Måne: Parts 51-54 (unblocked version)

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All we really need is your signature, so I suggest that we...
What is going on over there? I think someone has collapsed.
Måne, now you bring Kassandra up and make sure she signs the contract while I take care of this.
Kassandra? Måne follows you up to the offices, and then you take the rest there.
Am I going up to the offices with Måne?
This you will find out by yourself.
The contract is ready for signing.
Are you not going to read it?
I am a little tired today. I think I need a massage.
Can't you sign it and then I can get an appointment for you at Gaius. They have very talented massagers.
Can you massage me a bit while I read the contract?
Does it look ok?
You tell me.
If you do not have any objections you might just sign it?
There is actually a point I wonder.
Can you show me the suite before I sign it?
Yes, I can show it to you now.
And then you might show me the bed as well.
You need to pull yourself together. I am just trying to do my job here.
What do you mean?
- Yes, but you are junking all the time. - Am I junking?
YES! You are always wasting time.
Excuse me, but who is wasting the time here? I could have been so many other places than here right now.
Well, leave if you do not like it here.
Great, thanks for me.
Right. There you are.
- Yes, they needed help to distribute the water. - So you decided to do that instead of entertaining Kassandra?
- Yes? - Are you aware that she was just about to leave the hotel?
- No... - No.
I do not really care very much about what happened between you two, but you have one task. One task, and that is to make sure she signs the contract.
Yes, I know, but she was just so ... on.
So on? On? Is that a problem?
No, it is not.
See here, the card to her suite. Make her sign the contract, otherwise it is back to school full time.
Hi Jens August.
Yeah, I am there now, but she is not here. Also grandmother wants me to...
She is at Gaius, yes...
Then I go down there.
Ok. Bye.
Next time, you and I will be on the same team, and we will destroy them, huh?
There is actually a point I wonder.
Have you closed the spa? You have not massage or anything else to offer?
What a crappy place this is.
I just do what I am instructed.
- Then I take a massage shower or something. - A bit difficult with a shower when we do not have any water here.
Besides we have received a clear message that we should shut down Gaius.
Excuse me, what kind of place is this?
Kassandra, can you come with me so I can give you a real bath?
Come with you? No thanks.
- Sorry that I behaved so badly towards you. - What is it with you? Are you afraid of me or? What is it?
The thing is that Jens August always stresses with that I should be professional, so I sort of wants to behave properly.
- Yeah? - Come on; give a newbie like me a second chance.
Just come with me, so I can give you a real lavender bath.
- Yeah, whatever. - The first time I heard your music was at a beach party in Goa.
- Which beach? Miramar? - Yes! Have you been there?
The water is freezing! Am I supposed to bath in that water?
Yes, unfortunately!
Have you seen this one before? This is a kettle that people use to heat their water with.
You are acting like a spoiled brat. You know what? Take an ice bath. I could not have cared less.
I can explain...
I have already got the details served by a mad diva. She wants me to fire you, actually.
Fire me? Look, I am really sorry for what happened. She was just ... so much.
Yes, I understand that. She is totally screwed in the head.
I actually think we bypass Kassandra and the stage.
No, we do not need to do that. I have made a list of other artists we can use...
We have spent so much time and resources on this already without achieving any results.
When Arnfinn finds out that he is going to shut it down anyway.
- No... - Måne, do not worry about it. You did a great job.
There must be something else we can do.
What should that be?
Give me a second chance with Kassandra.
No, I feel you've played out...
Yes, but it was me who messed up this and I'll fix it. I figure out something.
- Ok. - Ok.
Hey Kassandra, is it okay if I come in?
I just want to tell you that the massage in the spa resort opened just for you.
And of course I will serve you champagne and strawberries if you just come with me...
I know you are mad because of what happened yesterday, but can you just come with me and give me another chance?
I will not go anywhere.
Are you crying?
I did not mean to...
Can we just forget what happened and start over?
We cannot do that if I die.
- Why are you going to die? - They say it on Twitter and fan sites and everywhere. Just see for yourself.
"We will always remember you, Kassy. Hope you live." "How much do you think her autographs are rising in value now?"
This here is just nonsense. The authorities are going to sort this out and let us out every moment now.
- You do not understand. Just go. - It is going to be okay.
The worst thing is that I have not heard anything from Dad.
Everyone thinks I will die and Dad does not ... He does not even care one bit.
It may say something about me?
It rather says more about your father.
So now my mom and dad...
And that's not even the worst story.
- Ok, maybe your dad is pretty special, he also, but my winner. - You mean lose?
- Ok. Thank you. - For what?
There are not many who had put up with me as you have done, after the way I behaved towards you.
- It's because I like you. - Do you?
Yes. Not just because of your music, but also because you are your own manager and have created your very own brand. It is impressive.
I mean it. Respect.
There is actually no one I would rather have been inside a hotel room with than you.
No no no, you have to manage better than that.
Okay, okay. Yes, that's better.
Yes, but it's nice. We keep in touch. Ok, bye.
- 23 hits in a row. - Here.
- Nice. - Then everything is okay?
What made the difference?
Okay, got it. Yes, sometimes we have to give that little bit extra in this job.
- I got to go. - Here. Let's see how good you are.
- Måne? Måne! Where have you been? - I have visited Jens August.
I do not mean now, I mean last night.
- How so? - How so?! We've all been told to keep us mostly on our rooms.
And you just disappear! Have you been on the top floor? You know, if you've been on the top floor...
I have not.
It is possibly raging a fatal disease here at the hotel and we have no idea who might be infected! And then you cannot just get up and walk around in the middle of the night and make me so scared.
- Do you have nothing better to do? - WHAT?!
Have you nothing better to do than to put you up in my life?
- You know what, seriously, now... - I'm so tired of that nobody leaves me alone! I sleep where I want, ok?
Måne, perhaps I was not clear enough in there, but incredibly good job! I would almost think you were professional.
- Yes, it was Kassandra who ruled the most... - Ok.
- No, forget it. - Come on, give me some...
Didn't you hear what I said? Can't you just give a shit in it?
I do not understand what the problem is. You got her signature, and...
I hadn't something I should have said. She controlled the whole show.
Isn't that okay?
What is the problem?
I just do not like to be exploited.
Your goal was to get her signature on the contract. You played, you won.
- I worked on the contract with Kassandra. - I see.
That's why I did not come to the hotel room.
And then I would like to apologize. For the way I behaved, and the way I spoke to you.
- Ok. It's nice. - I do not know why I was like that.
No, but I realized that you did not mean it.
- Did you? - Yes, it's not like you are.
- Like I am? - No, you're a love warm and caring boy. So I was actually more surprised than angry.
But it's not sure you know just how I am.
Yes, but I know you very well.
- Knew, maybe. - Okey?
- People change, you know. - Yes, of course, but...
And I actually think that where I am and what I do is a private matter.
- Yes, but Måne... - Have you seen the TV news?
- No... - You have to see this! Come on!