"Portuguese Knitting - 3rd lesson Cast on"

Uploaded by chuanavit on 29.02.2008

3rd lesson - cast on made by Chuana
after holding the yarn in the left hand as thaught
and put the needle
take the yarn coming from the neck
pass it over the needle as shown
then pass the yarn on your index finger over the needle as shown
you have a little knot (first stitch)
the first stitch is the hardest
(repeating) pass the needle through the yarn as shown
pass the yarn over the needle as shown
(ups, the yarn slipped...)
the second stitch is done in the same way
bring the yarn on your index finger to the front of the kneedle
(I really don't know why I did it so many times..)
pass the yarn as shown
as you practise you'll see it becomes a lot easier and faster to make
(I'm repeating it... again!!)
now you don't make it like the first stitch, because the yarn is already "stuck" to the kneedle
please be carefull with the tension on this part, it looks like a brade, you should try to make it look "regular"
this will be the begining of your knitting
and if the stitches aren't "regular" on the cast on, then your work will look too tight or too loose in this fase
this movie was made by Joana Vitório (all rights reserved) For more information please contact chuanavit@gmail.com