Macbook 13" Repair - LCD Display Screen Replacement Removal Disassembly

Uploaded by PowerbookMedic on 01.10.2008

LCD Removal
To begin, grab your putty knife,
your flat head screwdrive, and your philips head screwdriver.
For this particular LCD,
we will be using the putty knife.
Begin by removing the bezel around the LCD.
by gently inserting the putty knife at the base
and by popping the tabs around the LCD.
Once that is complete,
you will want to take your philips head screwdriver,
and remove the screws around the bezel of the LCD.
At the very corner of the LCD, there is no need to remove these screws
Once that is complete.
Free the LCD from the backcase at the top
by gently inserting your putty knife.
And prying open.
You will need to take extra care,
Especially around the iSight built in camera.
Once it is free at the top,
Remove the three philips head screws,
in the clutch cover of the macbook.
Simply lift up to remove the clutch cover.
and there you will see the inverter board.
Unroute the wires around the clutch assembly.
and disconnect the inverter board from the inverter cable.
Do the same for the other side.
Once that is complete, lift up.
And there you will notice there are cables running along either side
of the "L" brackets holding in the LCD.
Take special care not to pull these out of the L bracket.
There are three philips head screws located in the L Bracket.
Remove these.
And remove the sleep magnet.
The sleep magnet will be on the side,
The sleep magnet will be on the side of the Apple that is bitten out.
On the other side, there are two philips head screws.
Remove these.
Once the side screws are removed,
you will notice two screws in the very top of the LCD.
Once those screws are removed, remove all of the tape,
from the back of the LCD.
You may use your flat head screwdriver to lift up on the tape.
Now remove the iSight cable tape.
And disconnect the iSight camera.
Once you have removed all of the tape,
simply lift up on the iSight camera
and the L bracket should lift free.
The same fo the other side,
and lift up and out to remove the LCD.