Le Comte de Monte-Cristo (1998) Épisode 2

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Good evening. Your Lordship I mean Your Highness, Your Grace
My friend, I'm just a starving man.
Use this
You're right
I mustn't let my manners betray my true identity
Since you worked for a count. Teach me...
...high society's customs
A rich count like you must never show he's hungry
All right
Can't I help myself to wine?
Yes, but with moderation. Like this
With great moderation and even a touch of disdain as if it were vinegar
Laughing is allowed. Isn't it?
A true count laughs discreetly as if coughing
High society people are meant to be bored to tears by life
What imbeciles
You take your napkin. Just the corner. Delicately, like this
You're going to teach me good manners
Give me lessons...
...on deportment. Attitudes and habits
Teach me to be an imbecile, or to pretend
Hello Beauchamp
Here's the last edition. Everything on today's trial
Death for Gervaise Rebuffet
But Villefort is summing-up this afternoon
He'll request death and get it, as ever
And tomorrow Valentine will wear her usual blue ribbons
Why not?
Miss de Villefort is ravishing
I met her a few times in Marseille when she was visiting her grandmother
When's lunch?
- We're waiting for Monte Cristo - Who?
His Excellency, the Count of Monte Cristo
This is the man who saved my life He hardly gave me a chance to thank him
I'm happy to do it today before you all
You never told me how you managed to tear me away from my abductors
I negotiated, Viscount
Money buys everything. Even a mans life
Maximilien Morrel from...
From Marseille
Are you a soothsayer?
Of mine, Lord Wilmore
I just heard your name from a friend of mine. Lord Wilmore
If he's your friend...
He's just a business contact
He sometimes advises me on my fortune...
...witch is considerable
Does he only care about money?
My servants and I chased them with our scimitars...
...and the camels disappeared behind the dunes
We returned to our tents and. Under the starry desert sky.
...we shared the most delicious 'roast sheep'
You're an amazing storyteller
I suppose he'd have thrown me in jail
Is that all? You clearly know nothing...
...of jail
And you do?
During the July revolution, I was...
July revolution? Forgive my ignorance but I was away from France for so long
Three days of riots...
...which put Louis-Philippe on the throne.
on the throne
Beauchamp's paper sided...
...with the rioters. He was arrested
Like a common thief
I spent three days and nights in jail. You can imagine what I endured...
for 72 hours
Without wishing to belittle your ordeal...
...I knew someone who was plunged into the darkness of a dungeon...
...for 175.200 hours
Good Lord. Tell us more
I'll write an article.
Yes. Tell us.
You're too happy and carefree
...to understand despair
You think so?
What about two people.
...whose love is thwarted?
Come on
I'd rather tell you about Benghazi camel drivers
One day. I decided to buy a white female camel
You won them over They find you extraordinary
Even Beauchamp says Paris will be at your feet
After you've met my parents who want to express their gratitude
Especially my mother
You mentioned me? What did she say?
She's anxious to meet you
Me too
My father loves horse racing
I can't see how anything could surpass such a magnificent animal unless...
May I introduce the Count of Monte Cristo?
At last. I had given up all hope of ever meeting you
We owe you...
Nothing. What I did was very little
Anyone would have...
Come closer
We drew the curtains because of the heat, but let me see you in the light
Leave the curtains as they are
Bright light burns my eyes. I'm like an owl these days
The sunlight on the Arabian desert sands...
...has damaged my eyesight
You travelled in the East?
I lived there
For how long?
Over twenty years
- Fascinating place - Yes, but cruel too
Yes, their tortures are so sophisticated
In France too
Thank God we abolished torture
to make a man suffer
since we can prolong them...
Less violent, but worse since we can prolong them...
for years
What a conversation. We're here
...to rejoice
Count. Would you like a cup of coffee?
What's wrong?
Are you unwell. Mother? You're so pale
It's nothing. Just the heat
This late-summer heat is stifling
I hope you've chosen to reside on the banks of the Seine
The river is so cooling
At least when it doesn't bring its stench
Where are you living?
Hotel Monte Cristo
What address?
An excellent address which I have yet to find
Leave it, sir I always lose anyway. I only play to make Fernand happy
You dislike chess?
My wife thinks games take for ever
That's true. I started one twenty years ago
It's not finished?
It will be soon
In fact. My opponent is already checkmated, but doesn't know it yet
It's the best part of the game
Come in
For the Count of Monte Cristo from M, Bertuccio.
He's my steward. Excuse me The Plain of Monceau
You asked for my address The Plain of Monceau
It's almost the countryside
I'm used to it
But you might lessen it
...with the odd visit
Forgive me, but I must go to the lawcourts
- I must hear Villefort's summing-up - Villefort?
He left Marseille?
He was appointed in Paris in. How long ago?
Nearly twenty years
Twenty years already
- Would you like to hear him? - I dared not. Ask
I hope.
...your discomfort has eased
My God, yes
Who's this Gervaise Rebuffet on trial today?
