TIS National interpreting services

Uploaded by ImmiTV on 29.11.2010

TIS is open for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
So, you can get in contact with us any time.
We have a range of clients.
We have private sector clients, government organisations, emergency services, anybody
that somebody may need to contact, will be able to get through.
In DIAC, the Community Status Resolution Service, we need to use an interpreter to help
facilitate a lot of our clients' immigration status.
We need to determine the pathways the clients may have available to them and also, any
particular issues the clients may be having.
The program that I'm involved in targets clients that have been in Australia for less
than five years.
So, obviously, some of them are still learning English or have no level of English at
So, in order to communicate with them – to work out what their needs are – we need to use
the interpreters.
With TIS you can access an interpreter within three minutes, at the cost of a local call
and TIS undertake to provide you with that interpreter on the phone.
They're really accurate, they're respectful, they're appropriate.
It's just such a relief to use such a professional service and it's so easy to use even
in a busy general practice.
It's easy to get in contact with TIS – all you need to do is call 13 14 50.