► Simil-stencil & grid - Marylin Monroe painting - Immagini bicrome e griglie (sub ENG)

Uploaded by DigitalMakeup on 10.11.2012

Hello everyone guys! Veeeeery quick video..
made in combo with my new painting [link in the end of the video]
In the painting of Marylin I've use like reference a sort of stencil image,
I mean a black & white picture with flat colors and no shades
like the one I used to make the Audrey hepburn mural
When I made it they've asked me where they could find that kind of stencil images.. boh? Nice question
I usually prepare them myself
they're useful for example if you've to copy an image with only 2 flat colors (the background, like a wall, plus a color)
So, I took the image of Marylin I wanted to use
I made it in black & white, even if this image was already a sort of B/W
using the quick keys CTRL + Shift + U or go on Image > Adjustments > Desaturate
and with CTRL + M (the curves) I enlight the whites and make the blacks more dark,
until I find the exact balance I desire for my image
and finally I go on Image > Adjustments > Threshold and I decide the grade of black and white I want
Once I found the perfect balance I click OK
Obviously it's all grainy, but it fits perfecly my need of a B/W trace to use just to copy flat zones of color
Once I created the path, if I want to copy it on a big surface, like for example on a wall, I need to have a grid
because it's very difficult to draw on huge surfaces manteining the right proportions
cause you're too close to the wall and you can't have a global vision of the work
So, if you don't own a projector you can create a grid
You can simply click CTRL + K and go in the Preference settings
in the Guides-Grid option and choose the distance between the lines of your grid (and the color too)
You can even decide how many subdivisions making
To make the Grid to appear you've to go on View > Show > Grid or press CTRL + ' (apostrophe)
In this way you'll see the grid, and modify it following your needs in the Preferences..
As you can imagine it's very easy then drawing a big grid and copying square by square the picture
I used the grid for the mural. For Marylin I just needed a B/W image to copy only the lights on my black panel, instead..
Uh! I really menaged to make a short video! I'm a genius..
So, I leave you the link of my Gold leaf & acrylic painting dedicated to Marylin Monroe
See you next video! Bye!
Almost forgot..
This grid is visible only in the software, so if you print the image it won't be printed
This is ok only if you have to copy the screen
if I need to print the grid to I usually press the Stamp (or Print Screen) key on my keyboard
In this way if you make the grid invisible (pressing CTRL + apostrophe) and click CTRL + V or check the option Paste
And the image you obtein really have a grid on it, and you can print it easily..
Now it's really finished, bye!