An abortionist
But what does the crime matter? Justice is like Spanish bullfighting
The bull is only there to glorify the fighter
This woman... What am I saying this 'woman'? Does she still deserve...
...to be called a woman?
- This child killer - You can't say that
The word 'child is wrong. I remind the court that the Rebuffet woman,
isn't accused of infanticide
But of being an 'angel maker'. Too nice a term for this evil crime
Gervaise Rebuffet...
has killed children in the most revolting way
She put them to their deaths...
...In their mothers' wombs
This temple of life...
...which she profaned
This most sacred of havens she violated
How many times have you savagely destroyed...
...what is, for me at least. The most precious thing?
A child?
Even if you'd only done it once. It would have been once too often
The fact remains that when the guillotine strikes you...
...it won't make you an angel
For you belong in hell
If you wish to attend the execution. I can obtain...
...a pass for you. But you'll have to be up early
It must be wonderful to see justice at work
You've honoured your reputation again
the way I feel about children
It was easy the way I feel about children
Villefort. Crown Prosecutor
Excuse me, I must collect a document...
regarding an important matter
But of course
- Who cleans here? - Pardon?
Who cleans the courtroom?
Housekeepers I imagine Why?
Yes. To soften the jury but it was no use
I feel sorry for the one who has to mop up her tears
They dry quickly
The Chateau d'If
The most dreaded jail in the kingdom
When I was in Marseille I sent people there
Why did you leave Marseille? You didn't like it?
Embarrassing question. But I'll forget my modesty and answer you
I was promoted
For services rendered?
Of course
To whom?
To justice. What other cause would I serve?
Forgive me if I seem indiscreet
It's the first time I've met a prosecutor
You're in awe?
- Lt's only natural - I'm intrigued
You inflict such terrifying sentences...
...haven't you ever had any doubts?
Any regrets?
The acussed should have doubts
Not I.
Never any regrets?
You're not afraid to appear before Gods court to be judged in your turn?
My conscience s clear
I'm the same
I'm not afraid of death
Except if it comes too early.
...and stops me from fulfilling the great task I've set myself
A great task?
You'll find it amusing. Lt's to see justice done
- You? - Me
You can't. Sir
What confusion if anyone could control justice. Not that you're just anyone
But justice is the magistrates' job
Rest assured I've no intention of replacing men's justice
- There's no other - Yes
Yes, there is
The one we were discussing just now. Gods justice
Please forgive me
Valentine, the Count...
To what do I owe this surprise visit?
I've just heard such unexpected news. I don't know whether...
You can speak in front of the Court
He intends to replace God. God knows everything.
So nothing you say will surprise him
Is it true Franz dEpinay. Who was to serve another year in Algeria...
...will soon return to Paris?
It's true that I used my contacts to obtain his early return
You're the first to know.
That my daughter and Viscount Franz dEpinay will soon be engaged
Don't let me stop Miss de Villefort from expressing her joy
My apologies to the Count of Morcerf
What are you doing here, young Morrel?
At your age, men prefer cabarets to lawcourts
- Are you in trouble? - No
Not at all. At your service. Count
What's happening?
The worst thing. Franz dEpinay is returning from Algeria Go
Be careful
Sir. I beg you. He's all I have. Don't kill him
Have mercy on him
- What did she want? - Mercy for her son who'll die tomorrow
Don't let that upset you
Welcome home, master
Your new home is beautiful. Bertuccio has done well
I made you travel far. I'd hate you to regret it
The only sad one is young Hassan
- Why? - Because he can't see the sea
Tomorrow hire some labourers to dig a pond. I want it as large as possible
I want papyrus growing on the banks. Like the ones in Alexandria,
...and blue water full of fish
Like the Bible: "God created land and sea'
It's for young Hassan I try to be God. He misses the sea
This is very different from Marseille
You have thirty rooms here
The kitchen has a chef, a sauce cook. A pastry chef and seven kitchen boys
Take note
My people will have one day off a week
A whole day? In Paris, the custom...
In my house, people will live by my rules
People will wonder
I hope so
I came to Paris to surprise, astonish. Amaze, fascinate and astound
Shut the door
- You know who I am - If you want me to, yes
But if you don't...
Say my name. My real name
I haven't heard it for so long
Are you sure? You won't regret it?
Say it
Captain Edmond Dantes, I'm at your command
Captain Edmond Dantes
So good to hear
Dangerous too. What if someone recognized you?
The mask is perfect. Even Villefort didn't know
What about your voice?
Having ignored Edmond Dantes' cries...
...Villefort wouldn't know Monte Cristo's voice
Villefort maybe
But she?
Captain Dantes' former fiancee
Mercedes is as beautiful as she was
Maybe more
Suffering can make people...
more beautiful
Did she suffer, even a little?
She seems so at ease with that lavish life to which she wasn't destined
The way she ran barefoot in the wilderness with her hair untied...
...like a little savage
Where has the southern sun gone?
How dark the night is over Paris
Here, the stars are theatre chandeliers...
...brasserie lights, carriages that light up the streets
I need a woman
You want me to find you one?
A woman I'll take to theatres and brasseries...
