Bucheon's Best Chicken: Chicky Pub

Uploaded by simonandmartina on 17.10.2008

Today we’re going to do a review of our favourite restaurant here in Bucheon.
It’s the Chicky Pub. This is a fantastic fried chicken place, it’s got really
good french fries as well. Remember our friend Chris, when he said that he’s in Korea
for nothing but the fried chicken?
--Flashback--- I just live for the fried chicken.
This is definitely what we’re talking about here, so here’s the Chicky Pub,
just to let you know where it is according to location, there’s a Show right beside
it. Now the big landmark that you’ll want to know is the Hyundai Department Store.
We often use this as our focal point when it comes to locating everything. Hd is right
down there, a little bit south of that you have a complex with a Paris Baguette and Buy
the Way, and if you go all the way down that way--remember we took you on a tour to get
all the way to Rhythm and Booze--well that’s exactly where you go, so if you cross the
street (instead of going in the direction of Rhythm and Booze) and go the opposite direction
and that’s exactly where you’ll find the Chicky Pub. It’s really good,
I’m going to take you inside and you’re going to know exactly what makes this place
so awesome. Let’s go!
Ok, so the menu here is very similar to the Don Day restaurant where most of the important
stuff is posted on the walls. The real thing you’re going to be looking for is the
stuff on the right-- it’s the Chili Hot Chicken, the Chili Yakgee, the Cajun Potato
Fries, and the Fried Chicken.
Now, the Chili Hot Chicken and Chili Yakgee are both fantastic The chili sauce is to die
for here. The Yakgee, if you don’t know what that is (it doesn’t sound
all to appetizing) but what it really is, is just dumplings covered in the chili sauce,
and they’re really, really good.
The Chili Hot chicken is fantastic, the fries are just about the best french fries we’ve
had here in Korea, we’re really happy t have them, and if you don’t feel
like anything spicy, just go for the regular fried chicken, they’re all really good.
You also see the prices here, if you look at the proper menu instead of just looking
at the wall, there’s a Chicky Pub menu if you open it up. The hot chicken will be
13,000 won, which is pretty good, it fills two people. Martina and I will be completely
stuffed afterwards, and just because we’re greedy we’re also going for the cajun
fries which are 7,000 won. So altogether for two people it will be 20,000 won, and we’re
going to be so so happy!
So here our appetizers have finally come out, it’s the cajun fries, we got it mixed
with some home fries as well just because we wanted to show you a little bit of column
a and a little bit of column b.
Notice that the skin is still on. MMMMMM!
It comes with some authentic ketchup, not warmed up like it often is in Korea, just
nice cold ketchup and that’s the way we like it with our french fries.
Delicious! MMMMMmmmm. Simon what are you going to eat?
I’m going to eat some....oh....I was going to eat some french fries but I guess
I’m not going to anymore.
You could eat some of that popcorn.
Actually...what are you going to eat Simon?
Oh. Radis----
Actually, I love those rashes.
Oh. Ketchup, you’re my only friend. Mmmm.
So our chicken has finally arrived, it’s arrived in all it’s delicious glory,
and you can see here that it’s just covered in sauce. You can even see a chili
pepper lingering about. This stuff is just fantastic, it’s the best chicken we’ve
ever had.
The reason why, is it’s so saucy, yet the skin is still crispy, the chicken is completely
moist, and look at the amount you get. I don’t know if you can my hand size here, but this
is like, a huge amount of chicken, and we use all the sauce at the bottom; nothing goes
to waste we dip our fries in it. So we’re going to dig in.and so you the results.
Here is one of our favourite additions about the Chicky Pub. If you can take a look here
on the screen you might recognize this man...uh, let’s see...of course he isn’t
on the screen right now. Anyways, this is Jamie Oliver. Every time we come here the
owner of the Chicky Pub is so sweet to us, he always puts on English television for us---OH
there he is! Jamie Oliver! Oh my god!
This may not seem like a big deal for us, but you have to keep in mind that cable here
is in Korea, so we don’t actually have cable, and we really do miss things like the
cooking channel. So here we go, a little taste of home. And if he doesn’t put on an
English speaking television show, he’ll put on Ariang TV, which is for foreigners
in Korea, it’s all about Korea, and it’s in English and Korean for you
and it teaches you all about pop stars and everything else. So this is really exciting.
He’s a really nice guy to us.
So Simon and finally words about the chicken? Simon? Simon? Did you....oh....uhh....okay.....I
guess you like it? Save some for me okay? Save some for me...
Now it’s time for the finally review of Bucheon Chicky pub. So for side dishes,
it’s kindof, not applicable in this situation, simply because if you order chicken
in any restaurant, they don’t come with side dishes. Most pubs that serve chicken
it’s kindof like chicken and they might serve you some kind of foreigner snack on
the side, like popcorn, or these little tiny circles---it almost looks like cereal but
it takes almost like a sweet corn. So Chicky Pub serves you a popcorn, cheese popcorn and
regular popcorn,and they serve you vinegar radish---which I happen to love. So for side
dishes, it doesn’t really count, but they also have TV....does that count as an
edible side dish? No one knows.
So, for taste we are giving it a big 5 out of 5, absolutely delicious! Everything we’ve
ordered so far we haven’t been disappointed yet, and it was one of the first places we
went to so we didn’t have a bias for the place yet. It just happens to be really
delicious chicken. And we have had the chance to compare it to many other chicken places
and this so far, outranks all of them. So 5 out of 5 for chicken deliciousness and taste.
The last one is bang for your buck. Bang for your buck we’re going to give 4 out
of 5. It’s not that it’s expensive, but 13,000 won for an entire chicken chopped
up--not cheap, not super expensive, but I would say something like an average price.
So, I think it’s a good price for what you get because it’s so so so so delicious.
Not to mention, the service is fantastic. If you’re looking for a home environment
where you can get to know someone, this is the place to go. So the final thing, the final
marks we’re going to say is 4.5 out of 5 for Chicky Pub, it’s fantastic,
I recommend it...and let’s take a look at what’s happening over there behind
us...I can’t compete over that.
And Martina has had too much beer.
No, I haven’t, anyways, Chicky Pub 4.5 out of 5, check it out, awesome awesome