President Obama and the Los Angeles Lakers

Uploaded by whitehouse on 13.12.2010

(cross talk)
President Obama: You made a Christmas tree?
Child: Yep.
President Obama: That's great.
(cross talk)
President Obama: How have you been, man?
(cross talk)
President Obama: Good to see you.
(cross talk)
Child: How does it feel to be President?
President Obama: You know, it depends on the day.
Most of the time it feels pretty good.
What grade are you in, sweetie?
Child: Fourth.
President Obama: You're in fourth grade?
You know, Sasha is in fourth grade.
You guys are in fourth grade, too?
Okay, you guys are working hard in school?
Child: Yes.
President Obama: Okay, I expect you are.
I notice you're pretty good artists, too.
Let's see how good you are.
That's not bad.
(cross talk)
Child: My first report card in third grade (inaudible) --
Child: -- (inaudible) Obama.
President Obama: Thank you.
Child: -- (inaudible) I'm feeling good, too.
(cross talk)
President Obama: I'm going to sign some boxes.
I want to find out if I'm supposed to be in line here.
I'm supposed to be down -- all right.
(cross talk)
President Obama: What do you want me to do here?
(cross talk)
Child: Can I get an autograph from you all?
President Obama: Autograph? All right.
Are you going to help me out?
Speaker: More boxes.
(cross talk)
Speaker: Put a letter in there?
Child: I've got two and the batteries are --
and we'll seal it --
Child: More batteries?
Child: Yup. More batteries.
Child: One, two, three, four.
Speaker: Yeah, I'll take that.
President Obama: What -- How are you, young man?
Okay, so we got pens -- all right.
We already got the dental floss right here.
You guys floss your teeth?
You got to use that, you know.
You guys need to shave too?
Make sure you're clean.
What else have we got?
How many batteries are we taking?
Child: Four.
President Obama: Four each? Okay, thank you.
I'm going to pass them down the line.
All right.