...and help to carriages. You gave me the idea, if not the desire
I talk too much. It's an Italian fault
Isn't a pretty woman essential for a rich foreigner on holiday in Paris?
Can I be credible without a woman?
I don't know your tastes
The only thing I demand...
...is that nothing about her reminds me of Mercedes
I need a blonde
And more doll-like than wild
Her eyes will be blue
She could have an accent. But not Spanish
And lastly, she mustn't be a countess
Nice day, isn't it?
My name's Bertuccio
- Can we chat? - What about?
I've found an interesting option
Baroness Caroline de Jouy-Maubert? You're calling her an option?
Baroness? Perfect
Countess is no good. But baroness is fine
She's my employer, you scoundrel
Stop it. You'll scare the horses
My compliments, Baroness. And my regrets
What a pity. You'd have been perfect
Baron, how can a great banker like you be so timid?
Danglars. Everyone knows the railway is the future
Mr. Arago disagrees and he's the greatest physician of our time
He says that when your railways...
...disappear into a tunnel at 30km an hour...
...the pressure will kill the passengers
The Danglars bank won't contribute to such atrocities
I'm an honest, scrupulous and responsible man
Who's talking about such mad speed? The current 17km an hour...
Only on slopes
I'm in a meeting
The gentleman won't wait...
...more than ten minutes
Let him go. Then
Count of Monte Cristo? Never heard of him
I have
I hear he's some Italian aristocrat...
I see. Another poor immigrant
Napoleon wanted to invade Europe Now we're invaded
The fortune of that Monte Cristo is reputedly colossal
Absolutely colossal
Does he intend to entrust it to our bank?
That changes everything
Excuse me. We'll resume later
Naturally. Your reputation has reached my ears
It's an honour and a pleasure to welcome you
Now down to business. What amount do you intend,
to invest?
No amount?
I'm not bringing you money
- I'm asking you for some - From me?
Well. Yes. Aren't you a banker?
Yes, of course
This letter from Thomson & French...
gives me unlimited credit with your bank
Unlimited credit? What does that mean?
I think it's quite clear
It means that during my stay in Paris, which is planned to last a year...
...I can withdraw as much as I please
That's unheard of
If Thomson & French brought me here,
...they trusted your establishment
However, sir...
...if your bank lacks the capacity to meet this credit...
...I will inform Thomson & French and take my business to another bank
Wait, don't rush into anything
We can't displease Thomson & French...
...out largest correspondent in Europe
But the word "unlimited"
How much do you think you'll need?
Right now? I'd say...
I'll be generous
- One million? - One million?
It's a lot. But you're with Thomson & French...
One million?
Don't thank me
It's enormous, but we're a young bank and need to build our reputation
Six what?
Six million
Six million francs?
To start with
Six million?
I want 500.000 of it immediately
Half gold. Half notes
500.000 right now?
Just as the words 'unlimited credit' have a meaning...
...so has the word 'immediately'
You meet one of the worlds richest men...
...and instead of filling your safes he empties them
You'll be a laughing-stock
You know nothing of high finance, my dear
To you I'm good for nothing. Not even to give you a son
- You've told me enough - I never asked for a son
- A girl would have delighted me - Don't be a hypocrite
I know you wanted a son to take over from you
Of course I'm sad at the thought of the bank passing to strangers
Don't worry. Young Morcerf will buy it
His father can afford such a toy
- The Morcerf’s aren't really strangers - Meaning?
It's handy for a banker to be friends with a peer of France
Someone with whom you had fun in Marseille
What fun?
Come to bed. Hermine. We're due at the Jockey Club tomorrow
Will your Monte Cristo be there?
I imagine so
Is he racing?
I gave him his six million today
By tomorrow he can't buy a horse. Train it, hire a jockey...
Monte Cristo may be rich but he's not God
Did Father Faria teach you chemistry?
It's all the more to his credit that we had no way of checking our formulae
Our laboratory was up here
What will you do with all this?
First I'll humiliate Morcerf by beating him in the Jockey Club race
- With what horse? - Noiraud
You'll enter him as Pharaon
A new name wont make him faster
He won't last ten meters
, into his trough
What is it? A tonic?
You're holding an elixir capable of turning a mere spark,
into a shining star
Who owns this Pharaon?
An Englishman Lord Wilmore
- Did you see him? - He didn't attend...
...the race
Wonderful. Beaten by an invisible Englishman...
...whose horse looks like a skeleton
It wasn't your horse's fault
I'm sorry I know how much this race meant to you
Not just me. Danglars bet 3,000 francs on my horse
Villefort bet on me too I was humiliated
Stop grooming
- Tomorrow he'll be put down - But sir...
That's the way it is To be beaten by a nag...
- Take him to the abattoir - It's not fair
He wasn't bad Pharaon was just better
Get rid of him or I'll kill him myself
I'm going out
Where to? It's almost time for dinner
You've ruined my appetite
Do we stop here, Countess?
We're going
Where to?
