Tujurikkuja 4 Kahtlusalune Raudne

Uploaded by CatapultFilms on 31.12.2011

Interrogating Indrek Raudne.
According to the case file 584...
Listen, just own up that you've been selling living permits
and we can all go home.
I can't quite agree with that...
What can't you agree with?
Hm... - Hm? Name - Indrek Raudne?
Yes, I can agree with that. - Owner of Integer Invest Plc?
Owner of flat 1/14 at Kooli Street 1/3?
I'm only one of the owners,
there are more owners there...
There are more than 100 people registered at that flat!
There are companies registered there, not people.
So you now admit that shelf companies are working there?
Not shelf companies - perfectly functioning companies.
And what do these functioning companies look like?
Well... if people are working, it means it's functioning.
Listen, 78 companies and their 147 employees are registered there!
Are you trying to tell me there are 147 people there now?
Yes or no?
If someone's taking out the trash,
or walking their dog, then maybe at this moment...
Stop bullshitting! - I'm not, honestly.
Maybe we'll go and have a look?
Not such a great idea because
there are many people working there
and if the three of us go there,
it will be rather cramped. The hall is full of shoes...
Want to know another place that's cramped? A cell!
That's pretty far-fetched since any place could be cramped -
department stores during Christmas,
people come with their families...
Are you recording? Let's go!
I wonder if the minister knows about this?
I'd like to ask you the same thing! - Stop joking...
You know, I don't think I have the key on me...
Oh, it's open.
So let's try going in.
The stairs are pretty steep,
I don't know if you can get up at all.
Maybe I'll just show you the window from outside...
We already saw it from outside. Let's go!
Alright... I don't know,
maybe they haven't dusted for a while.
Coffee mugs everywhere... - That's alright.
You know, I really don't have the key for this...
I'm afraid it's locked...
You know what? A lucky coincidence!
We have a whole square meter of free space!
If you want, you can move your stuff
from the Security Police here.
The rent's cheap and...
What do you say?
Well yeah... - Let's shake on it then!
Come over here, I'll show you your place.