Matreya
It's a pleasure to be here,
peace and love to all "light workers" who are there
the brothers and sisters of this cosmic alignment
which is upon us and of great importance
My name is Leo Lyon Zagami
from my father's side, and my mother side
I am of aristocratic and also Royal lineage
What is about to happen is the 3rd world war and it's not a joke
this is an "information", I am bringing you
and that I am bringing you not only from sources of spiritual nature
but also from sources
within the intelligence services of several countries
Now if you want to understand this transformation which is positive
because we are light workers
we want people to become aware of what is happening
and bring a level of awareness to a superior level
And obviously the traumatic events that will take place
will show this to humanity
but you have to understand, that is not a very simple situation
whereby we will receive these alien beings and they will embrace us
"Jesus" is coming back with an army and he is a military hierarchy
they have infiltrated every level of government
when scientists talk about aliens being dangerous for humanity
if we encounter them
That's because, the so-called illuminati of the evil side
the so-called elite not wanting to leave the position of power
doesn't want to tell you that
those alien beings are actually working to "save us",
but they will come here to invade us first
because will have put, one of the most important figures
on the cross 2000 years ago...
2012 is a great opportunity
Even if all this is negative, is a great opportunity
because we gonna wipe out a political class
which is completely worthless
because the alien beings wants to have instead of a parliament
a computer in the center of the room with an artificial intelligent
the rest of what the political class is offering now is just words...
To understand what is going on today
with respect to the New World Order and the New Age Movement
We must have recourse to the 19th century organization called
the Theosophical society
This organization in particular, among others is largely responsible
for the modern New Age movement
and the political doctrine known as the New World Order
The founder of this organization was a woman named Helena Blavatsky
her first book was "Isis unveiled" published in 1877
She started a magazine in 1887 called "Lucifer magazine"
her principal work "the secret doctrine"
was then published in 1888
See then wrote "the key to Theosophy" and "the voice of silence"
These works are now famous and contained in this writings
are the doctrines that help mold the New Age Movement
to what it is today...
It is said that part of Blavatsky's book "the secret doctrine"
was channeled to her through an ascended master
or highly evolved "being" called "kuthumi" who spoke to her
believe in these ascended Masters who communicate to humanity
is very crucial when studying the New Age
It is important to know, the role of Freemasonry
As previously noted Theosophy and Freemasonry
were somewhat affiliated in the late 19th century
Here is a reprint of the Masonic certificate that Blavatsky received...