Wherever. But drive fast The air is stifling tonight
The Countess certainly is beautiful
Your father clearly intervened to bring Franz dEpinay back early,
...to hasten your wedding
This wedding won't take place
- It's you I'll marry - Your father won't consent
He's ambitious for you I'm too poor
You're not that poor Aren't you a shipowner?
Misfortune has struck our firm
Our boats have sunk one by one I only have one left, the Pharaon
Buy more
With what money?
I saw Danglars about my plans...
Forget him We have an ally. My grandfather
To him. Epinay is a cursed name. He'll stop me having it
What can he do?
Your love for Mr. Noirtier makes you forget he's paralysed and can't speak
He makes himself understood by blinking
My last chance is Monte Cristo. He's rich and generous
He likes me He might lend me the money...
Not him. His wealth may be too blatant to be totally honest
My father has ordered an investigation
Be careful. Don't compromise yourself with a man who may soon be arrested
In a different way. Madame de la Richardais isn't bad either
Who is she?
You sent me on a mission to find you a...
A mistress Let's speak frankly
Your future mistress... I mean your potential future mistress is 31
Camille de la Richardais is blond and very virtuous
Oh. Women's virtue...
- She's very faithful - What do we do with her husband?
No, she's faithfull to the memory of her husband. She's a widow
- At 31? - A duel gone wrong
She's an angel shut in her home and only goes out on Fridays to confession
Let's go and see your angel
Domimus vobiscum dear colleague
How did you get in?
The door was open. As is right in Gods house
Your Friday penitent, Madame de la Richardais
The dear child’s uncle is a priest?
- A Jesuit - My word
May I replace you to hear her confession?
Of course
I never know what time your niece will come to be reconciled with the Lord...
and with my rheumatism, waiting in this damp church...
It's settled
Go and read your breviary by the fire
Thank you, my dear colleague
If you get bored waiting for your niece, you'll find some books in here
I don't know where to put them
I particularly recommend,
...this monograph I wrote on Varaha the Boar...
...in the Hindu tradition according to its hyperborean origins
It's amusing. You'll see
You also have 'Le Messager' newspaper
I would gladly consult the year 1815
That's the year I was ordained
"The mystery of General dEpinay's murder
"Suspicion had first surrounded M, Noirtier from rue du Coq-Heron...
"Epinay had sworn to stop ex-Emperor Napoleon...
"...from ever returning to France"
Faria was right That's what the letter from Elba Island was all about
Villefort thought I'd read the letter
He threw me in jail, killing two birds with one stone
He protected his father and did the monarchy a favour
A favour which was very well rewarded
Forgive me for I have sinned
You're not alone
Good day, your honour
So, Boville...
How's the investigation going?
Cautiously. Sir
We mustn't arouse Monte Cristo's suspicion
I'm gathering as many details as I can
From whom?
My agents have identified a man who seems to know him well
A Jesuit priest called Busoni
I'll see him this evening
A priest? Be careful with priests
The Crown Prosecutor only answers to the King. Priests answer to God
Everybody knows God is only an idea
We must beware our ideas don't catch up with us
You won't absolve me, will you?
I know the sin of greed I commit in my dreams is abominable
But I can't resist.
It's not a sin.
You love roast lamb, fricassee of game and eel
You can't resist a dozen oysters
You weep for joy before a grilled sausage or cherry clafoutis. So what?
Who the devil, if I dare say, do you think God is? He's no killjoy
He put so much beauty in the world He can't be sad or narrow-minded
Naturally He's interested in your soul
But He really doesn't care what you put in your mouth
Especially such a lovely mouth
I'm sorry to bother you
I'm not here for money. All I'm asking is that you talk to Baron Danglairs...
...so he reconsiders his position
He will, my boy. I assure you
We'll ask dear Mr. Danglars to reconsider many things
It's late. You must get ready
I forgot. Every night is a party for you. You're so lucky
What is it tonight? The opera?
Tonight, I'm playing
You’re risking a lot at that game. What if Boville arrests you?
To arrest me. He would have to know who I am
If he recognizes you?
Because he sometimes inspected the Chateau d'If?
If Mercedes didn't recognize me, Boville won't
She's a woman in love
A policeman is different
A woman in love?
If she'd loved Edmond. She wouldn't have married Fernand
So you want to know who the Count of Monte Cristo is?
Who he really is?
Supposing you know yourself
The Count...
...is one of my penitents
Interesting. Extremely interesting
But I'm bound by the confessional
Very annoying
But I can reveal one thing
One word will suffice. That man.
...is the devil
I don't really believe in the devil
Are you shocked?
No, but you surprise me I thought you'd met him
The devil?
The damned. Have you never descended into hell?
When you did your rounds of the jails don't you remember the cries...
Like all the others. Do you have a short memory?
How do you know these things?
I was one of those damned
Your name?
Father Faria
Faria? That rings a bell
The Chateau d'If
You will pay for the Chateau d'If For your indifference to suffering
One day you will pay. Not to me. But God
God doesn't exist I'm sure he doesn't
Dinner is served
- What is it? - We'd planned,
...watercress soup partridge fricassee and rhubarb compote
But partridge is so dear in Auteuil...
