How Remote Viewing Works: Dr. Simeon Hein Pt. 1

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I heard Courtney Brown talking on my local radio
station about this thing that he called remote viewing and
believe me I was very skeptical
but Courtney and I had one thing in common, we both
studied Chaos Theory and Fractal Geometry and were
attempting to use it in social science. He was a political
I was a social scientist and I thought well,
he has a degree, he probably knows something and he
wouldn't be just making this up and I got his book,
Cosmic Voyage.
I was very skeptical it would work but I thought, "Hey! I
can at least go take the course and make my mind up
for myself."
And what I found, to my surprise, was that within --
within a day or two days or three days,
not only myself but everyone in the class was getting results,
that they could literally describe
a picture that they couldn't see ahead of time
that was hidden in a folder
behind our backs,
the picture could even be outside the room
and that you could not only describe a picture of it,
you could
even hear what was going on at the target location. You
get a sense of the ambience the --
the concepts and the
colors and the -- and the -- and the dimensions and, this
was a real shock to me. My rational mind wasn't so
happy with this. I mean I was open to the idea that it was
possible but
like many of you,
I just couldn't understand how it works and to be
honest I still don't think I totally understand how it
I don't think anyone really does.
Just a beef -- brief background on
Remote Viewing.
Uh most of you probably know that our military
developed a program in remote viewing back in the
It's really a product of the Cold War.
Uh the Soviets had gotten to this type of information back
in the 1950s and I would call it 'Psychotronics'
and people like
'Skip' Atwater and others
who were in charge of
security at the Pentagon were really concerned that the
Soviets could now
penetrate into secure
uh military installations
without our even knowing about it. So they wanted to
see if they could develop a defense against remote
They found there really was no defense against it.
If it exists, it can be viewed
because it creates an energy signature
that is
imparted into the matrix of space-time
but nonetheless they thought, "Hey! At least we can train
our own viewers," and, they -- they got people like Ingo
Swan and others to create their own program
uh starting at Stanford Research Institute,
to develop
a U.S. Government Remote Viewing Program.
Well these -- this program continued for 20 years,
about $20 million at least, were put into it.
Uh it seems to have been largely declassified and at
least in 1995 a number of the people in the program
who were no longer working for the U.S. Military, decided
to start teaching it on their own
and you might be familiar with some of these people,
Paul Smith and uh Lyn Buchanan and others
and um Courtney Brown was one of these people that
learned from some of the military people
but nonetheless the -- the program was declassified, the
protocols were made public and now you too can learn
the magic of Remote Viewing.
Now, in my view, it isn't really remote viewing as you
may have gotten an inference from Ron's introduction.
It's not really remote viewing because we know
from a hundred years of quantum mechanics, one of
the most rigorously tested scientific theories in the
of science, that we live in a nonlocal Universe.
Particles that have come in contact with each other
can stay in contact with each other. In some sense, they
can stay in contact, even if they are separated by
billion of miles.
So this suggests the idea of non-locality
and the idea that
information can travel through kind of a
subterranean passageway
that is not directly observable
through conventional mechanistic scientific
The real importance of RV,
that it shows us that there are alternative pathways of
information flow
that are not easily detectable.
They are part of what's called,
'Subtle Energy Science'
and this is very important because it suggests a whole
new paradigm
about how we can live and how we can
uh provide for ourselves on planet Earth without creating
such a massively destructive effect on the environment, on
and create political and social systems
that have to keep,
basically, going to war
to keep themselves going.
We know
from lectures yesterday by Tom Valone
and others that work is being done in Free Energy Systems
and what I'm about to show you, is just one small part of
that whole area which I like to think of as, 'Subtle Energy
which shows essentially, folks, that
there's a lot of power
that we all possess, that we are not using.
Uh power does not reside in governments and in large
and in -- in vast
corporations, it's -- it's with us.
We all have that power
but the problem is, from the time
we've been very little, that
the abilities that we have,
have been drummed out of us.
Uh we've been told not to be who we really are.
We have been
into shapes that we aren't really
and we lose our power as we grow older.
And, what I really love about the whole area of viewing is
that it gets you in contact with that power again.
It's a very subtle power but its omniscient,
it's omnipresent and it really can change your life.
It can show you,
your own potential.
It can show you the potential of
our planet and of course, for most of us in this room,
the potential of our galaxy and our -- our Universe, in
the long run.
So we need to connect to, who, we really are before
we can connect with the larger inter -- intergalactic
That's my view on it.
So really the way we have looked at it at the Institute
for Resonance, is that, Remote Viewing is a form of
Resonance Frequency of Vibration
and when, just like a radio, you tune into the proper
signal, you can receive all the frequencies, all the different
radio stations that exist in the Universe or on our Planet.
For example, right here in this room,
all the radio stations that are broadcasting, all the TV
stations that broadcast, all the cell phone conversations
and all other types of electromagnetic radiation
are right next to us
but we are not hearing anything, at least
most of us, are not hearing anything right now because
we are not tuned into that frequency.
But what we learn from the Remote Viewing Program is
that the subconscious mind, which is where the signal
comes from,
the subconscious mind seems to be tapped into, what Ingo
Swan called 'The Matrix,' and this became the -- the
title for the movie, "The Matrix. "
And our arc -- vast archival system, that transcends
space-time where every bit of information about
everything resides,
apparently our subconscious has some ability to tap into
and anything that exists, anywhere in space and time,
it doesn't matter if it's in the past or the future or if it's
next door or on the other side of the Planet or the Solar
System, your subconscious mind can tap into that
convey the information to the conscious mind,
if everything works properly, you can write it down on the
and, lo and behold!
You've described something
that is nonlocal, that your five senses could not have
physical access to but the information came through
your awareness, through this nonlocal matrix,
through your body,
into your pen
onto the page.
Now, in a -- a real sense, it's not really viewing,
it's sensing.
It's a form of Resonant Sensing because um
you don't just
see things, as viewing would suggest,
you actually hear things,
you taste things,
you sense ambience,
you can even get the sense of concepts.
In some cases, in the military program, they were able to
read classified documents off the desk of the NSA.
And as someone made reference to, in a previous
lecture, uh the day before uh they were um
even threatened with arrest because they -- they -- they
there was -- people thought they are was a security
breach, until they could prove that they had been in
Stanford the -- the whole weekend,
so this can be uh -- uh at one level, very accurate.
Now in terms of your own ability, it's like a musical
ability. Some people can whistle a tune, some people
can play an instrument and some people are virtuosos
and it's like that with RV. Everyone has varying levels
of skill but everyone can do it.
So let me just show you a few slides to expl -- to show
you the theory of why it may work, just briefly.
Then I'll show you slides of viewing sessions that we
have done, at the Institute for Resonance over the past
eight years and I think you'll find these quite interesting, to
see how just a beginner, an average person can
make contact
with his nonlocal mind.
And then in the last hour or so, we are actually going to
have all of you,
do viewing with practice targets and you can test your
own skill.
And, we're going to show you our Uniview
System, it's a -- an abbreviated system which we
-- we developed so we could teach it within uh an hour or
-- or 20 minutes I -- I -- or 20 minutes I -- I --
I've use this with High School
Um it's a very effective system, that gets about 70 or
80 percent of the data uh as -- as the full uh Military
Protocol System
but it's very effective in the short run and we'll do that in
the last hour.
So let's go ahead with the first slide, here.