Bulimia Recovery & Steps to Overcoming Bulimia

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You know, years ago when I had bulimia, I was in the depths of despair. I
just didn't know what to do. I couldn't understand why couldn't I stop my bulimia?\
\ I couldn't help myself, every time I sat down
to eat I'd eat way too much and then have to go and make myself sick. I just didn't
know what was going on and why I couldn't stop bulimia.\
\ Recovering from bulimia is very much like
going on a journey and my road to recovery was full of ups and downs. But I've been bulimia
free for more than 15 years now. I attribute bulimia free to a 4 step process, which I'd
love to share with you now.\ \
So let me tell you about these 4 steps to bulimia freedom.\
\ The first step is the role of thinking. When
you have bulimia your thinking is very negative. It's very negative about yourself, about the
world and about other people. It's also very disordered and chaotic. So what we need to
do is to re-orientate the thinking to a much more positive mindset.\
\ Step two is emotion. At the core of bulimia
is low self esteem. There's a lot of fear and guilt around the bulimia behaviours. Bulimics
are absolutely terrified of being found out so are very worried and anxious. And all this
negative emotion actually helps maintain bulimia.\ \
So we need to create healthy coping strategies for the ups and downs of life and also increase
self confidence and self esteem, putting the bulimia sufferer well on the road to recovery.\
\ The third step is actions. Because of all
the negative bulimia thinking and feelings there are a lot of negative bulimia habits.
Now habits are hard to break, but that doesn't mean they can't be broken. With the right
strategies we can turn these habits around to positive empowering behaviours and put
the sufferer on the road to being bulimia free.\
\ Step four is maintenance. The negative thoughts,
emotions and actions of bulimia form an underlying structure which actually keeps the bulimia
behaviours in place. By developing positive thoughts, emotions and actions, a new underlying
structure is created, which forms a strong foundation for a bulimia free life.\
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