...madam will have to make do with the watercress and rhubarb
I'll pretend it's Lent, that's all
The Count of Monte Cristo begs your forgiveness...
,. For this very bold visit
Since he's been in Paris. He has heard about you every day
Fearful of never meeting you at the Opera or at court,
How can I go out? I'm a poor widow, I've had to sell my jewels and dresses
The poor count simply had to make your acquaintance
So he decided to try an Eastern custom
To reach an unapproachable person...
...one takes one's caravanserai to their door
Madam my caravanserai, Please forgive its humbleness
To be honest. I don't understand
But since all these lovely things await us, shall we eat?
- Sophie, serve us - Don't worry
I've thought of the service too
What Is this? I'm dying to try it
Can i have this black thing in the metal bowl?
The bowl is vermeil
Won't you eat? At first some flavours are disconcerting...
but then it's absolutely delicious
I'm devouring you with my eyes. Lt's enough
To think I was reduced to watercress and rhubarb
I've told you, to know you better
I'm too poor to interest you, When you know who I am, you'll be disappointed
My only disappointment is that you haven't tried the ortolans
Come on get up
It's still dark
It's going to be a busy morning
Send Camille the best dressmaker hairdresser...
...and jeweller, Money's no object, I have unlimited credit
Does it mean dinner...
...was suitable?
It was exquisite and so was she
Come on, a bit more energy
The telegraph network has over 534 stations...
...towers, pigeon houses or church steeples...
...Creating a relay between 24 major French towns
As you can see, I'm in charge of the last relay before Paris
Progress is a great thing, You must be proud to work here
Yes, except I have to climb up there One of these days. I'll break my neck
When the winter wind blows through the tower,
...chest infections are rife
I can imagine. But aren't you paid for such risks?
- How much do you earn? - 1000 francs
Of course I have accommodation and a plot of land to grow my vegetables
But 1000 francs is a starvation wage
When I can no longer climb up, how will I live?
I suppose the management will pay you a pension
Some pension!
What if I offered you 25000 francs?
That's a fortune. What do you want in exchange?
To send a telegram I'll dictate
Impossible, I'm only allowed to transmit messages from another station
Come on, No more steps. No more north wind
Is it at least decent, your telegram?
Lt's about justice, not decency
Madame Sevenet. Are you still happy about the hat shop?
I told you it was a good deal.
Dear M, Tucherer making a fortune with hoops and skipping ropes?
Hello, Beauchamp
A telegram just arrived at my newspaper
I thought. "This is for Baron Danglars
How much this time?
I've started seeing a dancer, She's absolutely adorable
But she's a bit...
200 francs will be ample to keep her
She's perfect all over
Except her teeth. She's money-hungry
You can stretch to 500
She might as well...
...walk the streets
They all do it. Give me that telegram
"Exiled King Carlos is returning to Spain. Catalonia is at war
Is rebelling in support of King Carlos
Spain is sliding into chaos
I have 500.000 in Spanish shares
When my paper publishes the news...
...they won't be worth anything
I'll have sold them by then. Thank you
Danglars. You really rule the Stock Exchange.
He started a deluge by selling his Spanish shares
What intuition! Who could have predicted all this upheaval in Spain?
What if king Carlos fails...
...To take the throne back from Isabella II?
The information I received leaves no doubt
Tonight, Carlos will be over the Sierra de Guadarrama
He'll make a triumphant entrance at the Escorial
Congratulations, Baron
In your haste, I hope you didn't sell all your Spanish shares at a loss
- I did but the loss is minimal - Really?
Nothing compared to the hammering that’ll strike...
...the poor wretches who still have their shares
I must talk to you
My dear Beauchamp. Is your dancer happy?
This isn't about her, I have the latest edition of 'Le Messager'
With a denial, King Carlos never left Bourges
What do you mean?
But then,.
Then nothing. Carlos is in Bourges and Isabella II in Madrid
Spaniards still play castanets. Serene and peaceful under the sun
That's a joke, You had a telegram...
That was a fake
It seems the telegraphist had a fit of dementia.
He ran away leaving his station unattended. Lt's all here
Spanish shares are going back up
I'm buying
Is something upsetting you?
In one hour Spanish shares have recovered and probably doubled,
yesterday's value
With what I lost selling them and the lost profit due to their rise...
...I will lose a million francs at best
That's the wealthy Italian count
Monte Cristo isn't Italian He comes from the island of Malta
Are you sure? I heard he was Turkish
To think Father was invited to the King's box
I wish I'd been too, Don't you madam?
Valentine don't call me madam, I've been your fathers wife long enough...
For us to act like best friends, I know
I saw Monte Cristo. He already has his own box?
No. And since we're in his debt for saving our son...
, I invited him to share ours
Les Huguemots. Music by Meyerbeer
Libretto by. M, Scribe
Oh yes Les Huguenots, I feel this is going to be another hilarious evening
Have you anything juicy to tell me?
