Cleveland's Next Top Model - Ep 3 "Acting Lesson"

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Previously on Cleveland's Next Top Model
Debs was eliminated because of her bony legs
and Pam because of her old age and thin veins.
Now, we continue the search, for Cleveland's
Next Top Model
being a model in Cleveland is more than just taking pretty pictures.
It's also being a commercial spokeswoman for the local business community.
Today, you're all going to shoot a commercial.
For one of Cleveland's most popular restaurants,
Mom's Donuts and Chinese Food.
Now to help you prepare for your big acting debut,
we have with us, local comedian and improv coach,
Tommy Pompay
Why aren't you laughing at Mr. Pompay?
Do you not find Mr. Pompay funny?
No, I do...I, I really, I do...
I didn't think he was funny at all.
I mean, Tommy Pompay...
is a clown.
Literally! He's a Cleveland area clown.
He was at my niece's birthday party last year doing the same jokes.
Ladies, to be a good actor,
You must be seen,
you must be heard,
you must be present.
let's act.
You're in a burning building, you're in a burning building.
Get out of the fire.
Tommy: Get out of the fire Lisette: But I'm a clown
You're a clown, but you're in a burning building.
I can't do this.
Cathy, come on up here.
Cathy: Traffic Tommy: You're in traffic
Get this car out of the way.
Yeah, you're a superwoman.
Get that car!
That's what I'm talking about, using what's there in the moment.
You have to release everything that's in you, you have to release out.
Which is screaming, and you go,
I think some of us are ready for the commercial.
Alright ladies, time to sell some donuts and Chinese food...
Come to Mom's, and get a donut.
And maybe some Chinese food too, while you're here.
Donuts, Chinese food, Chinese food, donuts.
Donuts, Chinese food, donuts, Chinese food,
Soy sauce, sprinkles, icing.
I can't decide.
Wait a minute, if I go to Mom's, I can have both.
Chinese food and donuts, at Mom's.
Cathy, you hit it out of the park on this one.
Your obvious love of donuts and Chinese food made you the clear
winner today. Congratulations.
You're still in the running to be Cleveland's Next Top Model.
Lisette, Kristen, step forward.
Lisette, your performance was overdone,
embarrassing, and in no way representative of
what is expected of a Cleveland-area spokesmodel.
Yeah, Lisette, you made me hate donuts and Chinese food.
Now, Kristen, your perforance is spot on...
But your attitude was not.
I gave you exactly what you wanted.
You were rude and you were difficult.
Shut up, clown!
Hey, hey watch it. You're in my garage now.
This is MY garage.
I didn;t want to mention it, but I caught Kristen outside
looking at a law deposition instead of rehearsing her scene.
A what? A law deposition?
Kristen, do you think this is some kind of joke?
I go out of my way,
to get you a commercial appearance at Mom's Donuts and Chinese Food,
and you disrespect him by reading a law desposition in his donut Chinese
food shop?
What the hell is wrong with you?
If you wanted to be a lawyer, you could have gone to law school.
You wasted my time.
There were other girls who responded to that ad in the Cleveland Gazette.
How dare you?
How dare you?
Get the hell out of my garage!
Here's what's coming up on Cleveland's Next Top Model.
Oh my god, is she actually drowning?