[Eng] Arang and the Magistrate (10-minute trailer)

Uploaded by SuperSeaweedSoup on 15.08.2012

There are no such things as ghosts...
This time, I will win for sure.
What are you doing, m'lord!? Hurry up and make the next move!
It won't matter where you place the next piece. You will still lose to me.
Ah! This...this..
So sorry, Hades! I really didn't mean to win...
One turn...
Let's undo just one turn.
How can... Wait, wait a minute.
What did I hear just now?
That's because it was so close... so close!
Let's undo one turn.
What will Your Lordship do for me in return?
Actually, there are a lot of things in this world that cannot be calculated... isn't that right?
Has Moo Young captured that child yet, I wonder...
Can you see me?
It would be nice if this person could see me.
Then I could ask him for help.
Get lost.
I get it. There are a lot of spirits like me.
This person asks for help, then that person asks for help...
It can be quite annoying.
If you know that, then hurry up and get lost!
Ay! How can I just go?
We've even slept together...
Are you crazy!?
Who slept together with you!?
What's the big deal?
It's not like you gotta build the Great Wall to be allowed to say you slept together.
What? Great Wall... You...
It won't be long now before the full moon arrives.
Seems like things are not going too smoothly for you.
Have you finished preparing?
For some reason... I feel great anticipation this time.
I only wanted you to help me recover my name! Is that so difficult?
Fine, I'll help you.
If we find her lost memories, perhaps I will be able to uncover something about my mother.
I will help you recover everything. Your name... and even who you were.
Really? You mean it?
Your lordship truly is a person of honor... a trustworthy man.
I really have a good eye for judging people.
Where must we go to recover her lost memories?
This is the river to the afterlife...
After crossing this river, you will no longer be able to return.
Is there anything you still long for in this world?
I forgot...
...to say goodbye.
Your name was Lee Seo Rim.
Lee Seo Rim?
Actually... that young lady... once had a fiance.
A woman's feeling is an intangible thing.
It cannot be shown to the world.
Even so, she tries her best to hold on to it... until she is no longer able.
That is the nature of a woman's heart.
Didn't you say you'd never carelessly agree to other people's request?
What is this?
Sir Magistrate!
On behalf of the citizens of Miryang, I welcome your lordship to your new post.
My Lord... May you rest easy tonight.
Hey, Wait a minute... wait a minute!
What? Magistrate?
Bless us, O Spirits. Bless us, O Spirits.
Divine Spirits, please bless me with a strong, capable husband.
A lucky sign!?
Don't say anything more, just hurry up and go!
Next time, wait till next time...