I'm responsible for your justice not entertainment
Under my predecessors people had more fun
Today, France's only obsession s to get rich
I don't govern,
...the French, I breed fatted calves
Always the same thick necks and plump shoulders
At last someone new
Who's that man in Morcerf's box?
A foreigner who just moved to Paris
I'll gladly introduce him once we have the results of the investigation
The investigation?
A mere formality. We just want to find out where his huge fortune comes from
...how fortune is incompatible with virtue
Why always suspect people because of their wealth?
I'm wealthy too
But you're the King
That's what they said to Louis XVI. Leave the Count of Monte Cristo alone
He's Morcerf's guest
Isn't that good enough for you? It is for me
The King knows you?
Don't be jealous. You know me better
It's only the third time we've met
Too late. The tragedy is starting
Thank you. I'm so happy to be here
You deny me the opera the one night the King attends
Losing a million is like losing a loved one
One has the decency to stay at home
You think you're more important than you are
Who cares about your million?
I'll get it back
With this. Lord Wilmore sent me this letter
He suggests I invest in the goldmines of Zacatecas in Mexico
At the source of the Aguanaval river
You know this Wilmore?
Not personally
Don't worry, Wilmore is a major shareholder of Thomson & French
A bank we can fully trust
When you introduced me to the King I was so flustered
Why? A king is just like any man
You're not. Everyone is fascinated by you
And how do you see me?
With infinite gratitude
However. Take this back
I was happy and proud to wear it, but it's far too beautiful for me
This necklace is yours, If you don't want it, sell it
And use the money to fix your roof
Why was my poor husband so obsessed he got into debt to buy it?
I think he was proud to live in the Saint-Merans home
The Saint-Merans from Marseille?
- You know them? - By name
It's an old and great family which has always loyally served the Crown
Helene de Saint-Meran was Villefort's first wife
That man with the cold gaze in the King's box
Villefort lived here?
He probably only used it as a country house
Won't you come in to warm up before going back to Paris?
Sophie must have lit a fire
It's a bit early to play with fire
You're right, especially since today is Thursday
That means tomorrow is Friday, witch is the day I go to confession
You may have less to confess if I don't give in to the temptation...
...to come in
Were you going to steal? I caught you red-handed, you scum
Maybe you wanted to kill someone
No. I’m not so stupid as to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs
I came to talk business
Who with?
The nasty fellow who lives here
You have the wrong address
I have a secret worth its weight in gold
Who do you think we are?
I'll knock your head off
Leave him alone
You see?
Stand up
You have a secret to sell?
- Interested? - Tomorrow...
...go to the address I'll give you
- You'll be very well paid - An address?
- The police station? - No. A priest
Father Busoni, I knew I was being sent into a trap. Have mercy
In the name of Jesus. Don't send me...
To jail?
Last time we met I made you rich with a diamond worth 50,000 francs
It should have been enough for a decent life
She tried to take it from me, I had a knife handy...
Quiet. Lt's always the same story, Meanness. Treachery, infamy
You make me sick. All of you
Come on. Caderousse, I hear you've a secret to tell
It's not for you. Lt's only good for blackmailing someone
Speak or I'll hand you to men's justice while you wait for Gods
I'll have to accuse...
...a judge
- Well a prosecutor - Villefort?
You guessed?
Never mind, Continue
He did as he pleased undisturbed
What did he do?
Things priests don't do
He made love
Who with?
Hermine Danglars a banker's wife
They had a secret love child
Without Danglars knowing?
He didn't notice?
When the child came the lovers thought it dead
It suited them fine. No baby. No scandal
Villefort put the baby in a box and buried it in the garden at night
He thought no one knew
But a passing thief thought it was a treasure
So once Villefort had gone...
He found the baby, revived him...
...and brought it up as his own
How do you know all that?
That child was with me in the Toulon jail
His adoptive father had told him about his birth. And Toussaint told me
Toussaint? I suppose he was found on All Saints' Day
But why was he in jail?
He'd visited a few beautiful houses uninvited
Amusing for a prosecutor's son
- We escaped together - How much?
Lt's worth a fortune, Villefort and Madame Danglars would pay up to...
But I'm a poor priest, I won't buy your story. I'll hire it
For 500 francs a month
For six months Toussaint and you must keep quiet
After that. Do as you wish
Well my dear...
Have you heard?
I received the same thing an hour ago
"Madame de la Richardais requests the pleasure of your company for lunch"
It's only natural she should invite you
She's poor and you're married to a banker. But she doesn't know me
She doesn't know anyone. She must have made her list at random
She's a peasant her husband didn't have time to refine or get pregnant
Queen of Spades on king of Hearts
Certainly not. I never play the Queen of Spades. It signifies death
I won't go to that lunch
Seeing that house again is more than I cam bear
I'm sure you understand
- But you will have to go - Never
It could be a trap
How could this little Richardais set a trap for us?
She's an innocent
Lunch in the country. How charming
Full of little people we don't know?
This Richardais is a nobody
Her husband didn't even have the Legion of Honour.
You're wrong. We'll know averyone
...since we're the only guests
What do you mean, "we"?
We. The people from Marseille, The happy gang from the old days
The only outsider will be Monte Cristo
The tables will be under a canopy
What colour?
White the colour of innocence
And the menu?
Exactly the same buffet as the one prepared in Marseille...
...for Edmond and Mercedes' engagement
Same dishes same wines. Same flowers. We had mimosa
Why do this? They'll recognize you
How could they know I’m Edmond Dantes?
Sometimes I even doubt it myself, It’s like a dream, a book...
...another life altogether
Anyway. This day has to come some time
...will be worse for them than for me
I've just thought of something crazy
What's that?
- I don't know your first name - My first name?
Yes sir. Anatole, Charles, Edouard or Paul. All men have a first name
What's yours? You've never told me
Really what is it?
I could say Athanase
Or Chrysande
The truth? My parents must have been absent-minded. They forgot to name me
- That's awful - No, madam
It's wonderful. Call me whatever you wish
You mean I can christen you?
Yes, What name do you choose?
Guess, It starts with 'E'
Why 'E'?
To match what you are
'E' for excellent, eccentric, extraordinary exhilarating
'E' for exceptional. For expectation
For Eric, Ernest. Etienne
Or Edmond
That's my choice
No, I can't be seen
You're not saying anything? Don't you like my dress?
You're dazzling, Maybe too dazzling for lunch...
...with this little Richardais
"Little"? Is she so charming that she sparks such affection in you?
What's wrong? I only said "little"...
...to stress her insignificance
The other night, I heard she wore...
...a ravishing gown
I didn't see it but the Ladies' Gazette...
...published sketches
She had the grace of a coat-hanger
We don't have to go to this lunch. I'll send a footman with an apology
We'll go. Monte Cristo's presence will make it bearable
I'm sure he'll amuse us He's such an eccentric
The sash of the Order of Saint Louis?
- You didn't say... - The King's reward
I attach little importance to such things
I do, I'm so proud of you
You're impressed? Tell your mother to hurry the carriage is ready
You look radiant
Isn't life wonderful?
This isn't the day for a scene
I'm not making a scene
But if you will play the Stock Exchange, use your own funds
You know how much your last speculations cost me?
You never speculate?
I don't improvise I use the cleverest...
the most informed advisor
Thanks to Monte Cristo, I'm the only French banker to invest in Zacatecas
So far, it's not much of a goldmine
Women are such impatient creatures
Give them time to dig a bit deeper, then you'll see
Zacatecas is only a starter
Monte Cristo convinced me to invest . a million into Russian sturgeon farms
That'll be our main course and we'll have a feast
They're coming
- I'm so nervous - There's no need
If my husband could see me, His poor Camille with such important guests
You look so solemn too
Why would I be solemn? A country lunch is such a happy occasion
Come and see what fun we'll have
They're spiced fish eggs you eat with a touch of olive oil and pepper
They're delicious on toast
Countess look at this wonderful dish
For delicate palates we have eel with celery. Tomato and bitter orange zest
I see the Baron has noticed our marinated sardines and red mullet
Do taste, Baron
What a strange idea, this Marseillais menu
It's the Count's idea. Don't you like it?
...something more original than pork pie and salmon
I throught you were being nostalgic
To be nostalgic. I would need to know Marseille
- You don't? - I know it as well...
...as anyone stopping over before sailing...
...to the East
Come and admire my pond. The Count gave me...
...Amazing water lilies from the imperial gardens...
...of Kyoto
I never go near ponds I don’t like mosquitoes
But don't let me deprive your other guests of this enchanting sight
Your childhood must have been hell ,
- Why? - The mosquitoes
I hear they're ferocious in the South
- You left Marseille because of them? .I left to follow my husband
Madame de la Richardais would do the same
Wherever you go, she'll follow
Don't deny it
At the opera, your feelings for her were very clear
I approve
You won't find a lovelier young lady
You were right to wait to fall in love
At twenty...
...One makes mistakes
Let's drink to your happiness
No, thank you
Don't you want happiness?
Yes, I have a right to it like others maybe more
So you're refusing the wine
If I want something I'll help myself
You lived in the East
Isn't the custom there for people who've shared food...
...to be friends for ever?
By refusing the wine I'm offering...
...are you saying you refuse my friendship?
Why would I?
What would be the reason for that?
Thanks to the Count's generosity...
...I was able to make this gloomy home more cheerful
I've changed the tapestries and furniture
- Except in the bedroom - You can't show...
On the contrary. I'm sure they'll be fascinated
Something terrible happened in there, I dissuaded Camille from changing it
Why try and hide the past?
It always reappears especially when branded by horror
You're not well?
It's the heat I think, I'll go out for some fresh air I'II be fine
- I'll take her - Your legal duty comes before chivalry
If there was a crime. You should go and see
Words can't describe it
On this bed where she so often surrendered to her lover...
...imagine a woman gasping for breath
Her hair sticky with sweat
Contorted by the pain of childbirth
Next to her on a sheet, a baby
It's not moving or crying
The baby was dead?
Who knows?
No doctor or midwife was called, The birth was a complete secret
If the child is stillborn. Scandal cam be avoided
He grabs the inert baby
He looks around for something that can be used as a coffin
He notices a small trunk. He places the child in it and closes the lid
All this unnatural father has to do is go to the garden
It has rained all night the soil is loose, the grave will be easy to dig
- What do you say to that. Villefort? - Me?
He's horrified
Understandably upset. Such a monster deserves a trial and severe punishment
From a brute, one might understand
But the Count says he was an eminent person
Which makes it harder to forgive
Sorry. I don't believe a word of this fable...
...so cleverly told
I'd be relieved if you were right
All old houses have their legends...
...concocted by servants dismissed for drunkenness and seeking revenge...
...by spreading slander
Not at all
This story is true, I can prove it
I defy you
You missed something The Count told us...
,. A spine-chilling tale. Come on
Come and hear the end at least
Mind your head
I had the garden dug up
- And here,. - You had no right to desecrate...
No, sir
I desecrated nothing, We didn't find the child’s remains
As I said, it's a fable
But have a look at this
The cook playing grave-digger?
I felt I should put back what we had dug up
I know the law doesn't like people to destroy or burn...
...any evidence
It's empty
Empty indeed
Empty today, But was it empty the night it was buried?
Surely not
Why bury an empty trunk?
I agree. I think there was a child in the trunk
- Can you prove it? - I can't
- But you... - Why me?
It's your job to prove things
Even if you have little to go on
If the child wasn't dead...
It was buried alive
And may still be alive...
Next to this evil couple...
...Gervaise Rebuffet who lost her head was an angel
You must find and punish the monsters...
...who committed this unspeakable act
- Careful. It's hemlock - I know
- Careful it's hemlock - I know
It's poisonous throw it away. And wash your hands carefully
Don't worry. I'm used to it
Poisons can be controlled, like everything
Take hemlock, for instance
Mixed with clay and vinegar, it's perfect for beautiful hair
Mixed with salt it restores the shine of old silver
You're an expert
My husband has often prosecuted poisoners
You learn fascinating facts from the files of a trial
And this?
You know this?
Digitalis purpurea
It contains digitalin which slows down the heartbeat
It can cause death...
...in the right quantity
To be efficient. It should be picked from two-year-old plants
Flowers and death have always gone hand in hand
They say "garden comes from an old word for paradise"
...which means the beyond
The truth is I'm terrified of death
Why play with it?
Therapy for torment
It reassures me to put death in jars, to make powders and cream from it
I feel in control. It's at my service
Except death can't be caged like a lion. Can you always control it?
From time to time. I check it's obeying me
I experiment on slugs, caterpillars, stary cats, pigeons...
Therefore we have the cleanest garden in Paris
Dear child,.
Stop fidgeting like an excited little girl. By autumn...
...you may be married
Madame de Saint-Meran wrote to me, Your grandmother will attend...
...your wedding
I'd love to see her. But this wedding might not happen
There's nothing to stop it now
Franz dEpinay and I finally agree on everything
He quibbled over your dowry
But I stressed he was entering the most upright family
That's worth more than a huge fortune
You're just like me. Weddings always make me cry more than funerals
I'm not to be disturbed
I thought about it all night
Its little face turned blue its tiny chest that didn't even heave
So he wasn't dead?
Apparently not
How could that be?
I'm not a doctor
He must have been in that state called deep lethargy
A sort of sleep where vital functions are suspended
Someone who saw you bury the trunk dug it up and you didn't notice a thing?
Notice what?
I came back to you, You were so upset
A stranger took our child. Revived it. Held it tight and took it away?
Is that it?
Yes. That's probably what happened
And now? What will you do?
What about?
What about? But it's my child, my son. You must find him
Let's see. If he were still alive, he'd be about twenty
With only this piece of information, you want me to find him?
France is swarming with twenty-year olds
Of course a miracle might lead me to him
What would his reaction be?
Joy at knowing his real parents
You're married to a rich man
I'm hardly destitute myself
I'm sure greed would prevail over the joy of reunion
He'd call us to account
Could you tell Danglars...
...you gave another man the son he always wanted from you?
"Give two million to this boy who isn't yours or he'll say...
"...I cheated on you"
What do you take men for?
For what they are. Cash registers
Believe me
Just as we've forgotten each other forget this too
If you're ever in a church don't pray for the return of a ghost
You say that to a mother?
Don't exaggerate, You were a mother like I was a father
By accident
You've become indifferent to me
Why are you like this?
Is it because my stupid husband is in a tricky situation?
You're ashamed to be friends with Danglars wife?
'Tricky' is an understatement
Your husband is close to bankruptcy.
Let's hope it doesn't involve fraud.
I would hate to have to prosecute him
- Think about your marriage - What marriage?
It was destroyed firstly by your insistence to make me your mistress
And then yesterday...
...when they dug up that awful little trunk all covered in earth
I have nothing left
Of course you have
A lot of money
At least for now
At our age it's what matters.